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36+ Super Fun Sims 4 Custom Aspirations You Need in Your Game (Sims 4 Aspirations CC)

Looking for custom aspirations for the sims 4? I’m so excited to share with you the best sims 4 custom aspirations that will give your sims new and exciting life goals.

sims 4 aspirations cc

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Just like with traits in the sims 4, aspirations are seriously lacking. At this point, the sims team has turned a majority of them into gameplay tutorials for the new packs. This is pretty lame for seasoned players like you and me.

One of my favorite parts of the sims 3 was how incredible the aspirations were. And there were SO many to choose from. Sadly, they didn’t continue that trend with the sims 4.

But once again, modders have saved the game by creating new sims 4 aspirations cc. Here’s a list of the absolute best custom aspirations for the sims 4, including child aspirations.

If you’re only looking for the custom sims 4 child aspirations, you can click here to scroll down to the child aspiration mod portion of this post.

This post is all about the best sims 4 aspirations cc & mods.

Sims 4 Custom Aspirations

If you’re looking for more aspirations for the sim 4 then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve included over 36 NEW aspirations, including teen and child aspirations, in this list for you to play with and explore. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

1. Sims 4 Whimsical Aspiration by PurpleThistles

sims 4 aspirations cc

This custom aspiration gives a lot more meaning to the whim system in the sims 4. With this aspiration, you’ll need to complete 100 of your sim’s whims. I like to think that this aspiration is perfect for that sim that likes to live their “life on a whim.” 🙃

But before you use this aspiration, you HAVE to download the whim overhaul mod that’s listed in my ‘mods I can’t live without’ post. Since the sims team up and abandoned the whim system, this mod will update the game with whims for all of the expansion and game packs.


2. Sims 4 Twilight Years Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 elders aspiration

Elders have been unfairly ignored for a long time in the sims. I guess people don’t find them interesting to play with, but I think there’s a lot of potential there! This is the perfect aspiration for elders if you’ve been looking for some sims 4 elder mods to give them more depth and storytelling ability.

The aspiration basically takes your elders through different stages of their last days. The first stage focuses on cooking & baking. The next stage is centered around spending time with their grandkids. The third stage is all about maxing out their skills. And finally, the last stage, has your elder sim spending time relaxing through meditation and crafting.


3. Sims 4 Family Aspiration (TS2 Conversion) by jackboog21

sims 4 custom aspirations

This custom sims 4 aspiration is meant to replicate the family aspiration from the sims 2, which just so happens to be one of my personal favorite aspirations from the game. I absolutely LOVE family gameplay!

If you also enjoy watching your sims fall in love, get married, become parents, and all of the fun stuff that comes with starting a family then this aspiration is a must-download.


4. Sims 4 Culinary Librarian Aspiration by Keksdrache

sims 4 aspirations mod

This aspiration is inspired by the culinary librarian aspiration that came with The Sims 3. Since we no longer have recipe books, the aspiration is completely different but is still is a really fun way to add variety to the food aspirations category.

Your sim will need to learn all of the recipes that can be found in the various worlds and cook exotic meals like alien fruit tarts or Cowplant essence meringue pie. Obtaining the special ingredients will be quite a challenge!


5. Sims 4 Gold Digger Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 aspiration mods

This sims 4 custom aspiration is PERFECT for storytelling. I actually previously talked about this aspiration in my 31 Best Trait Mods post because it comes with both a new aspiration and a new gold digger trait.

Your sim will need to do their very best to find wealthy sims to romance and mooch off of so that they can own the best of the best. This includes building a mansion fitted with a Schmapple Fridge and a Princess Cordelia Bed.


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6. Sims 4 Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration by Ilkavelle

sims 4 cc aspirations

If you’re looking to get more gameplay out of the cats & dogs pack, this custom aspiration for the sims 4 is a great way to do that. This is a challenging aspiration that will likely take your sim’s lifetime to complete.

Some of the goals include reaching a level 5 veterinarian skill and training pets for 50 hours!


