Bored with the careers in sims 4? Here’s a list of fun & exciting sims 4 career mods you can download to give your sims more job options.

sims 4 career mods

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*If you only look at one career mod on this list, check out #24. My mind is blown.

It can be difficult to find quality custom careers for sims 4 without spelling errors and other weird choices. I prefer that my sims custom content fits seamlessly into my game in a way that it doesn’t even feel like cc at all.

Now I’m not saying all of these are perfect. Heck, even EA’s choices are often questionable! But this list of sims 4 career mods are all made by incredible mod creators that listen to sims players and keep their mods updated.

If you love career and job mods for the Sims 4, I also recommend that you check out the Unlimited Jobs mod by TurboDriver. This mod allows you have multiple jobs at a time. Perfect for your overachiever (or just plain broke) sims.

This post is all about the best sims 4 career mods.

Sims 4 Career Mods

1. Ultimate Nursing Career by ItsKatato

Nursing Career for Sims 4

I’m a huge fan of ItsKatato’s sims 4 career mods. You’ll notice quite a few of their careers on this list. They put a ton of effort into making their careers high-quality and jam-packed with content.

Take for example the sims 4 custom nursing career. There are several different career tracks you can choose to go into once you hit Level 4 including: ICU Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Neonatal Nurse, Labor & Delivery Nurse, ER Nurse, Geriatric Nurse, and Operating Room Nurse. I highly recommend downloading this career into your game!


2. Mortician Career by MarlynSims

Sims 4 Mortician Career

Typically this kind of job would freak me out. Who in their right mind would want to hang around with dead bodies all day? But after watching way too many hours of NCIS the past few months, I kinda get it.

Now your sims can spend their days transporting, embalming, and planning funerals for the deceased. This sims 4 custom career even comes with 16 custom chance cards. How incredible is that?


3. Advertising Career by MidniteTech

Advertising Career for The Sims 4

Looking to channel your inner Mad Men? Have your sim get a job in advertising and live out all of their Don Draper fantasies.

Your sim will start out as a market research intern barely making a living and work their way up through various positions to ultimately become the CMO or Chief Marketing Officer.


4. Cosmetology Career by ItsKatato

Hair Stylist Career for Sims 4

I’m so surprised that this career isn’t already in the sims 4. With this career mod, your sim will be able to choose from three different branches in the cosmetology field: hairstylist, esthetician, and nail technician.

Each of the branches give your sim the option of eventually becoming the owner of a salon. This was ItsKatato’s first career mod and it is impressive!


5. Brindleton Boarding Kennels Career by SimmerCharlie

Brindelton Bay Boarding Kennel Career for Sims 4

Does your sim love animals, but isn’t interested in opening their own vet clinic? Working at a pet boarding facility is the perfect compromise!

This is a six-level career that gives your sim the option of going from dog walker making only $10 an hour to being an owner of the boarding kennels making $500 an hour.


6. Chocolatier Career by MidniteTech

Chocolate Maker / Baker Career for Sims 4

Why does being a chocolatier sound so fancy & prestigious? This is the perfect job for baking-obsessed sims.

Your sim will start out working at a chocolate store as a lowly assistant, make their way through various pastry chef positions to then become a world chocolate masters judge!


7. Real Estate Career by KiaraSims4Mods

real estate career mod for sims 4

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a real estate career in the sims 4. It seems like a popular job that would be fun to play.

Luckily, KiaraSims4Mods has blessed us with their sims 4 real estate career mod. In this career, you’ll start off as a receptionist and work your way through various stages of being a real estate agent, all the way to owning your own real estate agency.


8. Auto Shop Career by MidniteTech

Auto Shop Career for Sims 4

I love love love this sims 4 career! It’s perfect for storytelling.

Imagine this: You have a sim who wasn’t all that great in school, but is super handy. They’re not interested or able to go to college, so they get a job working as an auto repair tech. People don’t think they will make much of themselves. They work their tail off, learning new skills in the process, and end up owning an entire chain of repair shops.

Therefore, proving everyone wrong and making a great rags to riches story in the process.


9. Interactive Daycare Career by ItsKatato

Interactive Daycare Career for Sims 4

Do you remember the daycare profession in the sims 3? This is an interactive sims 4 career version of that!

To make the career work the way it was intended, you’ll need to select work from home. There’s a custom social event called ‘Run Daycare’ which will auto spawn 2-5 toddlers from your save. You’ll then need to take care of those toddlers. How cool!

If you’re looking for playable career mods in sims 4, I highly suggest this one.


10. Pharmacist Career by xTheLittleCreator

Pharmacy Career for Sims 4

Being a pharmacist a super demanding job that requires a lot of skills to reach the top. This sims 4 career cc is no different.

You’ll have to be really committed to this career path because you actually start out in an unpaid position. Yikes! But work hard and you’ll be a paid intern in no time. 😉


11. Banking Career by MidniteTech

Banker Career for Sims 4

An 9-5 job for a sim who craves stability. I imagine this as the perfect career for a family sim who wants the best for their sims. Someone who wouldn’t mind the sometimes repetitive nature of their job.

You’ll begin in the field as a switchboard operator. I had absolutely no idea what that was when I first came across this career. It sounds very old-timey. Come to find out it just means someone who transfers phone calls to the right place. The more you know.

Your sim will then work their way through a few different managerial positions to eventually become the area manager at level 10.


12. Event Planner Career by Simmiller

Party Planner Career for Sims 4

A job perfect for a charismatic and fun sim! You’ll start off as just a friendly face at parties, but you’ll soon work your way up to an elite party planner making the big bucks.

This sims 4 custom career comes with chance cards, but you will need the sims 4 parenthood for them to work. I love it when custom content creators take their mods to the next level by adding in extra details like that. Thank you, Simmiller!


