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50+ Best Sims 4 Horse CC To Bring Your Equestrian Dreams to Life!

Revamp Your Ranch with FREE Sims 4 Horse CC: Our Essential Picks for The Most Breathtaking Horse Ranch!

Sims 4 Horse Custom Content

Get ready to trot into the mesmerizing world of The Sims with my handpicked collection of Sims 4 Horse CC. I scoured Tumblr, Pinterest, and the web to find and create this treasure trove of Horse Ranch CC for your equestrian escapades. I really do hope you enjoy.

Imagine decking out your Sim in the snazziest cowboy boots or cowboy hats as they roam your amazing new Sims horse ranch. Our list will help you find some unique swatches, where gradient hooves shimmer and horse eyes sparkle, bringing every scene to life. And that’s just the beginning!

You’ll find everything from top-notch saddles that scream style to gradient horse hooves that catch the sun just right. We’ve done our best to include the latest download link for each mod, but please let us know in the comments below if any links need updating or what your favorite Sims 4 Horse CC is.

So, saddle up, and check out our list of horse ranch cc below, and be sure to tell us what your favorite CC finds are in the comments section below! 🐎

Sims 4 Horse CC Finds

1.) Horse Set – Horse Boots and Saddle blanket by Nalu

Sims 4 Horse CC

I was thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail in this horse ranch cc by Nalu, allowing for the creation of three distinct and visually stunning blanket and boot sets. These additions not only enhance your horses look but also introduce a layer of realism and depth to your equestrian Sim. For avid equestrian enthusiasts or those seeking to enrich their virtual ranch, this CC pack is an essential. Don’t just take my word for it, explore it yourself

2.) Foal Handling Pose Pack by walnuthillfarm:

Sims 4 Horse CC Foal Handling Pose Pack

This is one of my favorites by walnuthillfarm. This pose pack brings such life and character to your foals and their handlers. The full-body horse poses are incredibly detailed and add a whole new level of interaction. A true gem for storytelling!

3.) Butterflies Tail Accessory for Foals by WisteriaSims

Butterflies Tail Sim 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Required

Don’t you just love when your game gets that extra touch of whimsy? ‘Butterflies Tail Accessory for Foals’ by WisteriaSims does just that! Just a heads up that you’ll need the horse ranch expansion pack for this one.

You’ll get this adorable new mesh for foals that’s just too cute to pass up. Perfect for adding that magical butterfly feel to your farm.

4.) New Functional Jumps by emelie-png

Horse Ranch CC

A delightful addition to any Horse Ranch expansion pack this meticulously crafted mod introduces regular and ‘Sugarcube’ jumps, available in a variety of swatches, enriching your Sims’ horse ranch with authentic and stylish obstacles. These jumps promise hours of fun and a more dynamic horse-riding experience.

5.) Olde Mill Arena Eventing by Walnut Hill

sims 4 horse cc

I recently stumbled upon the Olde Mill Arena set by Walnut Hill, and it’s honestly a game-changer for anyone passionate about equestrian life in The Sims.

The set, designed with a quaint Henford-On-Bagley vibe, includes not just horse hurdles but also cleverly designed benches where your Sims can sit and soak in your pasture. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

6.) Unicorn horn by lady-moriel


I recently incorporated this Unicorn Horn by lady-moriel into my game. Each horn color in the collection offers a distinct flair, allowing you to customize your horse to match any imaginative storyline.

The quality and variety of the swatches impressed me, as it really makes your horse unique. I personally adore and highly recommend this one.

7.) Pequichor Eyes – Complete Set for Horses by rheallsim

horse eyes CC

It’s such a joy to discover ‘Pequichor Eyes – Complete Set for Horses’ by rheallsim. This horse ranch CC offers 3 styles of eyes for your horses, with several color options each. For anyone passionate about enhancing their Sims 4 experience, this is a must-have horse eye mod! Check it out yourself, and let me know what you think.

8.) Dressage pack update! by CCAColdcloud

sims 4 horse cc

I’ve been experimenting with the Dressage Pack update from CCAColdcloud, and it’s a complete game-changer for anyone who is into the equestrian aspect of The Sims 4. The new animations and refinements bring such a stunning level of realism to the horse’s movements, it’s like watching a real dressage event! It syncs perfectly with the new saddle from @minervamagicka, adding an extra layer of authenticity.