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7. Sims 4 Wellness Aspiration by MarlynSims

custom aspirations sims 4

If you’ve never really explored all that the spa day pack has to offer, this sims 4 aspiration mod gives you the perfect chance. Your sim will need to take yoga classes, master meditating, and learn to be an expert masseuse.

To make this aspiration even more fun, I would pair it with the custom health nut trait that can be found in my trait mods post.


8. Sims 4 Lifetime Aspirations Pack by ky-e

sims 4 aspirations pack

This is a huge sims 4 aspiration mod that does a complete overhaul of the aspirations that come with the game. Plus it adds even more. Most of the aspirations involve reaching level 10 of a specific career field or woohooing lots of sims.

I personally enjoy completing the smaller, more unique goals that come along with aspirations so this doesn’t exactly fit my play style. But if you’re looking to achieve one mega goal for a legacy challenge or storytelling purposes, this mod would be perfect for you.


9. Sims 4 Pleasure Aspiration by Sarahlin07

sims 4 aspirations cc

This custom aspiration is, again, meant to replicate an aspiration from the sims 2. With this aspiration, your sim will live a well-rounded life focusing on romance, money, and friendships. But all with the goal of having a good time while doing it!

By the end of it, your sim will test out three different careers, host 50 social events, and become incredibly charismatic.


10. Sims 4 Self Sufficent Aspiration by MissBee

sims 4 aspiration mods download

Are you finding yourself bored with the Eco Lifestyle gameplay? This custom aspiration will help you spice things up and challenge your sims. Your sim will be required to only grow, recycle, or craft everything they need.

If you’re interested in playing a freegan rags to riches sims 4 challenge, this aspiration was made specifically for it. The rules of the challenge are even listed on the download page of this aspiration mod.


11. Sims 4 Travel & Culture Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 cc aspiration

The travel & culture sims 4 cc aspiration is a super fun way to explore all that the vacation worlds have to offer. After completing the aspiration, your will be an expert in Selvadoradian culture and be a published author.

This aspiration would fit perfectly alongside the vacationer trait that you can find in my trait mods post.


12. Sims 4 UFO Investigatior Aspiration by r3m

sims 4 cc aspirations

Unfortunately, the version of this aspiration you’ll find on modthesims hasn’t been updated since recent sims 4 patches but thanks to ilkavelle, it is now updated and playable!

The Sims 4 UFO Investigator Aspiration is all about aliens! Your sim is obsessed with exploring extraterrestrial life. They will need to become an expert at rocket science and travel to an alien land. So cool!


13. Sims 4 Grilled Cheese Aspiration Unlocked by MxPlumbob

sims 4 cooking aspiration

The Sims 4 has a hidden aspiration called the ‘Grilled Cheese Aspiration’ that your sim can unlock by eating three single servings of grilled cheese in one sitting. If you want to know more, Carls Sims 4 Guide has a great post all about the grilled cheese aspiration.

This aspiration mod unlocks the hidden grilled cheese aspiration, so it will now appear in CAS and you can choose it for your sims without them having to stuff themselves full of cheese.


14. Sims 4 Photography Aspiration by endermbind

custom aspirations for sims 4

Photography is one of those skills in the sims 4 that doesn’t get enough love. With this custom aspiration, your sim will spend their life taking beautiful photographs and saving up the latest and greatest camera.

You can find several other sims 4 photography aspirations out there, but this was the only one that I found to be recently updated.


15. Sims 4 My Own Business Aspiration by ilkavelle

sims 4 aspirations mods

When I found this aspiration for sims 4, I was seriously SO excited. I loved running businesses in the sims 2 and I was really excited for it in the sims 4, but it just didn’t have enough gameplay depth for me.

This aspiration is essentially an entrepreneur aspiration and gives your sim the life goal of owning & running a successful business. It gave me the chance to play with the retail stuff all over again and I had a lot more fun this time around achieving the little goals along the way.

If you want to make running a business more fun in the sims 4, I highly recommend downloading this custom aspiration.


