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It’s Complicated: Sims 4 Modded Mini Challenge

Decide the fate of a very complicated family in this sims 4 challenge using the relationship & pregnancy overhaul mod (AKA woohoo wellness mod!)

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I’ve recently become obsessed with writing fun storylines for the sims 4 and turning them into mini challenges!

Mini challenge is the word I’m using to describe my short sims 4 challenges that are designed to be completed in just a few play sessions.

These are for the people who don’t have the time (or attention span) for long, drawn-out challenges like legacy challenges!

My modded mini challenges are for simmers who LOVE playing with mods. Similar to my Legacy Challenge with Mods, you’ll get to fully explore some of the best sims 4 gameplay mods, but these mini challenges will be focused on one mod at a time!

In this sims 4 modded mini challenge, you’ll be playing in-depth with the Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod, and the theme is all about strange family dynamics!

Keep reading for the entire backstory, set-up, objectives, & challenge rules.

It’s Complicated Mini Challenge

Please share this post if you play this challenge and use the tag #itscomplicatedchallenge so I can follow along with your gameplay!

Challenge Backstory:

Family sure is complicated…

All Natalia wanted was to have another baby since her sweet, little Anna was about to leave the nest.

All Simon wanted was to settle into their new empty nesters lifestyle and enjoy having no responsibilities for once.

And all Anna wanted was to make sure her parents didn’t find out about her recent woohoo escapades.

But what happens when everyone in this family tries to get what they want? You decide.

Challenge Set-Up:

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to download the relationship and pregnancy overhaul mod by Lumpinou.

Here’s how to get started with this sims 4 modded mini challenge:

  • Start a new game or load into a custom save file.
  • Create a married couple with a teen daughter. All the details are up to you!
    • Feel free to upload your family to the gallery using #itscomplicatedchallenge so others can use them if they want!
  • Move your family into any neighborhood & any lot. (cheats are allowed!)
  • Set the father’s pregnancy wish to ‘Does Not Want a Child Right Now’ and set the mother’s pregnancy wish to ‘Would be Happy to Have a Child’
    • You can do this by clicking on the sims and going into the ‘Pregnancy & Family‘ menu then to ‘Define Pregnancy Wish

Challenge Objectives:

The goal of this challenge is to explore all of the various storylines that can be created with the relationship & pregnancy overhaul mod.

Here are some fun things to complete during this challenge:

  • Have the father secretly get sterilized
  • Become a surrogate & keep the baby OR have a baby through surrogacy
  • Have a sim catch a WTD
  • Have your teen daughter get pregnant
  • Have a sim cheat & their partner find out
  • Have sims buy & use woohoo protection items
  • Have the married couple separate, figure out custody, & splitting of funds
  • Adopt a child through the new adoption process

This is all meant to be completed within the current generation of the family.

And of course, because this is YOUR game, you could also play through the storyline however you want without completing the challenge objectives.

QUICK TIP: If you need any help figuring out how to complete the objectives using the mod, you can see Lumpinou’s complete overview of the mod HERE.

Challenge Rules:

There are no rules for this challenge! It’s all about storytelling with this one. However you choose to do that is up to you.😊

And that’s all! Make sure you tag your gameplay with #itscomplicatedchallenge and link to this post.

I like to think of all the challenges I write as a group project with my readers so make sure you comment or message me with any suggestions or issues you come across!

For more gameplay ideas, check out all my sims 4 challenge posts.

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This post was all about the It’s Complicated Sims 4 Mini Challenge.

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