If you’re into capturing those perfect Sims moments or just want to enjoy a more lifelike equestrian experience, you’ve got to try this out.

9.) Vertical Jump by Nusanelle

sims 4 horse cc

I recently added Nusanelle’s Vertical Jump for horses to my Sims 4 collection, and it’s a refreshing twist on the equestrian challenges in the game.

The jump comes in two models, each boasting nine vibrant color options to brighten up your horse’s training arena. If you’re looking to inject some fun and variety into your horse’s routine, this Vertical Jump is definitely worth checking out – it’s a small detail that adds a big dash of joy for your horse!

10.) Shire’s Fly Mask with transparency by emelie-png

shire's fly mask

I’ve been sprucing up my Sims’ horse ranch with emelie-png’s transparent Shire’s Fly Mask, and it’s incredible how such a simple addition can bring so much authenticity to the equestrian scene.

The meticulous work put into achieving the transparency effect paid off, lending a touch of realism that’s hard to overlook. It snugly fits into the bridle slot, offering eight different swatches to match your styling preference. While emelie-png hints at future tweaks to make it an accessory, the current version is already a standout piece that can elevate your farm’s aesthetic.

If you’re keen to make your Sims’ horse ranch more lifelike, give this fly mask a try.

11.) Equestrian Riding Helmets by SrslySims

sims 4 horse cc Equestrian Riding Helmets by SrslySims

These helmets, a nostalgic nod to The Sims 3 Pets, are a fantastic addition, available for all ages from toddlers to elders and suitable for every Sim regardless of gender.

Positioned neatly under the Hats category and thoughtfully disabled for random, they ensure your Sims are always ride-ready in style. Don’t forget to pair them with SnarkyWitch’s poses for that full equestrian flair!

12.) Equestrian Cap by MahoCreations

sims 4 horse cc Equestrian Cap by MahoCreations

I absolutely LOVE this MahoCreations’ Equestrian Cap. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any equestrian outfit in your Sims 4 wardrobe. This stylish leather cap, meticulously edited from the base game mesh, caters to both male and female Sims from teen to elder.

Available in an impressive palette of 23 colors and tucked neatly in the baseball caps category, it ensures your Sims make a fashion statement in every riding session. Plus, with it being disallowed for randoms, your chosen style stays just as you intended.

13.) Female Cowboy Hats by san33

sims 4 horse cc Female Cowboy Hats by san33

Ever wanted to add a dash of the Wild West to your Sims’ life? These female cowboy hats by san33 is your ticket to rustic elegance. These hats are a perfect blend of comfort and style, ideal for any outdoor adventure. Saddle up and check them out.

14.) Suede Cowboy Hats by LVNDRCC

sims 4 horse cc cowboy hats

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference, like ‘Suede Hat’ by LVNDRCC. This accessory is a game-changer, bringing a touch of sophistication to your Sims’ wardrobe. The unique texture and ribbon detail are simply irresistible.

15.) SRS Vienna Arena by Walnut Hill

sims 4 horse cc SRS Vienna Arena by Walnut Hill

It’s not every day you come across something as breathtaking as ‘SRS Vienna Arena’ by Walnut Hill. This venue is a masterpiece, turning any equestrian event into a spectacular show. The realism and attention to detail are unmatched. Experience the grandeur.

16.) Farwest Water Tower by Serinion

sims 4 horse cc Farwest Water Tower

Are you ready to spice up your Sims’ landscape? ‘Farwest Water Tower’ by Serinion is the perfect way to do it. This piece is more than just scenery; it’s a landmark that tells a story. Give your farm or town that authentic touch.

17.) The Horse Ranch SIMSTAGRAM Pose Pack (For Horses and Sims) by elfily:

sims 4 horse cc

Say hello to endless creativity with ‘The Horse Ranch SIMSTAGRAM Pose Pack (For Horses and Sims)’ by elfily. Each pose opens up a new world of storytelling and photography possibilities, making every moment with your Sims and their horses absolutely magical. Capture the beauty!

18.) Giddy Up Horsie! Pose Pack by parissimmer-s4

sims 4 horse cc

Ready for some fun? ‘Giddy Up Horsie! Pose Pack’ by parissimmer-s4 is here to bring joy and energy to your Sims’ life. These poses are not just cute; they’re a burst of happiness, perfect for livening up any scene with your horses. Embrace the fun!

