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31+ Gorgeous Sims 4 Tattoos to Add to Your CC Folder

Looking for more sims 4 tattoos? This list includes all of the tattoo cc I’m obsessed with. Links to download are included.

sims 4 tattoos

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The sim 4 tattoos that come in the base game are pretty sad. They’re chunky and out of style in my opinion.

If you’re exhausted with trying to find the best sims 4 tattoo cc, I’ve got you! I’ve put together this list of beautiful tattoos that I personally keep in my sims cc folder. I’ve included sims 4 tattoos for males, as well as females.

*a quick note for any confusion: the majority of these are tattoo sets that you can mix and match. In trying to show as many tattoos as possible from each set, I chose the option to put them all on the sim at once. However, most of the time, you can use the tattoos you see individually!

This post is all about the best Sims 4 tattoos.

Best Sims 4 Tattoos

1. Forever Lost Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza

sims 4 tattoo pack

This sims 4 tattoo set comes in 5 swatches. It comes as one sleeve tattoo or 4 individual tattoos on the right arm.

I absolutely love the skeleton tattoo on the upper arm. And you can’t see it in this photo, but there’s a gorgeous sad moon on the back of the arm that is just as good.


2. Wicked Simlish Tattoos by PeachiieSims

sims 4 tattoos male

This is a tattoo set that fits both male and female sims, which is a rare find. It comes in 31 swatches with 28 individual tattoos and 4 full body or sleeve tattoos.

I just thought that these were really cool tattoos. Your sim has basically been written all over. And it even comes in two different fonts!


3. Witchy Tattoos by IdleTownie

sims 4 tattoos maxis match

Tattoo Packs with the word ‘witchy’ in them? Sign me up! These tattoos were created in anticipation of Realm of Magic for your mystical sims.

It was a tattoo set made for females, but it can be used on male sims. It’s comes in only one swatch.

I’m obsessed with the sun and moon in the hands on the sim’s collarbones. So beautiful!


4. Fatal Angel Tattoo Set by lotuswhim

sims 4 tattoos maxis match

This sims 4 tattoo set screams Y2K to me making these perfect tattoos for teen sims. The butterfly on the chest and the heart & moon finger tattoos are so early 2000’s.

This tattoo pack comes in one swatch and you can download the left arm, left leg, right arm, or merged versions.


5. hey that’s pretty cool! sleeve tattoo by herbalia

sims 4 tattoos cool

This is a sleeve tattoo for your sims. It comes in only one swatch, but you can download it for either the left or right arm.

As the name suggests, this is a really cool tattoo set. It includes a little smiley face, a cactus, and some other really beautiful artwork.


6. Galactic Garden Tattoos by PeachiieSims

sims 4 tattoos cc folder

I can’t lie: PeachiieSims makes some of my favorite sims 4 tattoos. They’re just so fun and well made.

This tattoo set is no exception. It has a space theme and comes with 45 freaking swatches!

41 of the swatches are individual tattoos and 4 of them are full-body or sleeve tattoos.


7. Bloody Mary Tattoos by CuberSims

sims 4 edgy tattoos

CuberSims also makes some really intricate and gorgeous sims 4 tattoos. This set is definitely for your edgier sims. It features a spider on the neck and lots of hand tattoos.

The set comes in 5 swatches with 5 different opacities to give you plenty of variety.


8. Teen Spirit Tattoos by bellagothes

sims 4 tattoos for teens

Another insanely good tattoo cc set. From the name, I would assume this was made with teen sims in mind.

I absolutely love the girl with the devil horns on the thigh. So cool!


9. Mini Tattoo Set #1 by BexoSims

sims 4 tattoos tumblr

This is a tiny sims 4 tattoo pack with 14 different swatches. Unfortunately, there isn’t a swatch to put them all on at once, so I had to choose only one to showcase here.

Of course, I had to choose this cute little panda. But there are plenty of other cool tattoos in this set, like arrows on the hip, leaves on the collarbones, a painting palette on the wrist, and more.


10. Nocturne Tattoos by PeachiieSims

sims 4 tattoos male

This is a sims 4 tattoo set for males. It comes with 56 swatches (wow!) including 47 individual tattoos and 9 full-body/arm sleeve/leg sleeve tattoos.

The inspiration for this tattoo pack 90’s kid nostalgia. Absolutely love it!


11. Flower Fairy: A Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza

sims 4 tattoos in game

Flower Fairy is the perfect name for this sims 4 tattoo pack featuring lots of flowers, foliage, and delicate line drawings.

It comes as 2 full-body tattoos with different opacities to fit all skin tones plus 8 individual tattoos so you can mix and match.


12. Swordplay Tattoos Pack by PeachiieSims

sims 4 tattoos in game

This is a mini tattoo set that features a variety of sword tattoos. It comes in 14 swatches with 13 individual tattoos and 1 full-body.


13. Life Hurts Tattoo Set by lotuswhim

sims 4 tattoos pack

This is a super trendy sims 4 tattoo set that features a playboy bunny, an ouija-inspired tattoo, and some incredible skull artwork.

These tattoos are made for female sims and come in one swatch.


14. Random Tattoos 03 by Hishel

sims 4 tattoos mod

These sims 4 tattoos look amazing in game! The lines are so crisp and clear.

This is a female-only tattoo set and if I’m remembering correctly only comes in a full-body tattoo.


15. Moonlight Princess: a Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza

sims 4 tattoo pack

The moonlight princess sims 4 tattoo set features six upper arm tattoos. Although I’ve only featured one of them here, they’re all equally beautiful!

These need to be on your must-download sims 4 cc list.