16. Sims 4 Geek Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 custom aspirations

Does your sim love the nerdier side of life? Are they obsessed with video games and reading books? (too relatable) Have your sim try to complete this custom geek aspiration by becoming an expert video game player, winning video game tournaments, and reading TONS of books.


17. Sims 4 World Class Detective Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 custom aspirations

If your sims number one goal in life is to be an amazing detective, then this is the perfect aspiration. Your goals will involve tasks that need to be completed by working your way up the detective career field. It’s a great way to earn your sim satisfaction points while going about their everyday life.


18. Sims 4 Beekeeper Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 aspiration mod

I find this custom aspiration to be super unique so, of course, it had to be on the fun sims 4 aspirations list. I never thought to base my sim’s entire life around the bee box, but hey, why not?

In this aspiration, your sim will need to purchase bee boxes and earn lots of simoleons by collecting and selling honey. And they’ll quickly need to learn how to be a friend of the bees.


19. Sims 4 Nightlife Superstar Aspiration by MissBee

sims 4 cc aspirations

This sims 4 aspiration cc is for the party animal sim who wants to stay out at the club, meeting new sims, and dancing the night away. I think this nightlife aspiration would be perfect for a bachelor sim to complete before they decide to settle down in adulthood (or not) and sims who have the dance machine trait.

This aspiration would also play perfectly alongside the custom night owl trait that you can find in my best trait mods post.


20. Sims 4 Quality of Life Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 custom aspiration

I’m OBSESSED with this custom aspiration. As I explained already, I highly enjoy family gameplay in the sims and this aspiration really dives deep into that.

It’s focused on giving your sim a well-rounded life that involves education, health, and raising a family. I think perfectionist and family-orientated sims would do particularly well completing this aspiration.


21. Sims 4 Military Hero Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 aspirations cc

I never took the time to properly go through the military career we got with the Strangerville pack. I was way too focused on the Strangerville story and pretty much ignored the new career path.

With this aspiration for the sims 4, your sim can work their way up in the military career while also being rewarded for gaining their fitness skill. It’s the perfect excuse for playing through it for the first time or a second.


22. Sims 4 Florist Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 cc aspirations

If your sim wants to be surrounded by beautiful flowers all day long, they need the florist aspiration. With this aspiration mod, your sim will spend their time planting, growing, and arranging flowers.

They’ll also be required to have a small business selling their flower arrangements so that they can make a living doing what they love most.


23. Sims 4 Baker Aspiration by Caradriel

sims 4 aspirations cc

If you want to have your sim spend more time baking, this is the perfect aspiration. Your sim will need to quickly become an expert at baking, and at the same time, become a world-famous baker by gaining fame levels.

For the best game playing experience, I highly recommend downloading the pastry lover cc trait (also by caradriel) that you can find in my best trait mods post.


24. Sims 4 Change The World Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 aspirations mod

The change the world custom aspiration is a great way to get more out of the political career that came with city living.

Not only will you need to work your way up the politician career path, but you’ll need to prove yourself as a leader becoming an expert in charisma, giving speeches, and raising money with charity benefits.


25. Sims 4 Woodworker Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 custom aspirations

With the custom woodworker aspiration, your sim will spend their time at the woodworking table crafting items to sell. In no time, your sim will become an expert woodworker making a living from their craft.

LittleMsSam has a woodworking mod that I think would add even more fun and depth to this new aspiration.


26. Sims 4 Mermaid Aspirations Pack by MarlynSims

This is actually a sims 4 aspirations pack that comes with three new aspirations for mermaids. There’s the siren aspiration for the more dangerous and seductive mermaids. Then there’s the Ariel aspiration, based on The Little Mermaid, who is all about romance. And finally, there’s the mermaid experience aspiration that aims to give you a well-rounded life as a mermaid.

While doing research for this post, I discovered that not everything works on these aspiration mods, but I wanted to include it anyway because it’s one of the only custom aspiration packs out there for mermaid sims. So if you don’t mind there being broken portions of the aspiration, you can still have a lot of fun with this one!


27. Sims 4 Robotics Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 custom aspirations

The robotics aspiration mod gives you the opportunity to explore more of robotics skill that comes with Discover University. Your sim will need to get a job in the engineering field and craft cool robotic items that are unlocked as their robotics skill increases.


