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15+ Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods You Need to Download for More Realistic Pregnancies

Do you want your sims to have more interesting and realistic pregnancies for fun gameplay and better storytelling? Here are the absolute best sims 4 pregnancy mods you need in your game.

sims 4 pregnancy mods

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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable Sims 4 pregnancy adventure? Look no further! I’ve curated an incredible collection of must-have mods and essential items that will take your pregnancies to the next level. From fertility pills to fun activities and games, we’ve got you covered!

As a young adult Sim, it’s essential to make the most of this exciting life stage. With these incredible mods, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Explore the joys of nurturing a growing family, even spanning as few generations as you desire. Whether you’re starting with a young adult Sim or nurturing the same Sim through multiple life stages, these mods will bring your vision to life.

But that’s not all! These mods also allow you to shape your children’s traits and personalities, ensuring a unique and fulfilling experience. Say goodbye to mundane pregnancies and hello to an extraordinary journey filled with surprises and memorable moments.

In addition to these extraordinary mods, don’t forget to check out our handpicked pregnancy must-haves on Amazon. From the latest maternity fashion to essential items that will make your Sim’s pregnancy more comfortable, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of products that will meet your every need.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the magic of pregnancy and let these mods and must-haves transform your Sims 4 experience into something truly extraordinary!

Meaning that some of these mods overlap and you can choose which one you want/need to have in your game.

This post is all about the best sims 4 pregnancy mods.

Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods

1. Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Mod by Lumpinou (Formerly Woohoo Wellness Mod)

sims 4 pregnancy mods

I’ve talked a lot about this mod because it’s SO essential to creating realistic pregnancies. I raved about it in my must-have mods for sims 4 list, but in case you didn’t read that one, here’s why this mod is so incredible.

This mod includes unique modules and multiple add-ons. The modules include:

  • Pregnancy & Family Preferences / Reactions / Impact
  • Fertility & Protection
  • Woohoo Diseases
  • Paternity Testing
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Temporary Separations / Relationship Breaks
  • Cheating and Being Faithful
  • Alternative Pregnancy Options (Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy)
  • Adoption Overhaul
  • Break-up, Make-up, & Co-Parenting
  • Pregnancy Side Effects
  • Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss
  • Pregnancy Tweaks
  • Romances and Friendships
  • Dating Apps
  • Turn ons / Turn Offs

As you can see from that list (and that doesn’t even include the add-ons!), this pregnancy mod will COMPLETELY change your game. It adds so much depth, realism, and excitement when creating a family in the sims 4. I mean think of all the storylines you can create from surrogacy to co-parenting to adoption!

I’ve had this mod installed for a while now and I haven’t even been able to explore all of the modules. I highly recommend that you go to lumpinou’s website and look through all the module descriptions because it would take multiple posts for me to explain everything included in this mod. Trust me on this one: you need this mod!

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2. Sims 4 Pregnancy Belly Size Mod by LittleMsSam

sims 4 pregnant belly size mod

There’s more than meets the eye with this mod! Yes, it does change the size of your sim’s pregnant belly. No more HUGE pregnant bellies, or fake pregnancy bellies. But that’s not the best part of this part.

When this mod is downloaded, your pregnant sims will now be able to do more in their first and second trimester. They can do yoga, dance, do push-ups, and more. Because you’re not completely useless during pregnancy like EA supposedly thinks. 🙄

In addition, the special pregnancy walk style is disabled and there’s an optional addon to create a chance of dying during birth.

3. Sims 4 Discover Pregnancy Mod by SimMixD

This mod will make a new pregnancy a surprise for both you and your sims. Usually, after your sim tries for a baby, you’ll get indicators that your sim is pregnant (throwing up & thinking about babies, for example!)

With the Discover Pregnancy Mod, those indicators are turned off, making a complete surprise when your sim starts showing! This is such a realistic mod for sims 4 and I think makes for great storytelling.

