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Do you want to quickly fill up your cc folder with incredible, high-quality clothing cc? I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of over 27 best sims 4 cc clothes packs.

sims 4 cc clothes packs

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A few months ago, I published a post entitled ‘35 Essential Sims 4 CC Packs You Need in Your Game.’ That post is one of my most popular to date. Obviously, simmers love cc packs!

Of course, they do! CC packs make it SUPER fast and easy to get a bunch of great custom content into your game at once.

Well, ever since that post came out, I’ve seen tons of new sims 4 clothing cc packs all over my Tumblr and Pinterest. I just HAD to write an updated post and share them with you.

In this post, I won’t share any repeats from my previous cc packs post so they’ll all be BRAND NEW to this website (and, hopefully, new to you!)

Here are the best sims 4 cc clothes packs.

Best Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs

*Helpful tip: when downloading cc packs, look for a .zip or .rar file that contains everything in the collection, instead of downloading one piece at a time.

1. City Adventurer Sims 4 CC Pack by Serenity

This clothing cc pack comes with 14 casual wear pieces for your sims, both male and female. It will help you create some super chill and trendy outfits. And the color palette is incredible!

My absolute favorite piece in this cc collection are the explorer shorts. They are long denim, or khaki, shorts that are perfect for a casual hot weather outfit!

2. January 2021 CC Clothing Pack by Sentate

Almost all of Sentate’s sims 4 cc collections are must-haves, but I especially love this one. The cut of the tops and dresses add just the right amount of sexy and pieces are very versatile.

This collection includes 2 dresses and 2 tops for female sims. They each come in TONS of different swatches making them easy to pair with just about anything.

3. Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack for Male Sims by dyoreos

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: male sims don’t get enough love when it comes to custom content. But this sims 4 cc clothes pack aims to change that with 5 CAS items and a hair for men.

You’ll also receive a boy group pose pack with this cc! Perfect if you’re creating a boy band or a family of brothers!

4. Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack Collab by Deligracy x grimcookies

Deligracy and grimcookies always put out incredible sims 4 cc together, so downloading this pack is a no-brainer!

With this clothes pack, you’ll get 16 classy CAS items for men and women. The clothing is super simple and that’s what makes it great! I find myself using the pieces over and over again.

5. Sims 4 Date Night CC Pack by Trillyke + JolieBean + Oakiyo

I LOVE THIS PACK! This collaboration cc pack is a must-have. By downloading all three parts, you’ll get 27 new items (25 color swatches) for your sims game.

My absolute favorite piece from the entire collection is the Mayra bodysuit. It looks SO good in-game. You have to see it!

*Since this is a three-part collaboration, make sure that you click the links on Trillyke’s Patreon that take you to download both Oakiyo’s and Joliebean’s parts.

6. Solistice Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by greenllamas

This is such a fun sims 4 cc clothes pack! It’s hard to believe the pieces are maxis match cc because they’re just that good!

There are 10 items included in this collection. Five for males and five for females. You’ll also receive multiple color swatches for each item.

7. Sims 4 Maxis Match Clothing Set by Mary Sims

The CAS items that come in this maxis match cc set are ones that you’ll use all the time. They are casual and comfy, but still cute!

The set includes three pieces: pants, a sweater, and a t-shirt. And they all come in PLENTY of swatches (including multiple colors of camo pants!)

8. Sims 4 Athletic CC Pack by Solistair

You can never have too much athletic wear! At least, that’s what I tell myself in real life, hoping that I will actually work out one day and not just use them for loungewear.

Anyways…this is a cute, little athletic wear cc pack that includes 3 bottoms and a sports bra. All look super realistic and give me total Gymshark vibes!

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9. Sims 4 Teen CC Pack by luumiasims

I absolutely love this pack for the fact that it makes my teen sims actually look like teens.

This sims 4 clothing cc pack is divided into three stereotypical teen types: the athlete, the it girl, and the punk kid. Each type comes with a top, bottom, shoes, and hair. A total must-have for your teen sims!

10. Sims 4 Sporty CC Set by grimcookies

This versatile athletic wear cc pack can be used for working out or for creating trendy streetwear looks. The mini-collection includes a dress, sports bra, track pants, and bike shorts. How cool is that red color?

11. Sims 4 Flower Market CC Pack by nuagelle

I’m OBSESSED with this cc pack! These are all outfits that I want right now in my closet.

The pieces are simple, but trendy, and come in gorgeous colors. As a little bonus, you’ll also receive the ‘Cheri’ bun cc hair (as seen on the red-headed model.)

12. 70’s Inspired Sims 4 CC Pack by Aladdin-The-Simmer

This sims 4 cc clothes pack is pure fun! It’s a 70’s inspired disco pack that comes with three sexy tops, two groovy pairs of pants, and a flattering-as-hell dress.

Plus, you’ll get three retro hairstyles! The Farrah Fawcett inspired hair is definitely a favorite of mine.

13. Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Kiwisim4

Yay! Another cc pack for our male sims! This one has a whole bunch of CAS items that will turn their outfits from frumpy to trendy.

The Dawson’s menswear pack includes 8 pieces of clothing cc, all in fun and trendy swatches.

