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48+ Best Sims 4 Male CC Pieces for a Stylish Sim

Great sims 4 male cc is hard to find, but look no further! Here’s an entire list of links to download, so you can fill up your cc folder as fast as possible.

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If you don’t want to waste too much time on your male sims in CAS, but you still want them to look as good as your female sims, then you NEED this list of the BEST male cc.

I’ve included everything from male cc hair to male cc clothes to male shoes cc and even male underwear cc!

Everything is maxis match cc (or blends well with the game) and free to download.

And I did my very best to add diversity to this list with cc for black male sims because I know it’s something you guys request and something I’m always looking for, but there isn’t NEARLY enough in the world of maxis match.

So, if you find any that’s high-quality and worth sharing, feel free to let me know in Discord or leave a comment!

Here’s a list of the absolute best sims 4 male cc.

1. Sims 4 Male CC Pack by CEEPRODUCTIONS

I like to start my lists with something I really feel like everyone can use in their game and this pack has just that!

All of these items are so diverse and could be used to create TONS of unique outfits for male sims.

This download has 6 items, including 4 tops and 2 bottoms. Their swatches range from 9 to 22 different options.

2. Sims 4 Male CC Coat by Solistair

There’s something so mysterious about a man in a long coat.

Is he a spy or just extremely fashionable?

This look can be paired with a scarf for a dashing look any time of year.

The jacket comes in 13 different neutral colors, but the shirt underneath is available in 20 options!

3. Sims 4 Euphoria CC Pack by clumsyalien

If your male sim has a chest tattoo, there is a shirt in this pack you absolutely need.

Even if they don’t, the clothes and hair that you get with the download are absolutely fantastic.

The euphoria cc pack has both male and female custom content including 2 hairs, 2 tops, and 1 pair of pants for male sims.

4. Sims 4 Facial Hair Set by luumia

I am a sucker for some facial hair.

These have the perfect balance between well-kept and a little bit rugged.

You’ve got the choice of 2 different beards on this download page, available in all of the EA colors.

5. Savo Sims 4 Male CC Collection by cloudcat

The variety of tops in this pack gives your male sims something for every season, but especially for winter!

However, the sleeves get shorter and the material gets thinner for those warmer days.

You also get some great bottoms with this collection.

There are 10 total items that come in a variety of colors.

6. Sims 4 Male Hair CC Pack Pt 1 by Wistful Castle

Really good male hair is hard to come by!

It isn’t often that you find an entire male hair cc pack where each one is as good as the last.

This download has 6 different options to choose from and they each have a specific style and vibe.

They are available in 26-36 color options plus extras.

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7. Male CC Tops & Bottoms Set by nucrests

Something I really love in these male cc packs is the variations of clothing items.

And we definitely get that here!

This pack includes both custom content pants and shirts, but it’s the options we have that get me excited.

There are 5 different pant styles so you’re covered whether you want baggy, tight, cuffed, slim, or shorts.

As for the shirts you’ve got options there as well. Do you want sleeves up or down? Tucked or untucked?

PLUS there are 2 undershirts to choose from, a V-neck and T-shirt.

All of the items in this male clothing collection are maxis match and come in multiple swatches!

8. Urban Sims 4 Male CC Pack by CEEPRODUCTIONS

When your sim is headed out for the day, there is no telling what they might need.

Carrying a fanny pack around your waist is not as cool as it once was, so throw that baby over your shoulder.

Along with a stylish way to carry belongings, this male cc pack comes with 6 other great items including a cc hat, hair, shirt, pants, shorts, and a nose stud.

And each one has multiple color swatches to choose from.

9. Sims 4 Male CC Shorts by CEMENT

It’s starting to get hot outside and it looks like your sim forgot to buy some shorts.

Not to fear, they can just cut the bottoms off of an old pair of jeans!

These cutoff shorts are the perfect way to enjoy the summer heat.

They are available in 20 different colors, including multiple colors of denim, both with and without rips.

10. Sims 4 Male CC Shoes Pack by Jius-Sims

Choice in footwear can say a lot about a man.

Let your sim choose what is said about them with this men’s shoes collection!