4. Sims 4 Pregnancy Length Mod by Tanja1986

This is a pretty straightforward mod that allows you to change the length of your sim’s pregnancy. You can make them much longer or much shorter.

As you can see in the picture above, this mod gives you lots of options for changing how long your sims are pregnant. You just have to choose your preference.

5. MC Command Center by Deaderpool

Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

This is another mod that I have talked about extensively. It’s a must-have mod for sims 4.

If you’d like to know more about how it can change pregnancy in the sims 4, I highly recommend reading through my pregnancy cheats post under pregnancy cheat mods. I go through a short photo tutorial with this mod on that post.

One of my personal favorite parts of the pregnancy module of this mod is story progression. Meaning that it gives the ability for other sims that you’re not playing in the world to get married, have children, etc. It makes the world more exciting and fun to play in when you see your sim’s friends and family members pregnant all of a sudden!

6. Sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod by LittleMsSam

The ultrasound mod for sims 4 is a beloved pregnancy mod by the sims community. It adds that next level of realism to the game. With this mod, your pregnant sim will be able to visit the gynecologist to get an ultrasound.

During the ultrasound, your sim will be gone for 60-90 minutes. When they come back, they will have the ultrasound picture in their inventory that will show how many babies your sim is having and the genders. How cool is that??

Your sim can also pay $25 to make copies of the scan and gift to friends and families. This is seriously the CUTEST mod!

Keep in mind, your sim will need to be in either their second or third trimester and pay $75 to get their scan.

7. Sims 4 Stretch Marks Mod by Average Mari

I’ve found quite a few stretch mark mods for the sims 4, but this is the one that I thought looked the most natural and realistic!

Getting stretch marks is a very real part of pregnancy for most women (myself included), and it would be fun for storytelling to actually have your sims body change after pregnancy.

This mod is actually two separate downloads. One for various stretch marks across the entire body and another one for just stretch marks on your sims boobs for some more realistic boob maternity. I would recommend downloading both for the most realistic look!

8. Labor Puddles Mod by PolarBearSims

Here’s another mod to add realism to your game. It’s a pretty simple one. With this mod, your sim’s water will now break when they go into labor leaving a puddle below them.

There are different variations of this pregnancy mod that will change the number of labor puddles that occur. The main version of this mod does include labor puddles for cats & dogs and for male sims.

9. Wonderful Whims by TurboDriver

Wonderful Whims is another popular, in-depth mod for the sims 4 to create more realistic gameplay. It affects woohoo, attraction, pregnancy, and more.

Since this post is all about sims 4 pregnancy mods, we’re going to focus on those aspects of the mod. So here’s what’s included for pregnancy:

  • menstrual cycle (tampons, pads, fertility tests, fertility treatment)
  • sims can donate their unborn babies to science
  • miscarraige change from abusing substances
  • ability to modify pregnancy duration
  • puddle when water breaks (similar to the previous mod on the list)
  • your sim can get pregnant through all woohoo interactions (no more try for baby)
  • purchase birth control pills

As I said above, this mod includes A LOT more features, so make sure you want all of them in your game by reading through the download page linked below.

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10. Cherished Moments Sims 4 Pregnancy Mod by YourFalseHope

The Cherished Moments pregnancy mod gives your sims’ pregnancies more depth by adding realistic moodlets and interactions for each phase of pregnancy. For example, your sim can now use the computer to write a pregnancy blog, have cravings, and discuss baby names.

There are also other mods by the same creator that go along with this one, like the Parenthood Cherished Moments mod, Toddler Cherished Moments mod, Birthing Education Class mod, & more. They’re all listed and linked on the Cherished Moments pregnancy mod download page.

The only downside to this mod is that it isn’t compatible with Lumpinou’s pregnancy overhaul mod. 😢 But it may be a good option if your computer can’t handle huge mods like that one and you still want to spice up your sim’s pregnancies.