14. Sims 4 Casual Basics CC Pack by divinecap

This sims 4 cc clothes pack is incredible because it includes SO many basic pieces that you can mix and match with base game content or with other sims cc.

One of the stand-out pieces for me is the Trinity sweater. It’s so cute! I use it constantly for cold weather outfits, especially my sims that are attending University.

15. Sims 4 Road to Nowhere CC Pack by clumsyalien

Clumsyalien makes some of the cutest sims 4 cc and this collection is no exception. The Road to Nowhere cc pack includes two shirts, jeans, overalls, hair, and a BACKPACK! So cool.

I love to use this cc pack on my teen hipster sims. It’s such a vibe!

16. Archive Sims 4 CC Pack by Ridgeport

So, this isn’t actually a typical cc pack. It’s an archive of Ridgeport’s sims 4 cc from previous years. Meaning you’ll need to download each piece individually from their google drive, but I’m telling you, it will be TOTALLY worth it.

Everything you see here is included and TONS more. This is only a third of what can download. All of this sims 4 cc is maxis match, high-quality, and free. You need to check it out!

17. July 2021 CC Collection by Sentate

To like this sims 4 cc collection, you’ll really need to like ruffles and puffy sleeves. Luckily, I do, and hopefully, you do too!

The July 2021 pack includes two dresses, two shirts, a pair of pants (which I LOVE!), and a pair of shorts. And as always, they come in a large variety of swatches.

18. Bohemian Sims 4 CC Pack by Serenity

This cc pack reminds me a lot of the Solistice Collection that was higher up on this list, and it’s just as fun!

The Bohemian collection comes with 10 CAS items, including a Miley Cyrus style mullet that you just have to have.

19. Cold Weather Sims 4 CC Pack by Quirky Introvert CC

This sims 4 cc clothes pack includes 30+ winter weather CAS items and it’s a total must-have! We truly didn’t get enough cold weather outfits with The Sims 4 Seasons and this cc pack makes up for that.

The entire pack is base game compatible, so if you want a winter look, but don’t have Seasons this is perfect. Plus, you’ll get almost as many items for male sims as you will for female sims.

20. Underwear Basics Sims 4 CC Pack by grimcookies

A sims 4 cc pack with all of the underwear basics you’ll ever need! They can be worn by teens, adults, and elders. The underwear, both bras, and bottoms come in various styles to be flattering on all types of bodies.

The color swatches include a wide range of nudes for all skin tones and some fun colors, like blue, purple, pink, and red.

The best part about this pack is that there’s a default replacement option, so you can actually get rid of that ugly base game underwear that comes with the sims 4!

21. Sims 4 Dresses CC Pack by myshunosun

This pack of cc dresses is BREATHTAKING! The styles. The colors. The textures. Everything is absolutely perfect. You must have these dresses in your game!

22. So Casual Teen Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by aretha

This is the cutest cc pack for your teen sims! The ‘Elena’ top is freakin’ adorable and one of my favorite pieces of sims 4 cc ever.

The entire collection includes 13 new CAS items and it’s all base game compatible. You need this cc pack if you want to create trendy teen sims!

23. Sims 4 Formal CC Clothes Pack by Oakiyo x QICC

Is anyone else over the formal dresses that come with The Sims 4? They’re just not cute. Luckily, this cc pack of formalwear will save the day.

This is a two-part collection, one part containing only cc hair, and the other part contains four formal dresses. I love using these dresses for my celebrity, or very rich, sims!

24. Summer Flow Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by JolieBean X SimsTrouble

This is a 60’s/70’s inspired, summer cc pack with tons of fun pieces. Although they are meant to be retro, I truly think a lot of these CAS items can be used to create modern, trendy outfits. For example, the jean skirt could totally create a cute outfit for today’s time.

Those flare jeans with the oversized belt are EVERYTHING. I like to put them on my musician sims. I feel like it really gives them a cool, laid-back vibe.

25. Comfy Loungewear CC Set by myshunosun

I had to add this cc pack to this list because it’s SO unique and I absolutely love it! The three pieces that come in the collection are comfy and cozy loungewear with a slight Asian influence. The short knit dress is my favorite of the three.

Can we talk for a second about the color palette of this cc though? How gorgeous!!

26. Sims 4 Wardrobe Essentials CC Pack by casteru

A cute pack of sims 4 cc basics that you need in your game. In this collection, you’ll receive two pairs of jeans, a skirt, shorts, a hoodie, a sweater, a lace tank, and the CUTEST ruffle baby t-shirt. I love these pieces and the color palette is adorable!

27. Hawthorn Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by oakiyo

This sims 4 cc pack includes a bunch of CAS items that you’ll find yourself using all of the time without even realizing it.

The download includes 3 tops, jeans, a dress, a jumpsuit, four hairs. They truly are staples, making this pack a must-have!

28. Hologram Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by myshunosun

Another unique cc collection from myshunosun. They have quickly become one of my favorite sims 4 cc creators of all time!

This pack includes five bright and bold CAS items for both male and female sims.

I absolutely love cc packs! They make putting quality custom content into your sims game so much faster. If you’re looking for more sims 4 cc packs, be sure to check out my Essential Sims 4 CC Packs post.

I hope that you found this list helpful and If you have any cc suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or tag me on tumblr @themusthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs.

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