This set has a little bit of everything for your cc folder, from casual flip flops and sneakers to dressy boots and brogues.

All 8 of these male shoes come in 7-12 different swatches for you to choose from.

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11. Male CC Overalls for Sims 4 by Mossylane

It’s incredible how much of a difference a sleeveless shirt can make under overalls compared to a turtleneck.

One says bad boy while the other gives off a much more reserved feeling.

Both of these are available in multiple swatches; 20 for the turtleneck and 35 for the sleeveless.

12. Sims 4 Male CC Set by Jade Scorpion

If you’re really wanting to bring out the bad boy in your sims this male cc pack is sure to do it.

The full-body tattoo, lip ring, and suit without an undershirt, especially all together, make for a very alternative sim.

You’ll also get 2 shirts, a pair of pants, and 2 hairs for your male sims in this download!

13. Sims 4 Male Underwear CC Set by Solistair

Let’s just say this set of male underwear is a little bit… cheeky.

I absolutely love the various options you have with these, as well as the little simlish details that keep them very maxis match.

There are 5 different options to choose from all the way from a long trunk down to a thong.

They each come in 20 different color options.

14. Sims 4 Male CC Sports Jersey by CEMENT

Whether they are a sports fan, or even a globally recognized athlete, the Sloppy Tuck Jersey will let your sim represent their favorite sports team.

This sports jersey is available in 30 different swatches that show off sports teams in lovely simlish fonts.

15. Folie A Deux Sims 4 Male CC Pack by AdrienPastel

The details that you put into your sims can really make a big difference when it comes to gameplay immersion and storytelling.

And this male cc pack helps you add all those little details!

This wonderful collection includes amazing male cc hair, as well as a necklace and bracelet.

Along with the accessories, you’ll get some clothing items including shirts, sweaters, and pants.

16. Sims 4 Male Hand Tattoos by BIBID

Is your sim wanting to dabble in being edgy, but not ready to commit to a full sleeve tattoo?

Well, do I have the perfect thing for them…

A nice little hand tattoo for your sim’s left hand.

There are 2 swatches of this tattoo available in different transparencies.

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17. City Music Male CC Clothing Set by marigolde

I was having a really hard time deciding whether this was 70’s cc or just plane ol’ retro cc for your male sims.

Any way you slice it these outfits are totally far out.

The collection is comprised of 3 different components including pants, a jacket/turtleneck combo, and an overlay for the turtleneck.

The clothes items come in a variety of swatches ranging from 16-20 color options.

18. Cool Male CC T-Shirts for Sims 4 by dyoreos

Is your sim cool? I mean, like really cool.

If so I’m surprised they don’t already have these shirts.

This long-layered cc t-shirt is available in 29 different swatches, some of which have funny sayings on them.

19. Sims 4 Male Leather CC Stuff Pack by verbatimsims

My goodness. Have you ever seen so much leather in one place?

This collection is described by the creator as, among other things, bulge-tastic.

I personally think that’s all you need to know.

There are numerous male clothing items included and honestly, you should download it and take a look for yourself.

20. Sims 4 Male Body Hair by Luumia

If body hair is important to you and your sim, then this is the only cc body hair collection you’ll ever need.

The download comes in 2 styles, one curly and one straight/wavy, with 8 colors and 22 variations.

The 2 separate styles gradually get hairier as you progress through the variations.

21. Sims 4 Male Hair CC Pack Pt 2 by Wistful Castle

Really good male curly hair cc is super hard to come by. That’s what makes this pack such a score!

You get, not one, not two, but 3 different maxis match curly hairstyles for men.

Each one comes with at least 28 EA swatches and some extras as well.

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22. Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit Add Ons by simcelebrity00

These are “simple edits of the Modern Menswear kit” and you actually don’t need the Modern Menswear kit for this custom content pack to work!

With this download, you’ll get 6 items including 2 male shorts, 2 male pants, and 2 male tops.

Or I guess I should say for masculine-framed sims!

They are available in 4-9 swatches each.