*UPDATE: This mod is now compatible with Lumpinou’s pregnancy overhaul mod!

11. Sims 4 Baby Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods

Having a baby shower is an important event when you’re pregnant, so why should your sims have to miss out because EA dropped the ball? With this sims 4 baby shower mod, your sims can throw a baby shower and potentially win a free bassinet plus a cash reward of 500 to 1000 simoleons. So fun!

To find more details about the baby shower event on the Patreon page, scroll down to the female events category and it’s the first one listed. You can then either download all of KiaraSims4Mods’ events in one big file or download the baby shower event individually.

12. Sims 4 Pregnancy Pose Pack by Katverse

Ahhh! I love downloading new poses for my sims and these are just TOO cute. This sims 4 pregnancy pose pack is perfect for having a gorgeous pregnancy photoshoot before your sim pops.

To use these custom poses, you’ll need the teleporter mod which can be found on the download page for this pregnancy pose pack, along with a little explanation on how to use them.

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13. Sims 4 Miscarriage Mod by LittleMsSam

Wonderful Whims, a mod we talked about earlier on in this post, also creates miscarriages in the sims 4. However, if you don’t want everything that’s included in that mod because it is HUGE, LittleMsSam’s miscarriage mod is a great option.

It’s a lot more in-depth than the Wonderful Whims miscarriage add-ons and allows you to customize how often miscarriages happen, the chance of infertility after a miscarriage, and the chance of death after a miscarriage.

I won’t talk too much about the details of this mod, because I know it is a sensitive topic for some. So if you want to know more, check out the linked download page below.

14. Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod Animation by Eux3 C. C. R

From reading around various forums in the sims community, I know that a lot of simmers are looking for a realistic birth mod. I’ve come across a realistic birth animation mod that might interest a few of you.

But be warned! It can be kind of graphic and there’s a lot more that goes into this mod than just downloading it. You’ll need to set up the entire scene with other mods. It’s quite complex.

To make it easier, here’s a YouTube video that explains exactly how it works with links to every mod you would need: How To Sims 4 Realistic Birth (it’s also embedded above)

*For a birth gameplay mod that actually makes for more realistic births in the sims 4, check out the latest update for this post at #16!!

15. Sims 4 Couple Pregnancy Poses by Katverse

How ADORABLE are these?! If you want to get beautiful photos of your pregnant couple, you need these sims 4 couple pregnancy poses.

You’ll need the teleport and pose player mods for these to work (which are linked on the download page!) The poses will work best on sims in their third trimester.

16. Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod by PandaSama

realistic birth mod for sims 4 pandasama

The community asked and asked for a birth mod that was more realistic than what EA gave us and here it is!!

I’ve seen this gameplay mod talked about in the sims community NON-STOP for the past few weeks, so I knew I had to come to update this post and share it with you guys as well.

PandaSama is notorious for incredible toddler mods & cc, but this is next level!

This new mod has everything that you could possibly want in a childbirth mod from choosing a natural or c-section delivery to getting an epidural and checking dilation.

It’s truly a game-changer!!

For a more in-depth look at this incredible sims 4 mod, check out this mod overview video by ItsMeTroi:

How freakin’ COOL is this mod? For all the details and the latest version, click on the download link below.

Keep in mind that not all of these mods will work together and they will get outdated. Make sure that you’re checking their descriptions for conflicting mods or updates on a regular basis.

I hope that you found this list of sims 4 pregnancy mods helpful and if you have any suggestions for mods that I should add to this list, feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check them out!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods.

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Jessica Tracy Holecek

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

can you please update the realistic childbirth mod so that we all can use it. it says that the mod is outdated.


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.


Sunday 10th of April 2022

hey I love your lists and just wanted to let you know that the Cherished Moments Mod by YourFalseHope is now compatible withLumpinou’s pregnancy overhaul mod 🤗


Monday 11th of April 2022

Thank you so much! I'll update the post 😊