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The Official Sims 4 Legacy Challenge with Mods: A Modded Legacy Challenge

Are you bored with the original legacy challenge? It’s time to spice it up with some gameplay mods! Here are the official rules for the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge with Mods.

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One of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog was a list of 75+ sims 4 challenges. Because honestly, challenges are THE best way (besides mods) to keep from getting bored with the sims.

Unfortunately, a lot of challenges don’t use mods or focus on them to make them more accessible, but I find that without mods I often get bored and quit the challenges a quarter of the way through.

This inspired me to create my very own legacy challenge with an emphasis on mods because they truly make the sims 4 SO much more fun and create interesting (and sometimes hilarious!) storylines.

Since almost all of my readers also love sims 4 mods and custom content, I like to think of this challenge as our own little group project. Meaning that I’m open to all suggestions on how to improve, revise, and add to this challenge. Just comment here or message me over on Tumblr.

And of course, please share this post if you play this challenge and use the tag #moddedlegacychallenge so I can follow along with your gameplay!

(Quick Disclaimer: I haven’t come across a legacy challenge specifically created to play through mods, but if you have, feel free to let me know and I will give credit where credit is due!)

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge with Mods

I’ll be honest…I’m not one for complex challenges. I get overwhelmed with all the rules and goals and by the end, usually end up forgetting them anyway. 😅

So for that reason, I’ve kept everything as simple as possible.

This challenge is the original legacy challenge with the addition of mods and a simpler scoring system.

You’ll first download my list of recommended gameplay mods and a save file.

Then you’ll create your founder and play through ten generations using the mods to add more creativity, fun, and variety to your gameplay.

Along the way, you’ll keep track of your legacy family’s wealth and achievements and attempt to get the highest score possible.

The purpose of this challenge is to explore mods, add some newness to your sims gameplay, and create more interesting legacy storylines using custom traits, aspirations, and careers.

If you’re a storyteller, then this challenge is PERFECT for you.

Just like everyone else, I definitely enjoy the legacy challenges that have very specific goals, traits, careers, etc. set for each generation; however, if you are looking for a challenge that allows for creativity and more open-ended storytelling, then you’ll love this!

Now, let’s go through the challenge setup, scoring, and rules step-by-step.

Challenge Set-Up:

To start the challenge, download a custom save file. This will give you a more updated & unique world to play in.

You can, of course, use your own or download one from my list of best sims 4 save files.

Every mod is optional. Having more mods will only add to your gameplay and make things more “new”, but none of the mods are required.

Here are the gameplay mods I recommend with links to download:

Make sure you check all requirements & possible conflicts for the listed mods. Some do require things like XML injector to work.

Then download custom careers, traits, and aspirations. I have lists of each of these below:

You’ll find the most recent updates to these lists towards the bottom!

(you can obviously use ones that aren’t on my lists. I’ve only linked to my lists as a helpful resource in case you don’t know where to find any!😊)

You can always add more as you go along and your legacy story progresses, so don’t worry too much about downloading a bunch right now.

And obviously, download any custom content you want to style your sims and furnish your future legacy home. You can find all of my best sims 4 cc lists HERE.

Getting Started:

To start the legacy challenge with mods, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Load into your custom save file
  • Create your founding sim using a custom aspiration & traits.
  • Decide on a system of choosing an heir (firstborn, lastborn, male, female, etc.)
  • Move them into a 50 x 50 lot or larger in any neighborhood of your choosing
  • Use the money # cheat to set your household money to §1800 (or 0 if you really want a challenge!)
  • Play while integrating the downloaded mods into your gameplay and storylines as much as possible. And have fun with it! (For example, have a sim become a surrogate but keep the baby OR have a sim collect all the new ingredients to cook the custom recipes from the cooking overhaul mod.)

QUICK TIP: I’ve included Ravasheen’s rags to riches items in my mods list so that you can use those to create a more realistic beginning legacy homestead.

Challenge Goals:

The goal of this challenge is to explore mods and get the most points by the end of ten generations.

Here’s how you earn points:

  • 1 point for every NEW aspiration completed
  • 1 point for every NEW trait used
  • 1 point for every skill maxed
    • If you’ve downloaded the talents & weaknesses mod – 0.5 point if you max out a talent skill & 2 points if you max out a weakness skill
  • 1 point for every NEW career maxed
    • Only 0.5 if the career is less than 10 levels
  • 1 point for every degree completed
  • 1 point for every 50,000 simoleons added to household net worth
  • 1 point for every funeral held for legacy sims (if you have Mortem mod downloaded)

Anyone living in the household at the time can earn points for the generation.

Since this is the legacy challenge with ✨mods✨, try to use custom aspirations, traits, and careers to fully experience the challenge.

You can download my modded legacy challenge score sheet HERE. It’s a PDF that you can print & use to keep track of the points you earn for each generation!

Here’s a little preview of what it looks like:

(And honestly, if you don’t feel like keeping track of points, then just attempt to build your legacy family’s wealth, complete a career, complete an aspiration, and max out skills each generation.)

Challenge Rules:

The rules for this challenge are similar to the original legacy challenge rules with slight variations.

  • Although mods are allowed, you still can’t use cheats.
  • Your legacy family must live on the same lot during the entire challenge.
  • Due to the inclusion of the pregnancy overhaul mod, heirs DO NOT have to be directly related. For example, babies born through surrogacy or those that are adopted can be the heir.
  • You cannot move another sim into your household unless they are your fiance or spouse.
  • The next generation begins when the heir is a young adult.
  • The challenge ends when the 10th-generation heir is an elder.
  • And most importantly, BE CREATIVE! This is your gameplay. Make it fun for you. Whatever will keep you interested and having fun is how you should play.

And that’s all! Make sure you tag your gameplay with #moddedlegacychallenge and link to this post.

As I said before, I like to think of this challenge as our group project so make sure you comment or message me with any suggestions or issues you come across!

Feel free to pin the images below to save this challenge for later:

This post was all about The Official Sims 4 Legacy Challenge with Mods.

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Saturday 11th of May 2024

Hi! What happened to your tumblr? I usually find your stuff through there and couldn't find it.


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Hey Ashlyn, unfortunately Tumblr shut down my blog without cause. I tried to reach out to them, but couldn't seem to find anyone to help me or explain why. Really unfortunate :( I love Tumblr, but not this tumblr that crushes small businesses with no warning or cause. I'll be focusing my efforts elsewhere for the time being.


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

First off, just wanted to say I love this blog. It’s incredibly helpful.

I noticed you recently posted an article on the ten mods people actually need. There were unique mods on both lists and I was wondering if you ever planned on incorporating the two. Either way, this article is incredibly helpful.


Monday 4th of March 2024

Thanks Hannah! I like your idea, and will take a look at it. Appreciate your feedback.


Saturday 21st of October 2023

Thank you for this idea, I have never attempted a legacy challenge yet because I love my mods too much. This is perfect.


Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Happy to help, and glad you liked it.