23. Sims 4 Male Maxis Match Jacket by Mary Sims

If you’re in search of a simple, yet stylish jacket for your sim, this is a great option.

It has a retro feel but at the same time is timeless.

The jacket comes in 18 swatches including solids and patterns.

24. Sims 4 Male CC Carhartt Collection by nucrests x simgguk

If you like bringing real-life items into your game then this Carhartt bundle is a must.

Carhartt is the iconic example of a workwear brand turned trendy.

The male cc collection consists of 3 versions of overalls, 4 versions of a button-up shirt, a t-shirt, and a beanie.

Each comes in a number of different swatches to give you plenty of variety!

25. Sims 4 CC Sweatsuit by Madlen

I do love the simplicity of a full-body outfit for my male sims.

Because you know we don’t spend nearly enough time on them in CAS…

Just one click and you’re done.

No need to worry about what matches and what doesn’t.

This combo comes in 7 wonderful swatches.

And if you want this for your child sims, you can find it in this post: The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Kids CC: Best Child Clothes, Child Hair, & Child Shoes

26. Sims 4 Snowy Escape Male Sweater Recolor by luridsims

Sometimes all you need is a little recolor!

This recolor of the wide neck sweater with an undershirt from snowy escape is a perfect example of that.

The sweater comes in 14 GORGEOUS swatches and does require snowy escape to work properly in-game.

27. Sims 4 Wedding Stores Male CC Add Ons by AdrienPastel

So you want a dapper-looking fella huh?

Well, here you go!

This Wedding Stories Add-Ons cc collection has 4 items including a blazer, shirt with suspenders, pants, and shorts, all for your male sims. YAY!

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28. Sims 4 Male Underwear CC Essentials by nucrests

Who knew underwear could come in so many lengths and shapes?

This essential set of men’s cc underwear comes in 7 styles with 2 versions; one original EA mesh and one with an enhanced bulge. 🙈

All come in 30 swatches to choose from.

29. Sims 4 Male CC Button-Up Shirt by CEMENT

I love shirts like this!

They come across as somewhat fancy, but fun and casual.

When wearing this you look like you care a bit more than just wearing a t-shirt, but that you’re still pretty chill.

The Spliced Button-up comes in 15 fun swatches for your male sims.

30. Sims 4 Male CC Pants by Solistair

There is definitely a void that needs to be filled when it comes to two-toned clothing in the Sims 4.

With this download, you’ll get two different versions of bottoms for your male sims, a long cuffed version and a short version.

They come in 13 earthy colors for one leg and white for the other.

31. Sims 4 Cottage Living Add Ons for Male Sims by nucrests

I think it’s safe to say we all love Cottage Living.

I mean how could you not? It’s adorable.

I, for one, am always looking for more cc that is in the cottagecore aesthetic, and this pack gives me just what I’m asking for.

This collection comes with 6 tops and 6 bottoms for male sims.

All of them come in a number of swatches and the best part is they are all base game compatible!

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32. Anti-Romantic Men’s Shorts Overalls by Soolani

Like overalls but the weather is getting a little too nice for those long hot things?

Have no fear! Short overalls are here!

These fantastic maxis match cutoff overalls paired with a button-up shirt are available in 59 fun swatches.

33. Desert Boots Male CC Shoes by xldkx-cc

These are one of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes from The Sims 3 for men and they have been converted into cc shoes for sims 4.

What more could you ask for?

How about some nice swatches?

Good news! They come in 12 swatches for you to choose from.

34. Sims 4 Male CC Puffer Jacket by nucrests

Maybe it’s just because I was raised in the early 2000s, but these jackets seem very y2k to me.

You get the choice of 3 different jacket versions, one with a t-shirt, one with a turtleneck, and one with a hoodie underneath.

It comes in 24 swatches and has the option of 12 overlays.

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35. Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by CEEPRODUCTIONS

Some of the items included in this male cc pack will make you absolutely scream.

There are 11 items that come with the collection including 3 hairs for male sims, 2 shirts, 1 set of graphics for t-shirts, 4 pants, and a custom content nose ring!

Altogether, there are 221 swatches for you to choose from in this pack.

