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35+ Essential Sims 4 CC Packs You Need in Your Game

Overwhelmed with all of the sims 4 cc options out there? This list includes 35 of the best sims 4 cc packs to fill up your game quickly with incredible custom content without the overwhelm!

cc packs for sims 4

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I’ve become obsessed with fan made sims 4 packs. They’re a great way to get amazing, new content for your game for free! EA could never. I’m looking at you, kits!

Instead of having to waste your precious gameplaying hours cc shopping, you can download the cc packs from this list and be on your way!

I’ve divided this list into two categories: sims 4 clothes and hair cc packs & sims 4 furniture cc packs. Make sure to scroll down to #22 if you’re just looking for packs with furniture.

The majority of the packs I’ve included in this list are maxis match cc packs. From my observation, that seems to be the most popular style with simmers, including myself.

This post is all about the best cc packs for the sims 4.

Best Sims 4 Clothes and Hair CC Packs

*Helpful tip: when downloading cc packs, look for a .zip or .rar file that contains everything in the collection, instead of downloading one piece at a time.

If you absolutely love sims 4 cc clothes pack and can’t get enough, you can check out my latest post, 27+ Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs You Need in Your Game, where I give you even more sims 4 cc packs. The best part is they’re all brand new! None of them are on this list already. That will give you DOUBLE the cc clothes packs.

1. The Butterfly Collection by ImVikai

sims 4 cc packs hair

This cc pack is super cute. It’s perfect for your teen sims. It comes with so many fun swatches like the tie-dye you see above, plaid, and even argyle.

And how incredible is that hair? It comes in two different versions: one with baby hairs and one without. There’s also another hair included that has a front highlight. This is definitely a cc pack I find myself coming back to again and again.


2. AxA Paris by aharris & ayoshi

sims 4 cc packs hair

This outfit and hair combo reminded me of a modern-day Belle from Beauty and The Beast. The swatches I’ve shown here are sweet and simple. However, the Paris pack includes over 25 solid swatches, 25 patterns & graphics, and 20 denim swatches. So you can really find whatever style you’re looking for.

Thankfully, our male sims won’t feel left out because there’s an equal amount of cc for men and for women. There’s even a chic beret for the men!


3. The Greenhouse Collection by greenllamas

sims 4 cc packs clothes

Can we please talk about those hair clips? I’m obsessed. They’re an accessory and not a part of the actual hair, so you can change the color to match your outfit. Genius!

This is probably my favorite clothing cc pack out of the entire list. Obviously, that has a lot to do with personal style. I love the modern retro look.

It may not be your cup of tea and that’s okay. You’ll definitely find something on this list that is!


4. Miracle CC Pack by clumsyalien

sims 4 men clothing

One of the cutest sims 4 Christmas cc packs I’ve seen. All of the outfits are very cozy and laid-back. It even comes with a scarf accessory for males and females. The male hair seen here is one I use for my sims constantly.

I do wish it came with some shoes to match, but that’s just me being picky!


5. Wildflowers CC Pack by Aretha

sims 4 cc packs clothes

Before we talk about this pack, can we acknowledge how great of a cc creator Aretha is? Their stuff is amazing and always trendy.

Back to the pack! This is part one of the wildflowers pack. I use these dresses a lot in my game. They’re perfect for a warm-weather outfit or a spring & summer party outfit.

I don’t find myself using the boots as much. The colors just weren’t working for me, but the dresses are well worth the download.


6. Wildflowers CC Pack Pt 2 by Aretha

sims 4 cc packs download

Part two of the wildflowers cc pack. Another hit! This time the pack includes not only cute dresses, but cc hair, cc tops, cc skirts, and a pair of pants.

Although most of the dresses are pretty casual, I felt like the Rosie dress in red actually worked perfectly for a summer formal outfit.

The fleur top might be one of my favorite female cc tops of all time. It’s absolutely adorable!


7. Boudoir Collection by Sentate

sims 4 underwear cc

If you’re looking for more lingerie cc for your game, you need this pack! It’s a full collection of 23 pieces in 20 swatches. It even includes underwear for men.

As cute as the bras and underwear are, I have to say that the nightie dress and romper are my favorites of the pack. They’re sexy without being too revealing.


8. AxA 2020 by aharris & ayoshi

fan made sims 4 packs

Another incredible cc pack from aharris and ayoshi. There are a few key pieces in this one that make it a must have.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you want to have the cutest sims ever, you must download this pack immediately.


9. The Coven Collection by greenllamas

sims 4 simblreen

Finally a pack for our edgy sims! Originally this was a Halloween Sims CC Pack, but I find it to be usable all year round.

Anyone else getting Rachel from Friends vibes with this plaid skirt combo? Just me?


10. AxA 2019 by aharris & ayoshi

sims 4 cc packs clothing

An older cc pack, but still trendy. I found a lot of the pieces to be perfect for curvier sims. They’re flattering plus there’s no clipping or other annoying glitches.

