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29+ Must-Have Mods for Sims 4 Every Simmer Should Know About

Tired of boring and repetitive gameplay? Mods are the perfect fix. This is a list of must-have mods for Sims 4 that I can’t play without!

the sims 4 must have mods

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The Sims 4 is great, but if we’re being really honest, It can get boring quickly. As beautiful as the game is, the gameplay depth just isn’t there. Mods are the best way to add variety and excitement to your sims 4 game.

I’ve compiled this list of the mods that I must have in my sims 4 game. Some of these are super tiny mods that fix one annoying little thing and some are massive mods that can completely alter your sims’ world. The best part is: all of these are free mods.

If you don’t already know how, here’s a helpful article with instructions on how to add mods and cc to the sims 4.

(My plan is to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but time passes by quick, so if there isn’t a recent update to this post, give me a little nudge in the comments.)

This post is all about the best mods for Sims 4 that every simmer should know about!

Must-Have Mods for Sims 4

You can find my latest must-have mods for sims 4 at the end of the list, as I’ve added more since the initial release of this post!

1. Life Decider Mod by KawaiiStacie

sims 4 life decider mod

If you’re a player that likes to have a lot of your own sims in your world or you get annoyed with boring NPCs, this mod is made specifically for you. It allows you to “fill up” a non-played sim’s life by randomly assigning them a career, traits, skills, etc., so they’re no longer a blank slate.

This will give your sims world more complexity and diversity. It’s great for creating more authentic stories. Plus it comes with 15 bonus traits!

*This mod is currently being updated and not available until further notice. Check back soon for download link!

2. More CAS Columns by Weerbesu

cas column mod for sims 4

Not much to say about this mod, besides the fact that it allows you to expand the number of columns in create-a-sim. It’s a great mod for sims 4 if you download lots of custom content. It eliminates a lot of time spent scrolling.

You have the option to choose between three, four, or five columns. I always choose four since it’s a nice even number!


3. CAS Background Colors & Blob Remover by XUrbanSimsX

must-have mods for sims 4

Speaking of CAS mods, this is an absolutely essential mod. The game’s original create-a-sim background is not the cutest. That dull blue-green gradient doesn’t make any of our sims look their best (and that’s important!)

I chose this pink peachy color for my game, but there are a ton of different colors to choose from. I highly recommend these CAS backgrounds. They always look great!

This mod is especially helpful, if like me, you want to take cute pictures of your sims. It makes it much easier to remove the background during the editing phase, or leave them as-is and they’ll still turn out great!


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4. University Costs More by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

university cost more mod for sims 4

The prices that the sims team chose for the Sims Discover University courses were laughable. If you’re like me and currently paying off real student loans, you’ll know what a shock that was. I mean a couple of hundred dollars a class! Excuse me? Maybe a few hundred a credit hour, but likely more!

This mod makes the University pricing much more realistic, potentially making paying off those loans a struggle. And our sims should struggle sometimes, you know?


5. Wonderful Whims by TurboDriver

Wonderful Whims is the tamer version of Wicked Whims. Wicked Whims adds a lot of very adult content to your sims game, and Wonderful Whims allows you to keep it PG-13. It adds in attraction preferences, new personality archetypes, a menstrual cycle, birth control, condoms, and STDs.

One of my favorite parts of this mod is the attraction system. It gives your sims preferences. Just like in real life, some of your sims will be more attracted to sims with dark hair and light eyes, or light hair and dark eyes. No longer will every sim be interested in every other sim. That’s just not realistic.

These attraction preferences are automatically assigned, but you can alter them if you want to. Maybe you imagine your sim as bisexual, but the game has assigned them as straight. You can easily go in and change their gender preferences.


video by misslollypopsims

6. UI Cheats Extension by Weerbesu

video by zombiegirlslife

A simple, but incredibly useful mod. This mod, as the title states, allows you to cheat the entire sims UI system. Most of the time I only use it to quickly cheat the needs of my sims, but there are a ton of other uses.

