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31+ Sims 4 Legacy Challenges – Complete Guide For 2024

Feeling bored with the sims 4? Here’s a list of super fun sims 4 legacy challenges that everyone is playing!


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If there’s one challenge that every simmer knows about, it’s the Legacy Challenge.

The original Sims 4 Legacy Challenge is a challenge that follows one family through ten generations building up wealth and completing goals to earn as many points as possible along the way.

Over the years, simmers have gotten extra creative and started writing their own versions of the legacy challenge.

This list includes all the most loved legacy challenges from the sims community!

Top Sims 4 Legacy Challenges for 2024

If you’re struggling to decide which challenge to start next and want a recommendation, check out #3, #6, or #24!

  1. Legacy Challenge With Mods – Created here first at MHM! A creative twist that I created on the original legacy challenge. Ideal for players who enjoy storytelling, this challenge invites you to explore new mods, adding unique traits, aspirations, and careers to your game.
  2. The Postcard Legacy Challenge – An extensive 23-generation challenge that covers nearly all aspects of Sims 4, from worlds and careers to aspirations and skills. Known for its popularity and custom scenario mods, it’s an ambitious journey through the game’s vast content.
  3. Collector’s Legacy Challenge – Ideal for Simmers who love collecting, this challenge revolves around completing Sims 4 collections through generations. Each generation has unique goals, like collecting postcards or photographing experimental foods, alongside other objectives.

Another (and more fun!) option is to let a random number generator choose for you. 😄

Best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges – The Complete List

1. The Sour Legacy Challenge by dizzywhims

Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour. Ringing any bells?

If not, you’ve likely been living under a rock (or just off social media entirely.)

In this sims 4 challenge, each generation is based on popular songs of hers.

So for example, generation 1 of the legacy is titled Traitor and generation 2 is titled Driver’s License.

It’s a really fun and unique legacy idea that has quickly become one of the most liked challenges on Tumblr.

2. Into The Forest Legacy Challenge by simsonnet

Due to each generation being based on types of trees, this challenge is highly metaphorical.

The creator writes that although each individual stands independently, you’ll discover that their roots are all connected.

And that some roots nourish while others infect. I’m intrigued!

The generations all have well-written, lengthy backstories, and goals, so it’s not likely that you’ll get bored.

3. Legacy Challenge with Mods by Must Have Mods

modded legacy challenge - a sims 4 legacy challenge with mods

It’s my challenge! 😍 I created the legacy challenge with mods which is basically exactly what it sounds like…the original legacy challenge but with mods. A modded legacy challenge, if you will.

The purpose of the challenge is to explore mods, add some newness to your sims gameplay, and create more interesting legacy storylines using custom traits, aspirations, and careers.

If you’re a storyteller, then this challenge is PERFECT for you.

Just like everyone else, I definitely enjoy the legacy challenges that have very specific goals, traits, careers, etc. set for each generation; however, if you are looking for a challenge that allows for creativity and more open-ended storytelling, then you’ll love this!

4. Nightmare Legacy Challenge by matchacake

The nightmare legacy challenge has quickly become a favorite of mine to watch on YouTube. If you watch Lilsimsie, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

This legacy is fast-paced and chaotic. Your sim settings will be on short-life span and boy, does the time fly!

If the short life span isn’t enough chaos for you, then there are two extra goal options: story mode & nightmare mode.

These require that you complete certain goals, like maxing skills, leveling up in careers, and finishing aspirations, within your legacy sims lifetime.

5. Sims 4 Moon Phase Legacy Challenge by quirkyalienn

Here’s a legacy challenge based entirely on the moon phases! I love this, especially with the release of the werewolves pack and the addition of moon phases in the sims 4.

The challenge is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll go through 8 generations, each one representing a different moon phase (new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, etc.), and complete the set goals before each generation is over.

6. The Postcard Legacy Challenge by sojuteatime

sims 4 legacy challenge ideas

Most of us will NEVER play through everything the Sims 4 has to offer, but by playing the postcard legacy challenge we can get really close.

This mega legacy challenge with 23 generations will take you through nearly all of the worlds, careers, aspirations, and skills in the sims 4.

This challenge is so popular that it even has its own custom scenario mods to download that go along with the challenge.

The only downside to this challenge is that I don’t know if I could ever see myself actually finishing it. 😅

But it could be fun to pick a generation that sounds interesting and just play through that one!

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7. Live For Something Legacy Challenge by aliennooboo

My absolute favorite types of challenges focus on exploring and “completing” every part of the game. I’m a self-proclaimed achievement junkie.

And for that reason, I especially LOVE the Live for Something challenge.