28. Sims 4 Dancer Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 aspirations cc

Dancing, like photography, doesn’t get enough love in sims 4 gameplay. It seemed like it was going to be this huge feature when the Get Together pack was coming out, but it was quickly ignored and forgotten after the release.

With this custom aspiration, your sim’s entire life (at least while having this aspiration) will revolve around becoming an expert dancer and mastering those group dances. They will even need to start a dance club to complete all their life goals.


28. Sims 4 Vegetarian Aspiration by MarlynSims

custom aspirations sims 4

Being vegan or vegetarian requires dedication and it becomes your lifestyle. This aspiration allows your sims to focus on their vegetarian ways throughout their entire life.

Their life goals will revolve around trying all the delicious vegetarian food they can and learning about gardening so they grow their own food and can cook even healthier meals.


29. Sims 4 Active Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 cc aspirations

If your sim loves fitness but doesn’t have any interest in the bodybuilding career field, they should try out the custom active aspiration.

While completing this aspiration, your sims will live a healthy and fit lifestyle while still having time for pursuing other dreams like a law career, getting married, or raising a family.


30. Sims 4 Home Cooking Enthusiast Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 aspirations cc

Are you bored with the current cooking aspiration for the sims 4? With the home-cooking enthusiast custom aspiration, you can quite literally spice up your sim’s life.

Your sim will need to master gourmet cooking and baking at home so that they can host incredible dinner parties for all of their friends.


31. Sims 4 Treasure Hunter Aspiration by Simmiller

sims 4 aspirations

This aspiration is for your adventurous sims! The treasure hunter aspiration claims to be a very involved aspiration that will take your sims on a long-term journey.

You’ll need multiple packs to fulfill this aspiration. By using many different packs, the creator hopes to have created a new level of depth to your sims 4 gameplay that most players have longed for!


32. Sims 4 Get to Work Active Career Aspirations by konansock

sims 4 active career aspirations

If you want to make the active careers in the sims 4 more fun, then download these active career aspirations!

It will add a custom aspiration associated with each of the base game active careers: Doctor, Scientist, and Detective.

Plus a bonus aspiration called ‘Frankenstein’ for your evil scientist sims!

This aspiration mod is definitely a must-have if you want to inspire some new and fun gameplay with the old Get to Work active careers!


33. Ultimate Stan Sims 4 Aspiration by ilkavelle

I absolutely love the creativity of this custom aspiration!

For this aspiration, your sim will be focusing on becoming the ultimate fan. This means that they’ll have to collect autographs, selfies, and visit places frequented by celebrities.

Eventually, the lines will start to blur between what’s normal behavior and what might be considered a little obsessive.

I think that this aspiration mod could be SUPER fun to play through because of the hilarious storytelling that will ultimately come about!


34. True Philanthropist Custom Aspiration by ilkavelle

If your sim is just a wholesome, good person, you may want to consider giving them this True Philanthropist custom aspiration.

Your sim will need to do lots of good deeds, volunteer, and donate money to fulfill their ultimate goal of becoming a True Philanthropist.

There are actually two different versions of this mod that you can download. One of the versions includes tasks related to having a career in the Charity Organizer branch of the political career and the other does not include career-related tasks.


35. Fabulous Farmer Aspiration Mod by JaneSimsten

custom farming aspiration mod for sims 4

If you felt like the Country Caretaker aspiration from Sims 4 Cottage Living wasn’t in-depth enough, then you need to download this custom farmer aspiration to fully experience everything the sims 4 and the pack has to offer.

This aspiration includes not only the new farming content from cottage living, but also base game gardening content, and combines them into one aspiration.

P.s. this would go along perfectly with the custom farmer trait mod!

36. Sims 4 Teen Aspirations by SimmerJohn

These custom teen aspirations for the sims 4 are a must-have!! We all know how boring the teen sims are in the sims 4. This aspiration pack comes with 15 NEW aspirations exclusively for your teen sims to give them more depth and make playing with teens WAY more fun.

