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The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Kids CC: Best Child Clothes, Child Hair, & Child Shoes

Looking for the best sims 4 kids cc? This list includes the absolute best cc for child sims no matter what you’re looking for: maxis match child clothes, child hair, and child shoes to create a complete sims 4 kids look.

sims 4 kids cc

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The Sims 4 is most definitely a young adult simulator. It doesn’t have as much focus on family gameplay like most of the older sims games. Obviously, this is super frustrating for family-focused gamers like me (and likely you too since you clicked on this post!)

Luckily, our community custom content creators always pull through and give us exactly what we need. And FOR FREE!

In this post, I’ve compiled all of the best sims 4 kids cc including child clothes, child hair cc, and kids shoes. Everything you need for a complete kids cc folder!

I’ve separated them into their own categories so make sure to scroll if you’re looking for something specific. I tried to put an equal-ish amount of kids cc for girls and for boys in the list; however, there does always tend to be more cc for girls.

Oh, and If you’re looking for ways to spice up your sims 4 kids gameplay, then be sure to check out my custom aspiration mods post where I list all of the best child aspirations cc.

This post is all about the best sims 4 kids cc.

Best Sims 4 Child Clothes CC

Short descriptions of all the cc to come soon like one of my typical sims 4 cc list posts. I just really wanted to get this kids cc post out for you as soon as possible because I’m OBSESSED with everything on the list and this was the fastest way! I apologize for any inconvenience.

1. Just Kiddin’ Sims 4 Kids CC Pack by simkoos

2. Sims 4 Kids Jersey Tee by simiracle

3. Sims 4 Kids Overalls by clumsyalien

4. Sims 4 Kids Sweatsuit by nucrests

5. Sims 4 Kids Blazer and Skirt Outfit by madlen

6. Sims 4 Kids CC Uniforms by onyxsims

7. Sims 4 Kids CC Jeans by naevys-sims

8. Kids Levis Shirt for Sims 4 by RedCardsCC

This cc kids shirt is great because it’s for both boys and girls!

9. Sims 4 Kids CC Sweater by simiracle

10. Sims 4 Kids CC Pack Lunchbox Friends by simkoos

11. Sims 4 Girls Clothes Set by Lillka

12. Froggy Hat for Kids by Feral Poodles

13. Sims 4 Sweatpants & Hoodies for Kids by Madlen

14. Sims 4 CC Kids Outfit by clumsyalien

15. Sims 4 Kids Skinny Jeans by casteru

16. Sims 4 Kids Overalls Dress by soolani

17. Sims 4 Kids Tourist Outfit by Simiracle

18. Sims 4 Kids CC Skirt Outfit by madlen

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19. Sims 4 Kids Winter Set by Soolani

This kid’s winter clothing set comes with the jacket you see featured above and an adorable pair of jeans.

20. Sims 4 Boys CC Shirt by Simiracle

21. Sims 4 Kids CC Pajamas by colorfulplumbobs

sims 4 kids cc pjs

Note: only the simfileshare download link works.

22. Sims 4 Kids CC Pack by casteru

23. Sims 4 Kids CC Hoodie by Simiracle

24. Sims 4 Kids Rainbow Gym Set by Onyx Sims

I’m LIVING for this kid’s athletic wear set! It’s so freakin’ cute.

25. Baby Ariel Jacket for Kids by zurkdesign

26. Sims 4 Kids Uniform with Skirt By Madlen

27. Sims 4 Cottagecore Kids CC Pack by cmescapade

28. Sims 4 Kids Blouse for Girls by Soolani

29. Sims 4 Kids Track Jacket by Simiracle

30. Kids Sweater & Jeans Outfit by Onyx Sims

31. Sims 4 Kids Cowl Sweater by Simiracle

32. Kids CC Tracksuit for Sims 4 by madlen

33. Sims 4 Kids CC Utility Sweater by Simiracle

Best Sims 4 Child CC Hair

34. Sims 4 Girls CC Hair with Barette by loomellaa

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35. Sims 4 Get Famous Boy Hair Conversions by naevys-sims

This is probably some of my absolute favorite boys hair cc for sims 4. All the styles are very cool and modern.

36. Sims 4 Urban CC Hair for Kids by dbasiasimbr

37. Sims 4 Kids CC Hair by an0nymousghost

38. Sims 4 Girls Hair Dump by an0nymousghost

39. Sims 4 Kids Top Bun by Nords

40. Sims 4 Boys Hair Conversions by abasiasimbr

41. Kids Bettie Buns Hair for Sims 4 by naevys-sims

42. Sims 4 Kids CC Curly Hair by an0nymousghost

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43. Sims 4 Yumi & Angel Kids CC Hair by dbasiasimbr

44. Sims 4 Kids Hair Dump by naevys-sims

45. Sims 4 Boys CC Hair by dbasiasimbr

46. Sims 4 Kids CC Braids by zurkdesign

47. Sims 4 Kids CC Hairstyles by naevys-sims

48. Kids Bun with Bangs for Sims 4 by an0nymousghost

Best Sims 4 Child Shoes CC

49. Sims 4 Kids CC Sneakers by Madlen

50. Childhood Sandals for Sims 4 Kids by VEDUN

51. Sims 4 Kids Winter Boots by Simiracle

52. Kids Nike Air Max CC Shoes by Onyx Sims

53. Sims 4 Kids CC Boots by Madlen

54. Sims 4 Kids Ruffle Sandals by Simiracle

55. Girls Wedges Shoes for Sims 4 by Madlen

56. Sims 4 Kids CC Winter Boots by Madlen

57. Girls CC Sandals for Sims 4 by Onyx Sims

58. Sims 4 Kids CC Ankle Boots by mauvemorn

I hope that this list of sims 4 kids cc was helpful to you! Do you have any favorites that I should add to this list?

I would love to do an entire post dedicated to just kids shoes cc or kids hair cc, is that something you would be interested in seeing? Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know and follow me on Tumblr (@musthavemods) for more great sims 4 cc finds.

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Kids CC.

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