It’s over 11 generations where your goal is to “explore almost all skills, aspirations, satisfaction reward traits, collections, and worlds.”

The one thing that challenge doesn’t focus on is careers, but no worries because you probably won’t have much time for one anyway with all those collections you’ll be building!

8. Such Colorful Lives Legacy Challenge by starry-sky-sims

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

Similar to the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge, each generation of the legacy has a color.

This color determines your legacy sim’s personality and aesthetic.

For example, generation 4 is green. So, of course, they’re a freelance botanist and vegetarian.

9. Harry’s House Legacy Challenge by simlidge

Like the Sour Legacy Challenge, this legacy challenge is based on the Harry’s House Album by Harry Styles.

Every generation is based on a song title from the album with required traits, skills, careers, aspirations, and goals to match!

10. The Sims 4 It Girls Legacy Challenge by wlscarah

The It Girls Challenge is a nine-generation legacy challenge with each generation being based on an “it girl” from a popular song.

For example, generation two is Delilah from the song Hey There Delilah.

Every generation has a backstory and goals that go along with their respective songs.

11. The Fatal Flaws Legacy Challenge

Most sims 4 challenges aren’t focused on the “negative” things, but the fatal flaws challenge changes all that.

Each generation has a legacy sim with a negative trait (lazy, snob, hates children, etc.) that they can either overcome or revel in. Sounds like it could be quite interesting!

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12. The Family Jewels Legacy Challenge by sugarcain-sims

This is another legacy challenge with a theme for each generation and I love it. I’ll never get tired of them. They’re always fun!

In the Family Jewels challenge, every generation is based on (you guessed it!) a type of gem.

It has 9 generations that all have their own set of goals, but there are optional goals included at the end of the challenge rules that you can complete during the legacy as well!

13. Whimsy Story Legacy Expanded by lysiablr & kateraed

If you’ve got nothing to do for the next year, why not play through a 24-generation sims 4 legacy challenge?

It’s a story-based legacy with backstories for each generation, goals to complete, and a variety of outcomes that will affect future heirs.

You’ll even get a 145-page Google doc to document your challenge along the way.😮

14. Sims 4 Harry Potter Legacy Challenge by clovervalley

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then this one is for you!

Each generation in this sims 4 legacy challenge is based on a character from the series with traits and goals that loosely fit the character.

I don’t know about you but I’m most excited to play Luna Lovegood in generation 7. Who’s your favorite?

15. The Neighborhood Legacy Challenge by justkeepsimming

If you feel like you’re always playing in the same sims neighborhoods, then you need to do this challenge!

Each generation is based on a different world so you can explore them fully. Maybe you’ll even find a new one you enjoy playing in?

The challenge is currently 8 generations but will be updated to include 11.

And of course, you’ll need most of the sims expansion packs to complete the generations.

16. Fantastical Whims Legacy Challenge by moozxre

The purpose of the Fantastical Whims challenge is to give you tons of new gameplay ideas if you’re struggling to come up with anything fun and want to expand the way you play!

It’s a ten-generation legacy challenge with a variety of goals for each generation.

One of my favorites is generation 7 where your sim is the child of a-list celebrity parents and runs away to Sulani to prove that mermaids are real and even ends up marrying a mermaid.

17. Shadow Moon Legacy Challenge by simbonez

For all my sims players who love occult sims, you need to try out the Shadow Moon legacy challenge.

It follows a legacy family of vampires and allows you explore all that The Sims 4 Vampires has to offer!

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18. Not So Berry Legacy Challenge by lilsimsie & alwaysimming

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

If you don’t know about this challenge already, where have you been?!😂

Other than the classic legacy challenge, this is probably the most well-known sims 4 challenge out there.

Mostly because it was created by a popular Simstuber, Lilsimsie, and then played by lots of other sims youtubers and streamers.

Each generation of the challenge is based on a specific color. Your sim and their entire aesthetic including clothing & home should match their generational color.

You have to try it if you haven’t already! Also check out our Not So Berry Challenge guide.

19. Crybaby Whims Challenge by draeyad

Similar to the Sour Legacy Challenge, the Crybaby Whims Challenge is based on the songs of Melanie Martinez.

On the challenge description & rules post, you’ll find a thorough backstory and requirements for each generation. There’s even a quote from each song.

Every generation has dual colors (like Melanie) that you can dress your sim in and/or create berry sims. As long as you use both colors for the generation, anything goes!

20. I’m a Lover Legacy Challenge by DaniiPantiies

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

This legacy challenge is actually based on a popular legacy challenge from The Sims 3!

As you may have guessed, it’s all about LOVE in this challenge. 🥰

If you love family and realistic gameplay, then this one is for you!

