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Ultimate List of Sims 4 Mini Challenges: Short Sims 4 Challenges You’ll Actually Finish

Do you start challenges, but never actually end up finishing them? Try one of my sims 4 mini challenges (short challenges that will keep your attention!)

sims 4 mini challenges list - short sims 4 challenges!

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If I’m being honest, I’ve gotten bored with the sims 4. I’m kind of over it lately. 😕

So, to get me out of my gameplay slump, I’ve come up with a solution: writing unique, interesting, and sometimes funny storylines and then turning them into challenges!

I’m calling these Sims 4 Mini Challenges!

They’re short sims 4 challenges that are designed to be completed in just a few (or even one!) play sessions.

They’re PERFECT for adults who don’t get a lot of playtime, people with responsibilities outside of gaming, or just anyone who gets bored easily with long challenges.

(I’m raising my hand at all three of those qualifications. anyone else?🙋‍♀️)

I definitely don’t think I’m the first one to come up with this concept, but it’s something that I’ll be focusing on moving forward to bring you more gameplay ideas.

I’ve created three categories of mini challenges that I’ll be writing:

  • Base Game Mini Challenges
    • perfect for exploring the base game if you don’t have all of the packs
  • Expansion Pack Mini Challenges
    • perfect for exploring the new content that comes with each sims 4 pack
  • Modded Mini Challenges
    • perfect for exploring all of the best mods for the sims 4

However, if you happen to be someone who enjoys long challenges that allow you to fully explore everything the sims 4 has to offer, then you’ll want to check out my list of the Most Popular Sims 4 Legacy Challenges!

Best Sims 4 Mini Challenges

If you’re looking for unique sims 4 challenges, you’ll definitely find them in this list! Oh, and let me know in the comments if you have any storyline ideas for new mini challenges.😊

1. Rob Waffles vs Bob Pancakes: Base Game Mini Challenge

sims 4 base game challenge about bob pancakes and rob waffles

This sims 4 mini challenge is all about High school rivals, drama, & the Pancakes.

The goal of this challenge is to have Rob Waffles become the better version of Bob Pancakes, taking over Bob’s life in the process.

For all of the challenge details and setup, click the button below!

2. Woohoo Your Way to The Top: Get Famous Mini Challenge

sims 4 get famous woohoo challenge

Woohoo Your Way to the Top is a challenge for the sims 4 get famous all about obsession, fame, & good ol’ woohoo.

The goal of the challenge is to become a five-star celebrity while woohooing as many celebrities as possible along the way.

For all of the challenge details and setup, click the button below!

3. It’s Complicated: Modded Mini Challenge

sims 4 challenge with relationship & pregnancy overhaul mod

In this sims 4 modded mini challenge, you’ll be playing in-depth with the Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod, and the theme is all about strange family dynamics!

The goal of this challenge is to explore all of the various storylines that can be created with the woohoo wellness mod.

For all of the challenge details and setup, click the button below!

As I create new mini challenges for the sims, I’ll be adding them to this list, so check back regularly for updates and fun new challenges!

For more sims 4 gameplay ideas, cc lists, and mod recommendations click HERE to see my latest posts.

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This was a list of the Best Sims 4 Mini Challenges.

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