19.) Bareback Mounting Pose Pack by ohbluir

sims 4 horse cc

Discover the art of storytelling with ‘Bareback Mounting Pose Pack’ by ohbluir. These poses are a masterclass in emotion and connection, bringing a depth to your Sims’ interactions with their horses that’s truly heartwarming. Dive into the narrative.

20.) Horse Ranch CC: Gradient Hooves Recolor by JellyPaws

sims 4 horse cc

Prepare to be amazed by horse ranch cc set created by JellyPaws. This isn’t just a recolor; it’s a transformation that adds so much personality to each horse.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, this is a CC pack to add to your must have list.

21.) Hazelnut Horse Ranch Themed Clothes by Serenity

sims 4 horse cc

Check out this Horse Ranch CC by Serenity. It really do add charm and coziness it brings to your Sims’ wardrobe. These clothes are perfect for a day on the farm or a casual outing, adding a warm and inviting vibe.

22.) Sims 4 Horse CC Farm Kit by Nocturne

sims 4 horse cc

This is one of my favorites! ‘SIMS 4 HORSE FARM CC KIT’ by Nocturne brings everything you need to create the perfect horse farm. The attention to detail and the variety of items are simply amazing. Transform your farm into a dream come true:

23.) Hanging Bridle Decor by Sass and Freckles

sims 4 horse cc

Don’t you just love ‘Hanging Bridle Decor’ by Sass and Freckles? This decor piece adds such a genuine equestrian touch to your spaces. It’s perfect for enhancing the ambiance and bringing a bit of the stable into your home. Add some equestrian flair

24.) Natural Horse Beds – No Border by Sass and Freckles

sims 4 horse cc

I’m always on the lookout for ‘Natural Horse Beds – No Border’ by Sass and Freckles. These beds are not just comfortable; they’re a haven for your horses. The natural look and feel make them a perfect fit for any stable, adding a touch of serenity. Give your horses the comfort they deserve:

25.) Sims 4 Horse CC: Countryside by LeoSims4

sims 4 horse cc

I absolutely adore ‘Sims 4 CC: Countryside’ by LeoSims4. This collection brings the beauty of the countryside right into your game, offering a peaceful and picturesque setting. The detail and craftsmanship are simply stunning. Escape to the countryside!

26.) Sims 4 Horse CC Vest Recolor by luvillia


I can’t get enough of ‘Simple GP01 Vest Recolor’ by luvillia. These vests add a pop of color and a dash of style to your Sims’ equestrian outfits. The variety of colors allows for endless customization, making each outfit truly unique.

27.) Equine Chic Wallpapers for the Sims 4 by vermutandherring

sims 4 horse ranch

These wallpapers are absolutely stunning, and bring a sophistication to any room on your sims 4 horse ranch, turning your spaces into a stylish haven. I love to showcase my ranch with these chic designs. It’s a great way to express my passion for horses.

28.) Cheryl Cowgirl Set by Blue Craving

sims 4 horse cc

You’ll be thrilled with ‘Cheryl Cowgirl Set’ by Blue Craving. This set captures the essence of the cowgirl spirit, combining ruggedness with femininity. It’s perfect for those who want to add some Western flair to their Sims’ style.

29.) Scarlett Moo Dress by Libby_Letters

sims 4 horse cc

I was so excited to find ‘Scarlett Moo Dress’ by Libby_Letters. This dress is not just an outfit; it’s a statement of style and fun. The playful design and vibrant colors make it a delightful choice for any cheerful occasion.

30.) Mens Equestrian Outfit by McLayneSims

sims 4 horse cc

This horse ranch CC mens equestion content by McLayneSims, is one to share with your sim boyfriends. Crafted to fit any equestrian event or fashionable outing, this outfit will ensure your boyfriend will stand out at his next competition.

I really recommend this outfit for its high-quality design and its ability to add a refined touch to your equestrian escapades.

