Tired of starting over from scratch? Download these sims 4 save files to fill up your sim’s world with new builds, new families, and of course, new drama!

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best sims 4 save files

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I never play with a base game save. There’s too much content missing from the new sims packs and it takes way too long to build up the world myself. I want to play in a full, beautiful world right from the start!

The solution to that? These sims 4 custom saves created by other incredible simmers!

I’ve tried to include a video tour of each save file below the download link, so be sure to give those a watch. And for your convenience, I’ve highlighted a couple of my personal favorites!

And if you don’t already know, here are some quick directions on how to download and put save files into your game. If you have any more questions about sims 4 save files, leave a comment on this post.

Here are the best Sims 4 Save Files.

Best Sims 4 Save Files

1. SweetieWright’s Save File

best sims 4 save files

The builds in this sims 4 save file are impressive! I had to show a picture of Willow Creek because it has my favorite builds by far in this save file. The all-white, regal-looking architecture is gorgeous.

All of the worlds have been updated through the Snowy Escape expansion pack. The save file comes in a populated and unpopulated version, so you can download whichever one fits your play style.


2. Simply Unique Sims 4 Save File

best sims 4 save files

The new lots that come with this save file are really creative and fit well within the aesthetic of each world. It appears that the save is being updated with each new pack release.

The only thing I wish is that it came with more sims in the worlds, but that’s a personal preference. You may like to create & place your own families which would work perfectly with this save file.


3. RatSave 1.1 by RatBoySims

sims 4 custom saves

If you really want to play with some new sims or are craving new townies, this is the save file for you. It comes with 200+ new sims with incredibly diverse looks and personalities.

And not only that, but the builds are beautiful and super interesting. You will not get bored with this sims 4 save file!


4. Simsie’s Starter Save File by LilSimsie

sims 4 lilsimsie save file

I’m OBSESSED with lilsimsie’s videos. Her content never fails to make me laugh and she’s an incredible builder.

Simsie’s save file was one of the first save files I ever saw and downloaded so it has a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t updated it since Eco Living. However, it’s still a great save file to use when you want new, diverse townies and updated community lots.


5. The SimLicy Save File

sims 4 save files simlicy

SimLicy is an INCREDIBLE builder! I honestly can’t get over how good her builds are. Her world is probably one of my absolute favorites to play in. Whenever I start a new game, her save file is my go-to.

The builds fit each of the worlds perfectly and she has put new sims in the world plus updated the townies. This is one of the best sims 4 save files. It’s a must-download!


6. Sims 4 Save File 2.0 by Aveline

sims 4 save file base game

Aveline is a sims youtuber who focuses on sims 4 builds. So as you would expect this save file has lots of big, amazing builds.

I believe that this save file is base game only, so that’s great for any players out there who aren’t able to buy all of the packs!


7. Plumbella Sims 4 Save File

sims 4 base game save file

Hey hens! Plumbella is another one of my favorite sims YouTubers. Her save file is updated all the way through Discover University, so it’s packed full of new builds and families.

You’ll find that she really tried to make each of the individual neighborhood builds cohesive which I appreciate. And you definitely have to check out the new park in Oasis Springs. It’s pretty amazing!


8. Plumbsz Save File (formerly Lavender Dreams Sims Save File)

sims 4 custom saves

This sims 4 save file has so many fun lots! I was obsessing over them. For example, in Newcrest you’ll find a splash park, the ‘planet sixam’ arcade, and a gorgeous cafe with a basketball court. They just aren’t lots that I would’ve thought to build or place.

The save file also incorporates terrain editing in the builds, which is something you won’t see a lot since it’s a newer feature.

There are only a few new townies which is this save file’s only downfall in my opinion. I love to play with new sims that I didn’t have to create with fun backstories. But if you’re more into populating the towns yourself then this save file is perfect for you!


9. Rustic Brindelton Save File by Nusantara Simmer

sims 4 fall save file

I had to add this save file to the list because of how absolutely breathtaking it is! Fall is the BEST, and this save file takes all the wonderfulness that fall has to offer and puts it in a cozy & renovated Brindelton Bay.

The builds perfectly fit the world and each of its distinct neighborhoods. There’s even a fun new resort and spa that your sims can visit. So cute!


10. Simlush’s All Packs Save File

best sims 4 save files

This sims 4 save file that has been updated through Snowy Escape so there’s a lot to discover. Simlush states that there are 163 new builds, 69 renovated builds, and 65 brand new families. Plus all of the townies have been given makeovers.

I love the builds that were done for Magnolia Promenade. The all-brick buildings look great and fit the world perfectly. You also have to see the renovated Myshuno Meadows park. It was transformed in a beautiful wedding lot!


11. Version 2.0 Fleuralia Save File

sims 4 save files reddit

The Fleuralia save file has some really cool features. First of all, I have to mention the cathedral in Willow Creek. It’s amazing!

