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29+ Absolute Best Sims 4 CC Hair I Can’t Play Without (Maxis Match & Free to Download)

Are you looking for the absolute best sims 4 cc hair? These are total must-have hairs for your cc folder (and it’s all maxis match, free, & diverse!)

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I don’t know about you, but hair cc is one of the first things that I download when it comes to a new sims game or after I clean out my cc folder. Custom hair is pretty important for making gorgeous sims (in my opinion🤷‍♀️)

And if for some weird reason, I was only allowed a limited number of cc hair in my sims 4 game, these are the ones I would absolutely HAVE to have.

This list of sims 4 hair cc includes a little bit of everything so that if I wanted to, I could create any type of sim in CAS.

All of the hairstyles are maxis match (or blend well with the game) and free to download. There’s also a wide range of diverse hair types since I like to create all ethnicities of sims in my gameplay.

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Here’s the best sims 4 hair cc.

Best Sims 4 CC Hair

1. Sims 4 Messy Bun Hair by Miiko

I use this messy updo ALL. THE. TIME. It’s super versatile and can look chic with an everyday outfit or perfect with pajamas.

My favorite thing about this hair is all the loose curly strands. So cute!

The hair comes in 18 maxis match swatches, but also includes 3 bonus colors: white, pastel purple, & pastel pink.

2. Sims 4 Low Puff Hair CC by greenllamas

This is another up-do that I really love, except this time the hair is in a low puff bun and the hair texture is different.

Greenllamas makes some of my absolute favorite sims 4 hair cc as you’ll see from this list!

The Ciara hair comes in 24 maxis match swatches and is base-game compatible.

3. Sims 4 Long Kids Hair CC by naevys-sims

This cc kids hair is absolutely STUNNING! It’s one of my personal favorites.

It actually comes with a pack of three kids hair conversions, so when downloading, you don’t only get this one, but two other custom hairs.

Each of the hairstyles comes in 18 maxis match swatches and doesn’t require the original meshes.

4. Sims 4 Male Hair CC by okruee

We’ve talked about it again and again, but male sims don’t get as much love when it comes to custom content.

Okruee really makes up for that with SO MANY incredible male cc hairstyles.

This is one of my favorites. It’s wavy and disheveled, making any man look more attractive.

It comes in all 24 maxis match colors and is base-game compatible.

5. Sims 4 CC Child Hair Conversion by an0nymousghost

sims 4 child cc hair

Is this not the most ADORABLE kids hairstyle? I absolutely love it.

This is another kids hair conversion from hair made by aharris00britney. And to be honest, I think it looks even better on the kids. It has that playful, young look that’s PERFECT for child sims.

And not only do you get the hair, but you get the cute clips as a hair accessory. Those can be found in the hats category in CAS.

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6. Sims 4 Curly Bob by greenllamas

I’m honestly obsessed with any type of bob hairstyle. This one has a middle part which is super trendy and looks so good!

This sims 4 hair mod comes in 18 maxis match swatches and is base game compatible.

7. Sims 4 Ombre Hair CC by Dogsill

OMG! I LOVE this hair! I use it pretty regularly. I wish my hair looked like this in real life.

This sims 4 cc hair comes in all the regular maxis match swatches but also includes 18 ombre colors.

The ombre looks amazing in every single swatch. I always struggle to decide on just one for each outfit.

8. Sims 4 Male Curly Hair CC by okruee

This is a lovely curly hair for male sims. Although it was made for male sims, it does show up in CAS for both masculine and feminine frames. Always a plus!

It comes in all 24 maxis match colors and is base-game compatible.

9. Sims 4 Dreads Hair CC by greenllamas

This hair looks AMAZING in-game. It’s an incredibly well-done sims 4 loc hair.

It even comes with the hair cuffs as a separate accessory so you can truly customize the dreads however you would like.

The hair comes in the 18 original EA swatches and is base-game compatible.

10. Sims 4 Top Bun Hair by Aretha

I swear this hair looks good on EVERY sim! The way the bangs frame their face is super flattering.

This cc hair is actually a part of an entire cc pack, wild ones. While I highly recommend downloading the entire cc pack because it’s amazing, you can download this hair individually from the item index.

And you can also download a version of this hair in that cc pack without the bangs for a chic top bun.

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11. Sims 4 Curly Hair CC by simstrouble

This curly hair is EVERYTHING! It’s thick, full, and absolutely stunning.

As I talked about in my sims 4 cc curly hair post, I have curly hair envy and this one really gets me. This is shampoo commercial dream hair.

It comes in 24 swatches. Plus, there are 3 versions with the hair in differing positions in front of and behind the sim. You can check out the download page for more details.

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12. Sims 4 Male Long Hair CC by simstrouble

This custom long male hair is a staple in my game. I love the tousled look. And it’s the absolute perfect length for creating one stud of a male sim!

The best part is: this medium-length cc hair actually works for both male and female sims. It’s a 2-in-1!

You’ll get 24 gorgeous swatches and it’s base-game compatible.

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13. Sims 4 Long Wavy Hair CC by greenllamas

This cc hair gives me total grungy y2k vibes making it perfect for creating an aesthetic sim. It even has the perfect name: The Paris Hair.

It comes in 24 EA hair colors and includes the highlight as an accessory so you can mix and match it with any of the hair swatches!

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14. Child Hair with Barrette for Sims 4 by loomellaa

I envision this kids hair on a preppy little girl with rich parents. The little barrette is such a perfect added detail.

It comes in 16 maxis match swatches and is base-game compatible.

15. Sims 4 CC Ponytail by dogsill

I’m OBSESSED with this cc ponytail. It’s the perfect ponytail for both a casual or elegant look. It works with sweats or with a dress.

And if you’re only going to have a few cc hairs in your game, then you want hair that’s versatile. Hair that you can use over and over again for many different looks.