31.) Girls Equestrian Shirt by MahoCreations

Sims 4 Ranch Sytle Equestrian Shirt

What I really love about ‘Girls Equestrian Shirt’ by MahoCreations is the adorable design and the perfect fit for young riders. It’s a wonderful way to add some fun and flair to your little ones’ equestrian adventures. Get ready for cuteness overload

32.) Country boho dress by pizazz

Sims 4 Ranch Style Country Dress

This is one of my favorites! ‘Country boho dress’ by pizazz brings a unique blend of rustic charm and chic style to your Sims’ wardrobe. The flowing fabric and delicate details are perfect for a countryside stroll or a stylish gathering.

33.) Equihydrate Horse Waterer by whitestoneestates

sims 4 horse ranch equihydrate waterer

This innovative waterer by whitestoneestates ensures your horses stay hydrated and healthy. It’s not just a necessity; it’s a game-changer for horse care in Sims 4.

34.) The Fluffy Set by historysims4horsecc

sims 4 horse ranch fluffy set

I’m always on the lookout for ‘The Fluffy Set’ by historysims4horsecc. This adorable set adds a cozy and cute touch to your horses, perfect for those chilly days or just for some extra flair. Wrap your horses in fluffiness.

35.) Wever Door Set by Mincsims

sims 4 horse ranch door set

I absolutely adore ‘Wever Door Set’ by Mincsims. These doors are more than just an entrance; they’re a statement of style and elegance. Transform your Sims’ homes with these exquisite designs and watch as your spaces come alive. Open doors to elegance.

36.) Liberty pose pack! by CCAColdcloud

sims 4 horse cc

These poses by CCAColdcloud capture the essence of freedom and joy, allowing your Sim and their horse to express themselves in the most beautiful ways. Add a touch of liberty to your gameplay.

37.) SSO Braided Mane Hair Conversions by whitestoneestates

sims 4 horse ranch braided mane conversions

The SSO Braided Mane Hair Conversions are great for anyone who’s into customizing their Sims’ horses’ mane. While the creator modestly calls for recolors, I think the base EA colors provided are a great starting point.

There’s so much potential for creativity here, especially with the logical map that makes adding painted or ombre versions a breeze. I’ve been having a blast experimenting with different styles. And guess what? More SSO hair conversions are on the way, which is super exciting! These conversions have added a whole new level of detail to my equine friends, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

38.) Mare and Foal In-Hand Pose Pack by Walnut Hill

sims 4 horse cc

If you’re into capturing those tender moments between a mare and her foal, you’ve got to check out the ‘Mare and Foal In-Hand Pose Pack’ by Walnut Hill. This pack is a treasure for Sims 4 equestrians! With four full-body poses, it showcases the bond between mother and baby in a show setting.

I personally love how each pose is designed with so much detail. Plus, the custom thumbnails make it super easy to find and select the right pose. Since using this pack, my in-hand show screenshots have never looked better.

39.) Western Tack Room by Buckaroo Ranch

sims 4 horse cc

Y’all, I’ve just decked out my Sims’ tack room with the Western Tack Room set by Buckaroo Ranch, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for any Western equestrian enthusiast!

This set is packed with eight pieces that transform any space into a cowboy’s dream. From those authentic Western Boots and Hats to the detailed Western Bridle with its Native American pattern, every item screams quality and style.

My personal favorite is the Hanging Western Saddle – it’s got 18 swatches, which means endless customization possibilities!

40.) Horse Crossing + Horseshoe sign by Cryptiam

Sims 4 horse ranch sign

Check out these Horse Crossing and Horseshoe sign set by Cryptiam perfect for your equestrian ranch. These two variants, complete with and without holes options, are base game compatible and add an authentic countryside charm to any horse ranch in The Sims 4. Their realistic details are sure to enhance the ranch atmosphere, making them a must-have for your equestrian-themed builds!”

41.) Unlucked – Horse Ranch Tree Pack by Bakie:

sims 4 horse cc

I’m truly excited to share my experience with the ‘Unlucked – Horse Ranch Tree Pack’ by Bakie. As someone who adores adding a touch of realism to my Sims’ environments, this pack is a great addition.

It offers a variety of trees like the Birch with white bark and the Oak with a more realistic bark texture, totally transforming my Horse Ranch setups. Whether you’re designing a serene pasture or a lively ranch, these trees, especially the lively Blue Gum and the fuller Mesquite, bring a vibrant, natural feel that’s simply captivating.