Have you ever downloaded a sim off the gallery only to find out that someone maxed out all of their skills? Yeah, super annoying. (In my personal opinion, of course.) With this mod, you can go into their skills panel, click on each one that you want to alter, and set it to whatever you’d like.


7. Whim Overhaul by Bienchens Mods

whim overhaul mod for sims 4

One of my favorite aspects of The Sims 2, were the wants and fears. It gave you guidance into what your sim, based on their personality and aspiration, actually desired. This contributed to some really fun and random gameplay. And randomness is what makes the sims game so great. Whims were the Sims 4’s version of wants and fears.

Unfortunately, the sims team has basically given up on updating the whim system. I find it super weird to let an essential element of your original game fall to the wayside, but luckily there is a fix by an incredible modder!

The whim overhaul mod adds a ton of new whims for the base game and for every pack, including the ones that never got any whims. It adds so incredibly seamlessly to your game. At this point, I don’t even know which whims are from this mod and which are from EA.

I found this mod through Pleasant Sims, so shout out to her and please go check out her blog and Youtube channel.


*Due to wants & fears being added in The Sims 4 High School Years update, I’ve updated this mod download to the Hopes & Fears Overhaul by missyhissy.

8. Have Some Personality Please! by PolarBearSims

personality mod for the sims 4

Do you find your sims to sometimes be lacking in personality? Are their interactions with other sims boring and uneventful? This mod is the answer to your problems.

Once this mod is installed, interactions will be more interesting. No longer will your sims just “chat” with the sims they talk to. They will actually engage in real interactions. These interactions will be based off of their traits, moods, conversations, and relationships, hence giving them more personality. This can sometimes create drama, as you’re more likely to see autonomous romance with this mod, but we could all use a little more drama in the sims 4.

Again, this is a big mod with a lot to it, so I highly recommend that you check out the download page to read everything that comes along with this mod. Or just install it and I discover everything for yourself along the way. (I prefer that option!)


9. Meaningful Stories for The Sims 4 by RoBurky

better emotions mod for the sims 4

Meaningful Stories is a super popular Sims 4 mod for a reason. With this mod, the emotion system will work better and feel smoother overall.

It makes your sim’s emotions “behave in ways that are smarter, subtler, and more varied.” according to RoBurky. This means that their emotions will make for more realistic gameplay. If your sim happens to have a miscarriage, they will be sad for days. And even if something good happens, it won’t likely override their sadness from the miscarriage, seeing as that’s a very painful life event.

In addition, your sim’s base emotional state will no longer be happiness. To experience true happiness, something will have to happen in your sim’s life to give them that emotion.

Something I find really cool about this mod is that it features an in-game tutorial. So if you want to go ahead and download it without reading or watching anything about it, you can do that and the mod itself will show you what it does.


10. Good Student Child Aspiration by MarlynSims

aspiration mods for sims 4

Aspirations are another thing in the sims 4 that could use some reworking. I miss the days of Sims 3 when we had tons of aspirations to choose from and they all contributed to interesting gameplay.

This mod is just an aspiration that will be added to your game, but I find it to be essential. I love for my sims to be overachievers and now they can get a head start right from childhood.

MarlynSims makes quite a few other aspirations, traits, and even careers, so definitely take a look at what else she has to offer on her Patreon.


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11. Mortem by SimRealist

video by xurbansimsx

The Mortem mod makes death more of a process than it previously was. Now when a sim dies, you’ll need to use the cellphone to report their death. A medical examiner will arrive to take notes and pictures of the body.

The medical examiner will then take the body to the morgue for a final examination. While your sim is waiting for the results, they will receive condolences visits from their friends. You’ll even be able to plan a memorial service.

At some point, the medical examiner will call and allow you to make arrangements for either a burial or a cremation. If you complete this process properly, your sim will get peaceful closure, but if not, they will be stuck with unending grief. Wow!