21. Family Dynamics Challenge by Pastella Pixels & standingsimmer

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

In this generational legacy challenge, it’s all about family and relationship dynamics (as you might have guessed!)

You’ll play through 10 generations, each with its own requirements and conflicts.

And just like the I’m a Lover challenge, simmers who enjoy family gameplay will get obsessed with this legacy challenge!

22. 7 Deadly Sins Legacy Challenge by simvanie

If you like playing with sims that are a little more on the dark side, then you need to start this legacy challenge.

Every generation is based on one of the 7 deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

This challenge is not about turning these “bad” sims good. It’s about having their sins become their reality. Sounds like it could be a good time! 🔥

23. Disney Princess Legacy Challenge by bestiejermaine

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

This sims challenge is perfect for Disney fans!

Throughout the years, I’m pretty sure there have been many variations of this challenge, but this is the most recent that I could find.

Each generation is based on a Disney princess and comes with its own optional aesthetic.

For example, in generation one, you’ll play as Snow White in Henford-on-Bagley with the cottagecore aesthetic. Your sim will need to make 7 friends with all different personality traits…sound familiar?

P.s. if you need help finding great cottagcore cc you can find a huge list of it HERE!

24. Collector’s Legacy Challenge by bakersimmer

I’m such a collector, so this is the perfect legacy challenge for me! Anyone else?

Each generation you’ll focus on completing the collections in Sims 4.

So, for example, in generation 4 your sim will collect all the postcards and take photos of all the experimental foods, alongside some other generational goals.

25. Stardew Valley Legacy Challenge by chellplays & lybeuh

I love Stardew Valley so much I could cry about it.😭 It’s truly one of my favorite games.

So, of course, a crossover between Sims and Stardew is a dream come true.

Each generation is based on one of the twelve marriage candidates from the game.

The creator mentions that your sims don’t have to look like the actual Stardew characters, but honestly, I think that’s going to be part of the fun!

26. The Oh So Loved Legacy Challenge by oakspice & gogomadu

In this five-generation legacy challenge, you’ll need to embrace the chaos. There’s a lot to do and lots of rules.

For example, in generation 2, your legacy sim has to be self-absorbed, and insensitive, and their public image must always be low or bad.

Then they’ll have to become super famous, have a weekly friend group, and marry for love with full friendship and romance bars. Oh my!😳

27. Celebacy Legacy Challenge by cowplant-pizza

If you really enjoy The Sims 4 Get Famous, then this legacy challenge is just what you need.

The goal of the challenge is to maintain celebrity status throughout the generations and utilize the celebrity perk system to enhance your life.

This legacy is only 5 generations long making it completely doable! Does anyone else struggle to finish long challenges?

28. Boba Tea Legacy Challenge by bestiejermaine

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

So many simmers blow me away with their creativity. I mean…any entire legacy challenge based on boba tea flavors? I could never.

And with the addition of boba in Sims 4 High School Years, I’m inspired to play through this entire legacy!

29. Animal Crossing Legacy Challenge by aSplashOfSims

If you love both The Sims and Animal Crossing, why not combine in the two?

In this legacy challenge, you’ll play through 8 generations with each one being based on the villager types from Animal Crossing.

To start the challenge, you’ll begin in Sulani with nothing but a tent. Similar to the beginning of Animal Crossing. So cute!

30. Garden Legacy Challenge by cowplant-pizza

In this legacy challenge, every generation is named after a flower that can be found in your sim’s garden.

You’ll start with a rose then a daisy then a bluebell, and on & on for 10 generations.

Each generation has a matching color, backstory, and goals to complete. So fun!

31. Star Sign Legacy Challenge by GinovaSims

Are you really into astrology? Then you’ll absolutely love this legacy challenge.

Each legacy generation is based on one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

I’m so impressed with how thorough the creator was when writing this challenge. The backstories are long and each gen has TONS of requirements to complete and even optional requirements.

Speaking of zodiac signs, which one are you? I was born on the cusp of Cancer/Gemini so I’m kind of a weird blend of the two signs.

32. Not So Berry Legacy Challenge 2 by simmer-emsie

Challenge graphics made by simcloudlogic

So many packs and updates have been released since the original Not So Berry challenge was created.

Although Lilsimsie created the original challenge, she hasn’t added anything since, so other simmers have picked up where she left off.

Now, we have a Not So Berry Legacy Challenge 2 which is a new version of the challenge with different colors and updated goals to fit the latest sims 4 packs.

Have I forgotten any sims 4 legacy challenge ideas? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments with legacy challenges that you think should be added to this list.

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This was a list of the Best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges.

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