42.) Arena for competition by CCAColdcloud

sims 4 horse cc

Jumping into the ‘Arena for Competition!’ by CCAColdcloud has made my game alot of fun. This meticulously crafted lot brings the thrill of equestrian competitions right into my Sims’ world.

Don’t forget to use the cheat code bb.moveobjects before installation to ensure everything falls perfectly into place. The attention to detail is impressive, making each competition feel like a real event!

43.) Manes + Tails + Draft Mane Decorations by Walnut Hill

sims 4 horse cc

This creative collection offers a range of mane and forelock styles, from the Long Pulled Mane to various Arabian Forelocks. What really stands out is the Draft Mane Decorations – a unique touch for your horses, though they’re best left for parade days rather than riding.

This pack really does allow you to personalize your equestrian friends, adding more depth to your Sims 4 horse experience.

44.) Hello Horses by TheClutterCat

sims 4 horse cc

Exploring ‘Hello Horses’ by TheClutterCat has been a joy! This set wonderfully blends farm, and country house styles, offering versatility to spruce up any stable, yard, or horse-themed room.

From the cozy CowRugs to the practical GroomStableBucket and the quaint RanchJar, each item radiates a unique charm. The thoughtfulness in design, like the StirrupLamp and VintageLeatherChest, adds a realistic touch.

It’s fantastic how each piece can be used separately, allowing for creative freedom in designing spaces that reflect a true love for horses.

45.) Far West Wind Turbine by serinion

sims 4 horse cc

I absolutely love this Wind Turbine by serinion. This eco-friendly wind turbine not only boosts your off-the-grid lifestyle but also adds a touch of country to your Sim’s homestead.

With its sleek design, available in six different colors, it perfectly complements any outdoor setting. Ideal for players who have the Eco Lifestyle pack, it’s a must-have for those keen on green living in The Sims 4. The thought of powering my Sim’s home with this turbine, while staying environmentally conscious, really excites me!

46.) The Longhorn Inn by TheAgeofSims

sims 4 horse cc

I recently explored “The Longhorn Inn” by TheAgeofSims, and I must say, its southwestern charm and internal spaces really impressed me. Navigating through the Inn, I admired its ability to transform from a cozy restaurant to a serene residential area.

The mix of vintage and modern Western décor creates a unique atmosphere that’s perfect for my Sims seeking a novel dining experience or a tranquil equestrian getaway.

The suite-style bedrooms are a highlight, offering a private and comfortable space for relaxation. Try and it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

47.) Outdoor Canteen by toreno-werty

sims 4 horse cc

I stumbled upon this “Outdoor Canteen” by toreno-werty, and it’s been a decent ranch addition. This charming canteen, amidst the other outdoor settings of my ranch, offers a perfect spot for my Sims to grab a bite after a long day of horse riding.

It seamlessly blends into the rustic environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the ranch. The attention to detail in the design brings this canteen to life, making it a must-have for your horse ranch.

48.) WOODLAND Ranch by Pierisim

sims 4 horse cc

Exploring the “WOODLAND Ranch” by Pierisim has added charm to my Sims’ horse ranch. The monthly updates, offering a mix of build and buy pieces, allow for gradual and creative enhancement of equestrian spaces.

The wooden paneling and floorings, with their color block options, blend seamlessly into a horse ranch setting, offering both coziness and a touch of country. It’s great to see a collection that evolves, providing new design opportunities.

This set is perfect for those looking to gradually build a detailed and authentic ranch environment.

49.) Decor Stable by toreno-werty

Decor Stable by toreno-werty

If you’re all about adding some vintage charm to your stable, you’ve got to check out the “Decor Stable” set by toreno-werty.

It’s like stepping into an old-timey horse ranch – so perfect for those who adore a touch of glammor in their horse gameplay. When I mixed these pieces into my stable, it totally transformed the vibe, making it look super authentic and cozy.

For anyone who loves to get super creative with their lot designs, this set is a total game-changer! 🐴✨

50.) Racecourse | Horse Ranch by lifeofsims

Racecourse | Horse Ranch by lifeofsims

This racecourse by lifeofsims is where champions are made, offering an exhilarating and competitive atmosphere. It’s a place of triumph, spirit, and boundless energy. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

I hope this list helped you find and choose your new go-to horse CC for gameplay, videos, and all your creative endeavors!

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