12. SNBank by SimRealist

Bank Mod for Sims 4

Another essential mod by Simrealist. There’s a lot to this mod, but I’m just going to be talking about the parts that I find most relevant to my style of gameplay.

The Welcome Home portion of this mod is so cool! Whenever you play a household for the first time after installing this mod, your house will be completely dark with no electricity, no water, no garbage collection, no TV, no internet, and no cellphone. You’ll need to go into the SNB Bills app to pick a package and set up your services. These range from basic to premium. With the premium package, you’ll get faster internet and more TV channels.

The mod adds government services to the sims. This includes a custom child support and alimony system. Now if your sims are in a dire situation, you can apply for benefits to help them out. I absolutely love the attention to detail that was put into this mod. For example, if your sim remarries, your alimony is canceled.

SimRealist also makes two other mods, that I know of, private practice and organic which you should also check out if you like their mods. I don’t find those two to be essential to my gameplay, but they might be to yours!


13. Basemental Alcohol by Basemental Mods

basemental alcohol mod for sims 4

My sim is feelin it! I absolutely love this mod. It makes drinking in the sims more realistic. The drinks have actual drink names, like Rum and Coke, and your sim will get drunk if they drink too much. And this could then lead to a hangover.

In addition, there’s the Basemental Drugs Mod which, as you could probably guess, adds not only alcohol but drugs to your game. There’s a lot more to it and this is a very simplistic description but overall, It’s incredibly realistic and chocked full of features. I personally like to keep my gameplay somewhat innocent, so the hangovers are enough excitement for me.


14. Less Musical Chairs by Shimrod101

Do you know how sometimes your sim will get up and sit down in a new chair over and over and over again? Yeah. This mod fixes that.

It does however limit the number of sims in a conversation to two, so keep that in mind. I’m guessing that’s the only way to prevent the annoying game of musical chairs.

LittleMsSam has taken over the updating of this mod, so you’ll need to get the latest version from the forum post listed below.


15. Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul by Lumpinou

pregnancy overhaul mod for sims 4

This mod is everything for players who love family-based gameplay or enjoy challenges like the 100 baby challenge or the sims legacy challenge.

It contains different modules including Pregnancy & Family Preferences, Reactions, Impact, Fertility & Protection, Woohoo Diseases, Paternity Testing, Teen Pregnancy, Temporary Separations, Relationship Breaks, Cheating and Being Faithful, Alternative Pregnancy Options (Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy), Adoption Overhaul, Break-up, Make-up, & Co-Parenting, Pregnancy Side Effects, Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss, Pregnancy Tweaks, Romances and Friendships, Dating Apps, and Turn ons/Turn Offs.

I absolutely love that you can now choose pregnancy preferences for your sim. So, say your sim is in college trying to get their education, you can set your sim’s preference to ‘Does not want a pregnancy right now.’ Meaning that if a pregnancy does occur, your sim will not be happy.

When it comes to cheating, this mod fixes the laissez-faire attitude that most of our sims seem to have about it. Now your sims will actually care about being cheated on and can decide what to do moving forward. It will also provide a reason for the cheating such as the relationship being too routine. This mod is getting a little too real…

The video below goes over an update to the mod which adds in the option of being a surrogate. This creates so much more depth to your sims game. It’s just really cool. Definitely download this mod if you’re into family gameplay!


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16. Unversity Degree Required for Promotion by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

University Degree

This mod adds that’s next level of realism to careers in sims 4. For most careers, you’ll only be able to get to a certain level until you’ll need a degree to move up the ladder.

The doctor career is an exception. As soon as you start at level one, you’ll be prompted to get a university degree. Thank god because you’d sure hope that your doctor has a medical degree.

Also, talent careers, such as painting, are excluded from this mod. Just like in real life, it is possible to be at the top of an artistic field without any sort of formal education.