The teen aspirations in this pack are somewhat cliche, like student-athlete or teen heartbreaker, but they are totally realistic and give you lots of options for evolving your teen sim’s personalities as they age. I especially enjoy the aspirations that involve getting scholarships for college or gaining acceptance into a distinguished college program. You HAVE to check this one out.


37. Custom Teen Aspirations Mod by ilkavelle

sims 4 high school years aspiration mod

If you’re looking for custom aspirations for teens that go along with the new content from the High School Years pack, then you need to download this mod bundle.

sims 4 aspiration mod for teens

It comes with 4 new teen aspirations that will fit any type of teen you may create!

sims 4 custom aspiration for teens

Here are the custom aspirations you’ll get with this download:

  • Towards Independence
  • Overachiever
  • Teenage Rebellion
  • Prom Royalty
sims 4 teen aspiration mod

As you can see, they are all pretty self-explanatory, but I especially LOVE the ‘Towards Independence’ aspiration. It focuses on your teenager building responsibility and income to be able to survive on their own after High School.

In my opinion, it would be a great aspiration for a legacy challenge heir!

Sims 4 Child Aspirations

Children don’t get enough love in the sims 4. These child aspirations seek to change that by adding more unique gameplay challenges and giving your child sims more of a personality. Here are the best sims 4 child aspirations:

38. Sims 4 Super Siblings Child Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 child aspirations

This custom aspiration for children is super unique. I hadn’t seen any other child aspirations like it. The aspiration is all about spending time and building friendships with your siblings.

It would be perfect if two of your child sims had this so they could complete it side by side.


39. Sims 4 Child Aspirations Pack by MissBee

This is actually a sims 4 child aspiration pack that comes with four new aspirations: perfect angel aspiration, little einstein aspiration, delinquent aspiration, and child star aspiration.

I find myself using these custom aspirations A LOT. The child star aspiration is one of my absolute favorites!! Your child sim will need to join the drama club, get to level 10 in social skill, and also become a two-star celebrity. It’s a ton of fun and adds a lot more character to your child sims.


40. Sims 4 Grow Up Child Aspiration (TS2 Conversion) by jackboog21

sims 4 child aspiration

This is another aspiration mod that is meant to replicate the aspiration levels from the sims 2. The grow up child aspiration will give your child sims a very well-rounded childhood experience.

They will go through a mischievous phase at first, then move on to making friends and eventually build up their skills to do well in school and the creative arts.


41. Sims 4 First Love Child Aspiration Mod by MarlynSims & LittleMsSam

sims 4 first love mod

This custom child aspiration is a little more complicated than the others, so bear with me. For this aspiration to work, you’ll need to download the first love mod from LittleMsSam. This mod gives your child sim new interactions that are all about having their first crush.

The first love child aspiration was made based on the new interactions that come with the first love mod. For example, your sim will need to be able to exchange numbers with their crush and eventually, ask them to be in a relationship. This would be the perfect aspiration for a little Don Lothario. 😉



42. Sims 4 Honor Student Child Aspiration by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 child aspiration

Are your sims very focused on their child’s education? This child aspiration for the sims 4 will reward your child sims for completing extra credit work, doing projects, joining scouts, and, of course, getting that precious ‘A’ on their report card.


43. Sims 4 Rebel Child Aspiration by MarlynSims

sims 4 child aspiration

The rebel child aspiration is for those sims who are already on the wrong path at a young age. They don’t care about school, they have no interest in listening to their parents, and pranks are all that matter.

Having fun is their only care in the world and they’ll need to prove this by dropping their grades down to a ‘D’ and excelling at video games & mischief.


Please give all of these sims 4 creators your support by checking out their Patreons and subscribing if you can:

I’d love to know your favorite sims 4 aspirations cc in the comments or you can tag me on tumblr @musthavemods with your creations!

Unfortunately, aspirations are constantly breaking due to sims 4 updates. If you try out any of these custom aspirations and they don’t work for you, please let me know so I can update this list with ones that do.

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Custom Aspirations.

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