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Sims 4 Malware in Mods Alert

Sims 4 Malware

Hey lovelies! I have a super important heads-up for you all.

Shady people are inserting Malware into Sims 4 Mods, which is very upsetting! This nasty Sims 4 Malware can swipe all your secrets – passwords, private chats, and even your credit card info. Not good!

At the time of this post there are at least eight mods we know of pretending to be Sims 4 Mods while plotting against us as Sims 4 Malware.

Known Mods Impacted, at the time of this writing:

  • Cult Mod by _PimpMySims
  • Social Events – Unlimited Time by MySims4 (Curseforge)
  • Weather and Forecast Cheat Menu by MSQSims (TSR)
  • Seasons Cheats Menu by MSQSims (TSR)
  • Motherlode Menu by MSQSims (TSR)
  • Mood Cheat Menu by MSQSims (TSR)
  • Mouth Preset N16 by PlayersWonderland (TSR). The hacker included a .ts4script that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Here’s the deal, stick to downloading mods straight from the source, from creators who you know and trust. A little detective work on your part, ensuring you’re getting the real deal, can save you a ton of headaches. Also, a heads up for my Windows-using friends, this malware is eyeing you! Mac and Linux users are not yet effected, but I’m sure that is coming soon!

Got a sinking feeling you might have this Malware?

For Windows users hit Windows+R, type %AppData%/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/UserData, and if you see the file ‘Updater’ in there – it’s bad news.

Don’t panic! Overwolf/CurseForge has whipped up SimsVirusCleaner.exe to clean up this mess. And once you’re safe, change those passwords, immediately. Like do it RIGHT NOW!

And remember the internet’s wild, y’all. Even our cozy Sims community isn’t immune to the shady side of tech.

But don’t worry, we’re in this together. Stay informed, stay safe, and keep creating with care. Sending lots of love and safe gaming vibes your way! 💖

Sims 4 Malware Latest Info

Stay vigilant against Sims 4 malware threats: Learn the latest updates, identify affected mods, and secure your game with our comprehensive guide at Scarlet’s Realm. Stay informed, stay safe!

Check out Scarlet’s Realm for the latest information on Mods affected.

We hope this list helped you find and choose your new go-to horse CC for gameplay, videos, and all your creative endeavors! For more of the best sims 4 mods, cc lists, and gameplay ideas click HERE and see my latest CC posts. And don’t forget to follow me on TumblrPinterest, Twitter, or Facebook or check out our new LinkTree for other fresh new content.

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