*Update: I forgot to mention that if you want to own a vet clinic, you’ll also need to have a biology degree. I went to purchase one, couldn’t, and was very confused, so just a head’s up!


17. Miscarriage Chance by LittleMsSam

Miscarriage Chance

Miscarriages are a sensitive topic. They’re highly upsetting and sometimes traumatizing. I can understand how many people may not want this in their game. But for those that enjoy highly realistic gameplay, this is a good addition to your mods folder.

There are other mods in this list that add miscarriage to your game, but this is the one that I find adds the most depth to the experience of having a miscarriage. It comes with the chance of death and infertility after a miscarriage. There are new buffs. And you can even add the unborn baby to the family tree. I find it super sweet that the baby will forever be remembered as a part of the family.

I also wanted to mention that I chose the very low chance for miscarriage option. I had a miscarriage happen to two of my main sims and it felt like overkill.


18. No Autonomous Cooking by MSQ SIMS

No Autonomous Cooking

Mods that alleviate all of the annoying things that our sims do are musts on my list of mods I can’t live without.

A small, but mighty mod, this one stops your sims from making meals whenever they want. Your sims will still grab quick meals if they happen to be really hungry, so you won’t need to worry about your sims dying of hunger.


19. Simulation Lag Fix by SrslySims

Simulation Lag Fix

Lag in my sims games is enough to make me want to chuck my computer at a wall. Thankfully, our amazing mod creators have fixed several of the super annoying lags in the sims 4.

This helps to get rid of the recurring sim head bobbing, frozen sims, and time going back to the past. I’ve found several mods that supposedly do this, but the most recent version I could find is linked below.


20. Sim Spawn Overhaul by Lotharihoe

keep celebrities in del sol valley mod

I don’t know about you, but here in Ohio, I don’t typically see celebrities everywhere I go. In the sims, celebrities seem to pop up everywhere you go. Somehow Baby Ariel goes to your sim’s gym in Willow Creek?

This mod eliminates that problem by keeping all of the celebrities in Del Sol Valley, making the sims celebrity experience much more realistic. Now, going to Del Sol Valley is an exciting tourist destination where you may see a celebrity, much like Los Angeles.

In addition, it keeps the Strangerville sims in Strangerville. Thank goodness.

But that’s only covering the ‘venue-sims’ part of the mod. The ‘walk-by’ portion limits the sims that are walking around the neighborhood to those that actually live in that neighborhood. So you won’t see Bella Goth jogging around Windenburg unless she moves there. To see all the features of the mod, you can read the download page below.


21. IR Divorce by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

IR Divorce by Zero's Sims 4 Mods

Divorce in real life is a depressing (most of the time) and tedious process. This mod attempts to replicate that in the sims.

You’ll now have to ask your partner for a divorce, send a request by mail for divorce papers, file papers, and then once the papers are filed, finalize the divorce. The entire process costs money and ignites a unique reaction from each sim.


22. Emotional Socials by Heleane

emotional socials mod for sims 4

In The Sims 4, we were introduced to emotions. There was a lot of hype over it. And although it can create some interesting situations, it can also be annoying and lack depth.

The emotional socials mod gives your sim’s emotions more meaning by giving them new interactions that correlate to their mood. My sim was feeling quite stressed so when interacting with other sims, she could complain about feeling burnt out or be snippy from stress. Much like real life, when we’re in a mood, it’s hard to have a cheerful conversation.

I absolutely love this mod. Plus, you can never have too many social interactions!


23. Know Your Coworkers & Classmates by Simulated Flowers

This is an essential mod that I didn’t know I needed until I came across it! The description of the mod talks about how weird it is that your sim goes to work or school all day with other sims, but if you don’t actively try, you won’t end up knowing any of them. I had never thought about it, but yeah it is pretty weird. That would mean that your sim sits in a corner and never interacts with anyone.