I think the swimsuit that comes with this pack might actually be my favorite piece of the collection. I like to use it for my mom sims who still want to look cute but want the tummy coverage.


11. Wild Ones by Aretha

sims 4 edgy cc

Wild ones is an amazing cc pack for your teen sims. The pieces are just cool.

The Vega hair v2 (shown on the sim above) is a favorite and super versatile. Not only can it be for everyday wear, but it also looks nice with a sleek dress for a sim’s formal wear.


12. Daylight Collection by clumsyalien

sims 4 cc packs maxis match

This pack is very 90’s and I’m loving it! You need the plaid top.

I will say that I don’t find myself using the hair all that often, but the clothes are absolute necessities.


13. Menswear Fashionwear Pack by wyattssims

sims 4 cc packs clothes

I can’t be the only one whose male sims are lacking in the style department. I often neglect them, so I went ahead and found a few sims 4 cc packs for men that would make it easier for me to have trendy men in my game.

Unfortunately, I did find that a few of the clothes had odd coloring. You can kind of see what I mean if you look closer at the pants in the photo above. But I still think that the pieces that do work are worth the download.


14. Menswear Fashion Part 2 by wyattssims

sims 4 male clothing pack

I genuinely think that this top for men is a must. It’s casual and stylish.

However, we have the same thing going on as with the other cc pack for men above. Odd coloring. I still chose to leave them in this list though, because I do still use a lot of the items included. And when it comes to our male sims, I’ll take what I can get!


15. Kid’s Hair Dump by Naevys

sims 4 kids hair cc

We all know by now that the sims 4 heavily focuses on young adults. Well, the same can be said for custom content creators. No shade. it’s just reality.

I find 10x as much content for adults as I do for kids and toddlers. Which makes the content we can find for kids and toddlers, that much more valuable.

Naevys actually has quite a few of these hair dumps for kids that allow us to make our kid sims just as cute as our adults!


16. Toddler Hair Dump by Solyiko

sims 4 toddler hair cc

The toddler hair dump is the second portion of the kids hair pack above. I’m always looking for cute hair for toddler sims and this pack is just perfect!


17. Deligracy x Grimcookies CC Pack

sims 4 cc packs download

My sim, Alysha, was feeling herself in this outfit. She looks so good! I absolutely love the activewear that comes in this pack.

We know that the sims team clothing can sometimes be behind the times when it comes to style trends. That’s what makes cc so great. This entire pack includes items that I would wear in real life today.


18. Baby it’s Cold Outside by Aretha

sims 4 cold weather cc

I’m OBSESSED with this winter jacket! I had such a hard time deciding which swatch to showcase because they’re all so good. It was between this one and the holographic print.

If you’re looking for cute winter weather cc, this is the pack for you! It includes 12 winter themed items for men and women.


19. Rustic Romance Stuff by Plumbob Tea Society

sims 4 wedding cc pack

I had no idea where to put this stuff pack on the list because it actually comes with clothes, hair, and furniture. This fan made stuff pack comes with over 70 items! That’s insane. We are truly blessed by cc creators.

If you’re looking for wedding cc for the sims 4, you need to download this! It includes wedding attire for every age, wedding rings, a wedding veil, and all the items you need to set up a beautiful rustic wedding.


20. Hot Date Collection by Aretha

sims 4 date night cc

The hot date cc pack only comes with five items, but they are must haves. I use the necklaces that come in this pack on almost every sim I create. They’re dainty and perfect!


21. Pretty Little Things by clumsyalien

sims 4 child cc

Cozy fall and winter outfits for the entire family. I love that this pack includes clothing cc for kids. It can be hard to find trendy kids clothing and this pack delivers on just that.

You have to see the Tessa skirt. Too cute!


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22. Sims 4 Christmas CC Pack by Georgiaglm

This holiday cc pack is just too cute not to share. It includes new festive hair, clothes, and shoes for your toddler and child sims!

It even comes with a beautiful luxury Christmas tree and presents.

(Be sure to check out my ultimate child cc list and ultimate toddler cc list if you’re looking for more!)


Best Sims 4 Furniture CC Packs

23. Plant Life Kit by Maxsus

fan made sims 4 packs
sims 4 cc packs download

You can never have too many plants to decorate with. Need I say more?


24. Kids Bedroom CC Pack by Sixam CC

sims 4 kids cc pack
sims 4 kids cc pack

It’s such a breath of fresh air to get an entire cc pack for kids! And how freaking adorable is this room? That mirror with the step…I’m obsessed!

I will say that I had a few gripes with the pack. I felt like the bed coverings didn’t match well with the other color swatches, but I made it work. And I don’t see myself using the wallpaper that comes with the pack. Overall though, the furniture pieces are incredible, so you need this pack!

I was getting Full House vibes when decorating with this pack. Anyone else getting that?


