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Bob Pancakes vs Rob Waffles: Sims 4 Base Game Mini Challenge

Looking for a fun storyline to play in The Sims 4? You’ve got to try this sims 4 base game challenge all about the feud between Bob Pancakes and Rob Waffles.

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I’ve recently become obsessed with writing fun storylines for the sims 4 and turning them into mini challenges!

Mini challenge is the word I’m using to describe my short sims 4 challenges that are designed to be completed in just a few play sessions.

These are for the people who don’t have the time (or attention span) for long, drawn-out challenges like legacy challenges!

This base game mini challenge is all about High school rivals, drama, & the Pancakes.

What more could you want?

Keep reading for the entire backstory, set-up, objectives, & challenge rules.

Bob Pancakes vs Rob Waffles Mini Challenge

Please share this post if you play this challenge and use the tag #robwaffles so I can follow along with your gameplay!

Challenge Backstory:

Do you remember Rob Waffles? Probably not. Nobody does.

His high school rival, Bob Pancakes, stole the spotlight (+ his girl) all those years ago.

Everyone felt bad for the guy being so boring and whatnot. Popular by pity if you know what I mean.

No one cared how great and charming Rob was.

Tired of his mediocre post-high school life, Rob is moving back to town, determined to not only win back Eliza but take over Bob’s life.

When Rob is done with him, no one will even remember silly little Bob Pancakes.😈

Challenge Set-Up:

To complete this challenge, you’ll only need The Sims 4 base game.

Here’s how to get started with this sims 4 mini challenge:

  • Start a new game!
  • Create your version of Rob Waffles. The only requirement is to give him the Outgoing trait.
    • Feel free to upload him to the gallery using #robwaffles so others can use your version if they want!
  • Move Rob Waffles into Willow Creek (No cheating. Only move him to where he can actually afford to live!)
  • Have Rob go around and “re-introduce” himself to his former classmates
    • Bella & Mortimer Goth
    • Nancy & Geoffrey Landgrabb
    • Eliza Pancakes (ignore Bob)

Challenge Objectives:

The goal of this challenge is to have Rob Waffles become the better version of Bob Pancakes, taking over Bob’s life in the process.

Here are some fun things to complete during this challenge:

  • Throw a “High School” reunion with Rob’s former classmates
  • Have Rob become good friends with his former classmates (except for Bob)
  • Get a job as a Mixologist in the Culinary Career
  • Be skill level 4 in cooking
  • Be skill level 4 in mixology
  • Be skill level 2 in video gaming
  • Have Eliza fall in love with Rob, become soulmates, & divorce Bob
  • Have Rob move into Bob’s house and redecorate his room
  • Have two kids with Eliza

And of course, because this is YOUR game, you could also play through the storyline however you want without completing the challenge objectives.

Maybe the challenge ends in a Rob Waffles & Bob Pancakes love story? Maybe that jealousy is just love bubbling under the surface.❤️‍🔥

Challenge Rules:

Let’s keep this simple:

The only rule for this challenge is that you can’t use cheats!

Rob has to authentically take over Bob’s life. He can’t cheat his way there by using relationship cheats, money cheats, or mods.

And that’s all! Make sure you tag your gameplay with #robwaffles and link to this post.

I like to think of all the challenges I write as a group project with my readers so make sure you comment or message me with any suggestions or issues you come across!

For more gameplay ideas, check out all my sims 4 challenge posts.

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This post was all about the Bob Pancakes vs Rob Waffles Mini Challenge.

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Tuesday 14th of November 2023

I did this but instead of bob and rob it was switched so Mileza and Eliza same back story and same rules


Wednesday 15th of November 2023

I like it! What a great idea. There are many ways you can twist this challenge around to make it more fun. Thanks for sharing!