Second, the creator did a remake of the sims 3 festivals in four new park lots. So, you’ll be able to find:

  • the spring festival in Newcrest
  • the summer festival in Sulani
  • the spooky fall festival in Brindleton Bay
  • the winter festival in Mt. Komorebi

I thought that was super creative and they all turned out great. Also, this save file has been updated through Snowy Escape!


12. Dizzy Isy Save File Version 2 by islerouxsims

sims 4 save files snowy escape

I found this save file so interesting because each world has its own theme that all of the builds are based around. For example, in Willow Creek, most of the builds are pastel pink and in Newcrest, they’re yellow. It creates a very cohesive aesthetic.

One of my favorite parts of this save file are all the new families. They even have storylines!

This save file has been updated through Snowy Escape including the secret lots in Mt. Komorebi.


13. Maristella Plus Save File by Jenba

best sims 4 save files

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL this world is? The builds are incredible. I wish so badly that Jenba would release a save file with all of the worlds updated because it would most definitely become my new go-to.

You’ll notice that this was previously Oasis Springs but it has been renamed Maristella. The world not only features super detailed, gorgeous builds but new sims as well. This is a favorite!


14. The Original Fishy Save File by fishy12233

sims 4 save files 2021

This is sims 4 base game save file that makes over the Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Oasis Springs worlds. The builds are super elaborate and fun. I absolutely loved exploring them.

This save file does come with all new families and even includes a few favorites from The Sims 2!


15. Deligracy’s Newcrest Save File

best sims 4 save files

Deligracy is an OG sims youtuber. Building is her specialty and you can see why in her Newcrest save file.

She has completely built up Newcrest with new homes and community lots and placed new families that come with their own unique backstories!


16. Bunni’s Save File Ver 2.0 New Pleasantview

best sims 4 save files

This is a fun save file that is focused primarily on Willow Creek and Newcrest. Newcrest has been turned into New Pleasantview, a reference to The Sims 2. As a lover of the sims 2, I’m all for it.

I was particularly impressed with the work it out park lot. Really cool!


17. JQ Base Save 1.0 – CC Free Basegame Save File

sims 4 save file base game

This save file is completely base game and free of cc or mods, so it’s perfect if you have a lower-end computer. Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest all have new or renovated builds.

It doesn’t come with any new sims, but it does update the EA sims with hot/cold weather outfits and careers.


18. Windokio – Asian Inspired Sims 4 Save File by msfrankenstein910

sims 4 save files snowy escape

I had to add this save file to the list purely due to its uniqueness. All of the builds in Willow Creek, Brindleton Bay, and Windenburg are Asian architecture-inspired.

If you need a themed save file for storytelling or videos, this is a great option..


19. Willow Creek Save File by MSQ Sims

sims 4 save file base game

This Willow Creek save file has some epic builds. They’re huge and very unique. You have to see the shopping center and Amsterdam street apartments lots!

And the save file has all new sims placed in the homes so you won’t get bored anytime soon.


20. The Sims 2 Inspired Save File by Athena Sims 4

sims 2 save file

Sims 2 was, and kind of still is, my favorite Sims game of all time. The backstories were EVERYTHING. I was heavily invested (as an 8-year-old lol) in the Pleasantview drama.

This save file takes the notorious families from the sims 2 and puts them into the sims 4. The relationships to each other have even been added (the pleasant sisters are dating the broke & dreamer sons, etc.) If you’re a sims 2 fan, this is a save file you have to download!


21. The Disney Save (Willow Creek) by Tomi Lyn

sims 4 disney world

I love magical the builds in this save file are. It truly does feel very ‘disney’ with big regal houses and quaint cottages. You’ll even find 18 highly detailed Disney sims that have pets, skills, jobs, occults, and more that live in Willow Creek. Plus 11 more Disney townies!

If you love playing in a themed sim’s world, then this save file is perfect.


22. Uberhood Save File by Another Plumbob

sims 4 save file

I’m so excited to share this new save file with you!! If you’re a huge Sims 2 fan like me then you’re in for a treat. This just might be the best Sims 2 to Sims 4 Save file yet!

The creator has recreated many of our favorite neighborhoods from The Sims 2 including Veronaville, Pleasantview, Bluewater Promenade, and more! I’ve been obsessing over the Calientes’ and Don’s houses. They are SO well done, very true to character, and beautifully decorated.

Oh, and not only is this a save file, but it includes gameplay rules alongside it if you’re looking for a fun challenge to do (you can also find a list of 75+ sims 4 challenges here.) All the details are on the download page. Definitely check this one out!


Where can I download a sims 4 empty world save?

If you’re looking to create your own save file from scratch, you can download a sims 4 empty world save from Snowii95. This means that all the lots and sims have been deleted.


Those are the absolute best sims 4 save files that I’ve found. I would love to know about your personal save files or any that you like to play with that I haven’t listed here. Feel free to leave me a comment below or tag me on tumblr at @themusthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Save Files.

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