This mod works by editing the normal work setting and has your sim meeting and increasing their relationship with their coworkers and classmates. This doesn’t affect work performance, but it also doesn’t increase social need. No longer are our sims anti-social when they leave the house!


24. New Hobby Traits & New Emotional Traits by Kuttoe

new traits mod for sims 4

This is actually two different mods, but they’re essentially the same so I’m listing them both here. We all know that the traits system in the sims 4 is not great. They rarely give us new traits and the ones we do have, don’t seem to add much to our sim’s personality.

Kuttoe has created eight new traits to give to your sims with special interests: Artisan, Competitive, Horticulturalist, Move Buff, Scribe, Technophobe, Tinker, and Worldly.

With the emotion traits mod, you’ll receive: Calm, Insecure, Oblivious, Restless, Stoic, Arrogant, Daydreamer, Perky, and Egghead.

For more sims 4 trait mods, you can check out this post with 31 of The Best Trait Mods to Create More Unique Sims!

Thank you to Kuttoe for creating these new traits, because sims 4 traits can use all the help it can get. You can read the description of each of these traits on their website listed below.


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25. Education System Bundle by KawaiiStacie

education system mod for sims 4

This is a sims 4 mod bundle that contains four mods that will alter the sim’s education system. The first part is the preschool mod, which I’ve talked a bit about below. The second part is the better school mods which has their sims build skills while at school. It also gives them more interactions such as play games on their phone or flirt with classmates.

The third part of the download is the smarter homework mod. Your sims will now build skills while doing homework, because why shouldn’t they get something out of it? And the fourth, and final part, adds online schooling. This mod holds a special place in my heart because I actually went to an online high school and loved it! To go to online school, your sims will need access to the ‘School Only PC’ which you’ll find in buy mode after download.

One of the ways I use this mod most often is to send my toddlers to preschool. My sim, Marianna, is a single mother who works from home. She struggles to manage both her work and giving her toddler the attention she needs, so she sends her to preschool every morning. While she’s at preschool, she will even gain skills. How cool is that?


*This mod hasn’t been updated in a long time so I’m currently using a VERY similar one called the Education Overhaul Mod.

video by itsmetroi

26. SimDa Dating App by LittleMsSam

simda dating app mod for sims 4

As you recently learned, my sim, Marianna, is a single mother. She doesn’t have a lot of time to date. Luckily, she just downloaded the SimDa Dating App where she can be set up on a romantic blind date with the gender of her choice. Or if she’s feeling frisky, she can find a quick hook-up.

Another great feature of this mod, is that if my sim happens to have a crush on a specific sim, I can search for that sim in the app and be set up on a date with them. Is that something that exists in real life? Asking for a friend…


27. Retail Overhaul by LittleMsSam

retail fix mod for sims 4

Running your own business is a much-loved feature in the sims. I remember being obsessed with running a flower shop in The Sims 2 Open for Business. Those were the days.

When The Sims 4 Get to Work came out, everyone was hoping it would be just as good. Too bad we all got our hopes up. It’s a feature I rarely find myself playing with, as it’s annoying, clunky, and usually laggy.

Fortunately for us, LittleMsSam once again saves the day by providing us with the retail overhaul mod. This must-have mod allows you to hire any sim you’d like, makes your retail employees react faster to what you ask of them, gives you the option to sell fruits & veggies via a retail fridge, sell camping supplies, and much more. You can find all the details on the download page listed below.


28. Talents & Weakness by Lumpinou

talent and weakness sims 4 mod by lumpinou

This mod was only recently released, so it’s a bit new to me. As soon as I saw it, I thought to myself, “how is this not already a part of the game?”

Unfortunately, I think this a lot when it comes to The Sims 4. It continually blows my mind how lacking the base game is. Rich gameplay is almost non-existent and makes mods a necessity for fun. But that’s a rant for another day.