16. Meicrosoft Tattoos by CuberSims

sims 4 tattoos pinterest

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about this tattoo set other than that it’s just really cool and you need it in your sims game. Yep. That’s pretty much it.


17. Doodle on Me Tattoo Set by bbpeaxh

sims 4 tattoos male

More sims 4 tattoos for males. Thank goodness! We all know how difficult it can be to find good sims 4 cc for men.

I think this pack is perfect for teen sims. The tattoos have a younger, cool vibe to them with a mickey mouse face and other cartoon characters.


18. Daydreamer: A Set of Tattoos by Jaye

sims 4 tattoo set

This set of sims 4 tattoos comes in 3 different opacities ensuring that they look great on every skin tone. The tattoos are really random but super cool. It’s a must-download for your edgy sims!


19. Hellegrund Tattoo Set by leafvy

sims 4 tattoos

The delicate linework on these tattoos is breathtaking. They’re simple and elegant. This tattoo set comes in 20 swatches.

I absolutely love the pelican on the right arm. (at least I think it’s a pelican?)


20. bloom where u are planted: tattoo set by cowplant-pizza

sims 4 tattoos plants

I’m obsessed with this one! It’s a sims 4 tattoo set with flowers and plants and it has the cutest name.

It comes as one full-body tattoo or 37 individual tattoos. Yes…37 incredible tattoos!


21. Nadia’s Ocean Life Tattoos by daisy-glasses

sims 4 tattoos maxis match

How cute are these ocean-inspired tattoos? I love these for my more innocent sims. They would be perfect tattoos for your sims to get while on an island vacation.

These tattoos come as an all-in-one swatch or as individuals.


22. Heartless Honey Tattoo Set by simsnectar

sims 4 tattoos tumblr

This is a badass sims 4 tattoo set for female sims. I love the butterfly tattoo right on the hip.

It comes in 9 swatches, separated and as a complete set as seen on my sim above.


23. Moonlight Tattoos by herbalia

sims 4 tattoos maxis match

This tattoo pack has a mystical vibe depicting mushrooms, moons, and tarot cards. The intricate tattoo designs are gorgeous. I think it would be perfect for a witch or hippie sim.

This set comes as a full tattoo or four individual tattoos.


24. Hope + Healing: A Set of Tattoos by Jaye

sims 4 tattoos cc

I love the name of this pack! That tattoos that come in this set are all really interesting. I especially like the delicate line art featured here on the back.

The tattoos come in four opacities to fit a variety of sim skin tones.


25. Gina Tattoo Pack by catemcphee

sims 4 tattoos pinterest

This is a simple set of sims 4 tattoos. The tattoos are each individual swatches, so I was only able to feature one here. They’re all underboob tattoos.

I love the thick, dark ink that used. This ‘angel’ tattoo and the heart are probably my favorite from the set.


26. Daylily Tattoo Set by simsnectar

sims 4 sleeve tattoos

How cool is that Medusa tattoo? I’ve only shown the sleeve tattoo here, but this tattoo set actually contains a back tattoo, thigh tattoo, knee tattoos, and more.

It comes in 8 swatches with the tattoos separated as individuals or as one full-body tattoo.


27. Thigh Tattoos by merakisims

sims 4 thigh tattoos

To switch things up a little I wanted to show off this colorful hip tattoo. It comes in three different swatches: the snake, a dragon, and an octopus. All of them are beautifully done and add a lot of personality to your sim!


28. Serpents: Snake Themed Tattoos by citrine

sims 4 tattoos snake

This sims 4 tattoo pack has such great artwork. I wish I could’ve shown it all off, but the serpent back tattoo is truly the showstopper here. You need this tattoo set in your cc folder!

As always it comes in 5 different swatches, with the individual tattoos and then 1 with the full set.


29. Marianna Finger Tattoo by -Merci-

sims 4 finger tattoos

These are just some cute little finger tattoos for your sims. They would look great with custom content rings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any in my game that wouldn’t make my sim’s eyelashes glitch. (Does anyone else have that problem??)

Anyways, these come in three swatches and are available to use on teens to elders.


30. Furtado Tattoo by micklayne

sims 4 tattoos male

This is a great sims 4 tattoo for males. It’s one of the rare tattoo sets that include color.

The set comes in five swatches that progressively add more tattoos to the entire design. So, it would be great for storytelling and showing time progression as the sim gets more tattoos.


31. Cosmic Candy Tattoos by PeachiieSims

sims 4 tattoos pack

Another winner by Peachiiesims. This tattoo set is space-themed and comes in 30 swatches. 29 of those are individual tattoos and 1 is a full-body tattoo, as you can see on my sim above.

The sun on the hip is soooo gorgeous! Definitely one of my personal favorite sims 4 tattoos.


32. Trendy Sims 4 Male Tattoo by bbpeaxh

I stumbled across this cc male tattoo and I knew I had to add it to this list!

It’s super cool and very trendy. It’s one tattoo design, but in 3 swatches with varying opacity.


33. Sims 4 Mediocre Tats Collection by softpine

This is an incredible unisex tattoo cc pack with 40 swatches so you can mix and match all the different tattoos!

I love how the creator made these tattoos look as if they were done by an amateur tattoo artist and aren’t absolutely perfect. So cool!


I could keep adding and adding to this list of tattoo cc. And I probably will end up coming back and updating this list with more sims 4 tattoos because there are just sooo many good ones! But for now, that’s all.

Feel free to comment below some of your favorite sims 4 tattoo cc or tag me with your creations on tumblr @musthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Tattoos.

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