25. Simkea Furnishings by IllogicalSimmer

sims 4 ikea cc
sims 4 ikea bedroom cc

I had a really fun time decorating with this one. The Ikea cc pack contains furnishings for the entire house. I was able to renovate every room using almost exclusively the cc furniture in this pack.

I chose a single guy’s house for this one, because I felt like the simple and clean look fit for a bachelor’s house.

Fun fact: I owned that exact bed in white for years. Anyone else?


26. ColourTalk Living Stuff

sims 4 cc pack furniture

*Note that the record player in this picture is actually from the dining room cc pack below.

I love the style of this cc stuff pack! It’s a trendy take on mid-century modern. That TV stand, the rug, and the large potted plant are sooo good. And I couldn’t get enough of the wallpapers.

The only thing I didn’t love in this pack was the modular couch. I found the pieces to be weird sizes and I struggled to make them look good in the room. Other than that, this pack is an absolute favorite of mine!


27. Dreamy Outdoor by Sixam CC

sims 4 outdoor cc pack

This outdoor stuff pack seamlessly fits in with the actual in-game stuff. I found it to be super versatile.

The ultra-modern concrete items would be great in a fancy celebrity’s house. However, I was able to take the items and use them for an elevated suburban backyard by changing the color swatches to give a more casual feel.

I thought the eggplant floatie was a hilarious and great touch!


28. Contemporary Living Stuff by Illogical Simmer

sims 4 living room cc

This is a great addition to your living room cc. It’s modern, versatile, and fits well with the other packs included on this list.

I love that the creator uses actual in-game wood swatches, so the pieces can match with furniture we already have. Honestly, this doesn’t even look like custom content, which is what makes it so great!


29. Samara Line by Sixam CC

sims 4 dining room ideas

A small, but mighty cc pack. The table and chairs are the star the show. They’re super cute and usable in so many different spaces.

Unfortunately, the rug from this pack didn’t fit well in this space. But I did end up using it in another dining room that you’ll see further on down the list.


30. Cozy Bathroom Kit by Maxsus

sims 4 bathroom cc

Do you know how hard it is take to a good picture of a tiny sim’s bathroom? I wanted to show off some of the other items in this bathroom cc pack, but I struggled so much taking this one photo. Send me all of your best photo-taking tips, please!

I had a ton of fun playing around with the swatches in this kit. I ended up going with this gorgeous pink floor tiling, pink counter, and gold details on everything else. It looks super modern and straight off of HGTV.


31. Sims 4 Cottage Kitchen CC Stuff Pack by S-imagination

sims 4 kitchen cc pack
sims 4 kitchen cc maxis match

This kitchen cc pack is impressive! It’s incredibly well made and I found myself going back to these items again and again in my other builds for this list.

Although this pack is meant to look very country, I think some of the items could be used in more modern builds. For example, these little planters would be perfect in an apartment. And the fridge and stove could work in any kitchen to give it a more retro feel.


32. Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack by Illogical Simmer

sims 4 bedroom cc pack

Hands down one of the best bedroom cc packs. How good does this room look? It’s simple, modern, and calming. I want this bedroom.

Do yourself a favor and download this pack.


33. Dining Room Kit by Maxsus

sims 4 dining room cc

First of all, everything is this pack is beautiful! I mean look at that mirror, and that plant, and those chairs. Stunning.

But the real winner for me are those curtains! I’ve used them in almost every room build on this list. They work for any room and the swatches are super versatile. Even if you don’t care much for the dining room stuff, at least download this pack for the curtains.


34. Artz Living Room CC Pack by Sixam CC

sims 4 modern furniture cc

This CC Pack is breathtaking! The TV stand is a must-have. The modular sofa allows for many different looks based on the layout of your room. Plus the swatches are beautiful.

I was obsessing over the fact that the super popular midcentury planter was included in this pack. It’s too cool not to have in your game.


35. Antara Line by Sixam CC

sims 4 entryway cc

A small cc pack with only nine new items, but each of them are incredibly well done. I use the shelf full of paintings all the time. The little plants are another thing I find myself using a lot.

This pack is perfect for designing an entryway or as an addition to your other living room cc.


36. The Sims 4 Eco Kitchen CC Stuff Pack by littledica

sims 4 kitchen sets

Tons of cool features are included in this kitchen cc pack. A stand out was the farm sink. It’s available in two different ways: as a part of the counter and on its own. If you use it on its own, it will change any counter you’d like into a farm-style sink, which is pretty amazing.

My one critique was that I wish the fridge came in solid color swatches without the black door. It didn’t work well with every kitchen I designed using the pack, but it’s not a huge deal.

I enjoyed the open shelving and the clutter items a lot! There are a million (not literally) different color swatches for the counters, so you’ll be able to use them over and over again in a variety of styles.


That’s it for my list. I would love to see the sims and homes you create with the cc packs I’ve listed here. Or hear about the sims 4 cc packs you love. Feel free to leave me a comment below or tag me on Tumblr at @musthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 CC Packs.

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