13. Accounting Career by MidniteTech

Accounting Career for Sims 4

Another stable job for a family man or woman. This sims 4 career is pretty straightforward. You’ll start out in the field as a bookkeeper already making a hefty $25 an hour. Eventually, you’ll make your way up the ladder to finance minister. I have no idea what a job like that entails, but it sure does sound prestigious.


14. Tattoo Artist Career by MarlynSims

Tattoo Artist Career for Sims 4

Are you missing the tattoo artist career we were blessed with within The Sims 3? Here’s your answer. Unfortunately, it’s not as hands on as the profession in sims 3, but it’ll do the trick.

This is another career by MarlynSims so of course, it includes an incredible amount of content: 35 custom chance cards, 135 chance card outcomes, and 135 buffs!


15. Model Career by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 modeling career 2021

I believe there are several modeling careers for the sims 4 out there, but I found this one to be the most recently updated and of the highest quality. Your sim can choose between going into commercial modeling or high-fashion modeling. Each of these fields will lead to heightened fame.

This is another amazing semi active sims 4 career mod. You have the option of working from home and completing tasks such as: pose for pictures, throw fan meet & greets, workout, record videos, & more.


16. Archaeology Career by MidniteTech

Archaeologist Career for Sims 4

Why didn’t the sims team add an archaeology career field with the sims 4 jungle adventures? I’ve been telling you again and again…questionable choices by EA.

Anyhow MidniteTech saves the day again by providing us with exactly that. Unfortunately, you’ll have to start out as a volunteer making nothing, so your sim better have a healthy savings account or still be living with their parents. Either way, if they work hard, they’ll eventually get a paid position and work their way to head of antiquities.


17. Fitness Instructor Career by PinkySimsie

Fitness Instructor Career for Sims 4

This sims 4 custom career is perfect for your sims with multiple jobs or those that are going to college. You’ll start out as a substitute fitness instructor. This position is basically a part-time job since you’ll only be working in the evenings a few nights a week giving your sim plenty of time for other things.

This career mod does require the sims 4 outdoor retreat and spa day so keep that in mind!


18. Psychology Career by ItsKatato

Psychology Career for Sims 4

Psychology is a fascinating career field. Year after year it’s on the top 10 list of most popular college majors, so why shouldn’t our sims be able to join in?

This psychology career for the sims 4 is super fun and gives you so many different options! It comes with several different branches to choose from including academic & research psychology, behavioral psychology, and clinical and counseling psychology.


19. Chiropractor Career by MidniteTech

Chiropractor Career for Sims 4

Do you have a sim that is highly intelligent, but also natural minded? Chiropractics is the perfect field.

Embarrassingly, your sim will have to start out working at a mall kiosk. Not the greatest job in the world. But if they’re patient, they’ll eventually go on to own their very own chiropractic office.


20. Airline Career by MidniteTech

Pilot Career for Sims 4

This sims 4 airline career mod allows you to take two different paths within the field of flight: administrative or pilot. Once you hit level 5 in your career, you’ll be asked to select a branch. This will have you either starting out as a dispatcher or flight attendant.

MidniteTech makes some of the best sims 4 custom careers and this one is no exception!


21. Photographer Career by MarlynSims

Photography Career for Sims 4

Let me start off by mentioning that this is a semi active sims 4 career. Meaning that your sims have the option to work from home where they’ll be given particular tasks to complete. These tasks could include things like taking photographs in different neighborhoods or sales requirements from selling your photos.

You’ll be able to work your way up from an amateur artist to a renowned photographer. Super cool!


22. Plastic Surgeon Career by MarlynSims

Plastic Surgeon Career for Sims 4

Does your sim want to go into the medical field and is fascinated with the idea of cutting other sims open? Plastic Surgery might just be the field for them.

This custom career mod comes with 35 custom chance cards, custom buffs, 39 custom interactions, and two career branches: aesthetic & reconstructive!

That’s sooo much work. These custom content creators blow my mind.


23. Paparazzi Career by Hexe Sims

Celebrity Paparazzi Career for Sims 4

In their post for this career, hexe sims mentions something that I totally agree with. It bugs her that NPCs will have careers that your sims can’t actually get a job in. And then when you marry one, the NPC becomes jobless. That is super annoying!

This is her fix for that when it comes to the paparazzi. So if you happen to have a sim that loves following other sims around and has a knack for photography, this just might be the field for them.


24. Online Therapist by MarlynSims

Work at Home Therapist Career for Sims 4

MarylnSims puts out super high-quality career mods. You can tell they put a lot of time into them.

The online therapist career for sims 4 that they’ve created is amazing and you need to check it out. It’s a semi active career, meaning that your sim can work from home. It comes with 374 new interactions (like what??) and a BRAND NEW SKILL IN THERAPY.

Your sims can now diagnose mental disorders and have online therapy sessions with 37 different focuses. Their example of a therapy session focus would be like relationship issues or depression.

I’m really blown away by this career mod. You absolutely need to download it and support this incredible creator.


25. Art Specialist Career by MidniteTech

Art Gallery Career for Sims 4

Does your sim love art, but isn’t interested in being a professional painter or freelancer? Working at an art gallery is the perfect job to get after obtaining an art degree.

There are two branches of this career: art curator or art dealer. As an art curator, you’ll pick the perfect pieces to hang in museums and art galleries. As an art dealer, you’ll work at art auctions, install artwork, and even invest in artwork to later sell and make a profit!


Unfortunately, mods are constantly breaking due to sims 4 updates. If you try out any of these career mods and they don’t work for you, please let me know so I can update this list.

I’d love to know your favorite sims 4 career mods in the comments or you can tag me on tumblr @themusthavemods!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Career Mods.

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