36. Male Hair CC for Sims 4 by QRsims

We can always use good new male hair cc in the Sims 4, especially when it’s maxis match.

This set even includes dreads cc for males.

The 3 hairs come in 24 EA swatches and do actually work on both male and female frames.

37. Male Alternative CC Clothing Pack by nucrests

I’m always looking for something unique sims 4 cc and I bet you are too!

Leather pants are a classic, but something you don’t see very often is leather shorts, yet they look pretty freakin’ cool.

Also included in the download are 2 versions of a button-up shirt, both regular and sheer, as well as some accessories to spice things up.

There are multiple swatches for each item.

38. Sims 4 Male CC Half-Zip Sweater by CreamLatteDream

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

My, oh, my, what a wonderful… sweater?

Yep! This maxis match half-zip sweater fashions some truly iconic brands.

It is available in 23 different swatches.

39. Sims 4 Male CC Loafers by MMSIMS

These male shoes are made for anything but loafing around.

They are absolutely perfect for a formal event or just looking classy out on the town.

They come in 2 different styles that each have 10 swatches. There is also a slider and non-slider version of each.

40. Sims 4 Male Clothes CC by nucrests

This custom suit set is HUGE.

I mean like really huge…

You get options and then your options get options.

This incredible cc suit pack comes with 21 different items in over 400 different swatches total to choose from.

41. Sims 4 Male Pants CC by CEMENT

Nothing says men’s fashion quite like showing off your ankles.

On top of that, we have some more two-tone options for pants which I absolutely love!

These snazzy britches come in 50 swatches including solids, two-tone, and patterns.

42. Sims 4 Incheon Kit Add On Pack by Solistair

This collection does include both male and female cc, but I especially LOVE the male cc clothes.

And the absolute best part is that all the custom content is base game compatible, so you don’t actually need The Sims 4 Incheon Kit.

You’ll get 9 clothing items with this download in a wide variety of colors.

43. CC Bomber Jacket for Male Sims by CreamLatteDream

This male top is totally out of this world.

Or completely in this world depending on the swatch you choose.

Speaking of swatches, you’ll have 23 of them to choose from for this short-sleeve bomber jacket.

44. Sims 4 Maxis Match Male CC Pants by Solistair

These pants will make you dance.

At least I hope so, dancing is fun!

Even if your sim isn’t a dancer, they will appreciate the detail that went into these lovely bottoms.

They come in both a low waist and high waist option each in 13 swatches each.

45. Sims 4 Male CC Athletic Set by boonstow

Whether your sim is going for a jog or just lounging around, they can do so comfortably with these sick sweats.

On top of the comfy new fit, they’ll have access to two new male hairstyles as well.

The maxis match hairs come in 24 EA swatches.

46. Sims 4 Male Shirt CC by CEMENT

Fancy or casual? You decide with the option to tuck this shirt in or leave it to its own device.

This set includes the top for toddler sims too! Like father, like son.

It comes in 20 swatches including 16 solids and 4 dual tones.

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47. Sims 4 Male Clothing CC – Stephan Set Remastered by AdrienPastel

Check out this remastered Stephan Shirt and Stephan Jeans Sims 4 Male CC, by adrienpastel. Updated recently, you’ll find a new set of jeans in v1 and v2 that is sure to make your CC list.

I feel like I just stepped back in time, but like, to the really good parts of the past!

I think I’m going to stay here for a little bit.

This download comes with 2 different cc clothing jeans versions for for your male sims, and the shirt comes in several different swatches.

49. Maxis Match CC Male Sweatsuit by nucrests

Okay, who is going to tell me where I can find this outfit in real life because it seriously looks so comfy?

And it’s got cargo pockets, yes please!

With this download, you’ll get 4 tops and 4 bottoms that come in 22 swatches each: 12 solids and 10 tie-dyes.

Now that your male cc folder is FILLED with amazing custom content by the loveliest creators, find more of the best sims 4 cc finds in my entire category of cc posts or on Tumblr!

Also I didn’t want this list to contain any repeats so if you’re looking for MORE male cc, then I recommend taking a look at these posts:

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Male CC.

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