This mod makes skill-building more realistic by assigning sims things that they’re good at and things that they’re not so good at. As pictured above, my sim Alysha is a natural-born dancer and a gifted writer, but she struggles with the logic skill and is likely to lose at most video games. So when it comes to the writing skill, Alysha will easily gain skill points. As opposed to video gaming, where it will take her a much longer time to learn.

I installed the option to have the game auto-assign these, but you can assign them if you want. This mod is great for storytelling and realistic gameplay.


29. MC Command Center by Deaderpool

mc command center mod for sims 4

I’ve saved the best for last. This a ginormous, and a seriously must-have mod for the sims 4. If I could only have one mod off of this list, it would likely be this one!

There’s so much within this mod that I highly recommend watching the video below that will walk you through this mod’s features. It would take a blog post of its own just to skim the surface of all this mod has to offer!


video by emmgeeyt

30. Sims 4 Memorable Events Mod by KawaiiStacie

sims 4 honeymoon mod

This is a recent addition to my must-have mods for sims 4 list. If you’re growing bored with sims 4 gameplay, then this event mod is sure to give you all the variety you need.

The memorable events mod adds 40 new social events to your game. The events include:

  • bachelor(ette) party
  • A night out
  • meet the baby
  • hot springs
  • beach party
  • camping
  • celebration
  • universty party
  • romantic date
  • day of grieving
  • easter egg hunt
  • family gathering
  • field trip
  • game night
  • graduation party
  • gym day
  • hangout
  • honeymoon
  • housewarming party
  • karaoke
  • meet my partner
  • pizza party
  • movie night
  • moving out
  • playground
  • pool party
  • pregnancy annoucment
  • romantic proposal
  • protest
  • reality show
  • seasonal party
  • shopping
  • sleepover
  • love finder
  • friendship finder
  • study session
  • teen party
  • university acceptance letter
  • vacation
  • prom
  • half birthday

As you can see from that list, you’ll have SO much new gameplay if you download this mod. It’s almost like getting a new game pack but for free.

This event mods pack includes lots of favorites like a sims 4 prom event mod, honeymoon event mod, and bachelorette party event mod. A total must-have mod for sims 4!

*This mod is currently being updated and not available until further notice. Check back soon for download link!

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31. Sims 4 Playable Pets Mod by andrew

sims 4 selectable pets mod

Another newer addition to my sims 4 must have mods list! Once I downloaded this mod, I haven’t been able to get myself to remove it from my game because it’s just SO useful. Now I can’t believe that I ever played without controllable pets!

The overview is that with this mod, you’re able to control your pets and make them go pee, eat food, interact with their owners, play with toys, and more. Plus you can check up on their needs so they don’t get neglected accidentally. (It happens! 🤷)

I wrote an entire post on this mod and its features, (The Sims 4 Playable Pets Mod: Controllable Pets Mod Download & Review) so be sure to check out that post for ALL the details on how this mod works.

32. Better Sims 4 Computer Menus by Andirz

Better Sims 4 Computer Menus

This pick actually makes the pie menu for various objects way better. Objects like your sim, computer, TV, stereo, fridge, stove, mirror etc. Now you can have way easier menus to navigate, which saves tons of time and headaches. Honestly, these pie menu mods are a LIFESAVER!

Ever since downloading them, I can’t imagine my game without them.

The first one is the Better Pie Menu mod. This sims 4 mod updates the computer menu with icons for quick recognition.

And prioritizes more important menu options to decrease the number of clicks you need to get to what you want.

best sims 4 mods
best sims 4 mods

The second mod adds an online shopping menu to your sims computer. I mean…pure genius.

Instead of having to go into buy mode for buying toddler toys and other random home goods, you can just purchase them on the computer (like you would in regular life!)

It’s seriously so cool and was much needed!

I hope that you found this list of must-have mods for the sims 4 super helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d also love to hear what mods you can’t play without. I might even end up adding them to my list!

This post was all about must-have mods for Sims 4.

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