16. Sims 4 Twisted Pig Tails Hair by aharris00britney

I don’t know what it is about this hair, but I LOVE it! I just think it looks so cute.

When downloading, you’ll get two versions of this hair: one with a strand on the shoulder and another with both placed behind the sim.

There are also ball accessories that go along with the hair that can be found in the hats category in CAS.

(P.S. you can find the child conversion of this hair at #30 on this list!)

17. Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC Pack by stardze

If you need cute toddler hair for your game, then this is the cc pack you need to download! It comes with quite a few cc hair for toddlers AND kids.

They’re all super adorable, include hair accessories, and come in 22 maxis match swatches.

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18. Sims 4 Bob Hairstyle CC by aretha

This hair is from another cc pack by aretha (one of my fave Sims 4 cc creators!) It’s a sleek, straight bob with hair tucked behind one ear. Super trendy!

If you download the entire cc pack, you’ll get an additional hair that’s just as cute. Check it out by clicking the download link below.

19. Sims 4 Braids Collection by sheabuttyr

EA has a bad history of excluding diversity from their games (especially if you don’t include expansion packs or kits.)

This means that to get diverse hair types in your game, you’ll like need to download cc.

Sheabuttyr is the QUEEN of sims 4 black girl hair cc!! And this braids collection is a total must-have. It comes with 41 of their best cc hairs in 31 swatches.

20. Sims 4 Short Female Hair by dogsill

Everyone needs a cute pixie cut for their sims 4 cc folder and this is the absolute best one out there.

It’s totally gorgeous and sophisticated. It comes in all 24 maxis match swatches and is base-game compatible.

21. Sims 4 Hair with Bangs by aretha

I don’t know what it is, but aretha puts out the best hairs in cc pack! This hair is from the So Casual cc collection, which I talked about in the Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs post.

It’s a favorite cc pack of mine and this hair makes it even better.

If you decide to download the entire cc pack, you’ll even get two other hairs that are just as cute! They all come in the 24 EA swatches.

22. Sims 4 Space Buns Hair by aharris00britney

Of course, I always need to have a couple fun hairstyles for my party girls! And this cc hair is just absolutely amazing.

It comes in all 24 EA hair swatches and two different versions: one with bangs and one with strands.

You can also find the hair clips in the hats category in CAS. There 35 swatches of the hair clips so you can truly customize this hair to the max!

23. Sims 4 Child Hair CC Pack by naevy-sims

Here’s another kids hair conversion cc pack that includes four cc kids hairs. It includes diverse hair types, but they all include stunning braids.

Braids look great on child sims and I use this hair pack constantly! I especially think they look cute with summer outfits.

The hairstyles come in 18 maxis match swatches and are base-game compatible.

24. Sims 4 Tight Curls Hair by ice-creamforbreakfast

Tight curls are a must-have for your cc folder. This hair looks great on both males and females and comes in ALL of the EA color swatches.

25. Kids Hair CC Conversions by dbasiasimbr

I’ve talked about dbasiasimbr a lot (specifically in my sims 4 kids cc post) because they’re incredible at converting cc for adults into cc for kids.

They focus a lot on creating cc for black sims and a wide range of other races, which is a total necessity for the simmer community.

This particular hair cc pack contains four hair conversions and they are converted for both kids and toddlers. Win, win!

26. Sims 4 60s Hair by aretha

This hair is so cute! Again, with the front strands, this hair is super classy and cool.

It has a 60’s vibe to it, so if you’re looking for cc hair for the decades challenge, this would be the perfect hair to download.

The hair includes 3 different versions, changing the style of the strands for each one. And it comes in all 24 EA color swatches.

27. Sims 4 Short Curly Ponytail by greenllamas

There’s just something about this hair that I’m obsessed with. It’s a short curly ponytail with the perfect baby hairs.

It comes in 24 maxis match swatches and even works well with hats!

28. Male Hair CC for Sims 4 by okruee

This is another great male hair by okruee! It’s a really versatile hair that will look great on almost any sim.

It comes in 24 maxis match swatches and has two versions: one with strands and one without.

If you’re looking for more of a maxis match hair look, then I recommend going with the no strands version.

29. Sims 4 Facial Hair CC by Veiga Sims

We can’t forget about facial hair!! Veiga Sims creates some really great sims 4 cc facial hair and this is one that I use all the time.

It’s a short beard that looks amazing on all male sims. It comes in all the typical maxis colors and works with the base game.

30. Sims 4 Angel Hair for Kids by dbasiasimbr

I told you…I really love this hair. I love it so much that I needed it for my child sims too.

Dbasiasimbr saved the day again and converted it into kids hair cc!

There’s also another SUPER COOL hair that comes in this download, so make sure to check out the download page to see that hair too.

31. Sims 4 Braids CC Hair by Nolan-Sims

This cc braid set is absolutely adorable!! There are four versions of the braids that come with this download and they’re completely base-game.

Cool things to note: the braids are hat-compatible and come in the standard EA swatches plus Nolan-Sims’ Thrifty Finds Palette.

32. Sims 4 Wavy Hair CC by simstrouble

Here’s another sims 4 hair mod with a little bit of braiding! This cc hair is boho and beachy.

I love the cute, little strands hanging down in the front. Simstrouble is always amazing with details!

Whether this is your first time downloading custom content for the sims 4 or you’re just looking for great cc hairs, I hope that this list was helpful to you!

And if you ever have any cc suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or tag me on Tumblr @musthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 CC Hair

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Wednesday 8th of March 2023

Where is the female sim used on the cover and in 10, 18 and 21 from? She's gorgeous

Juli Putnam

Monday 20th of March 2023

Thank you! We actually created her in the game using create a Sim, and using some good posing mods.