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Ultimate Guide to Mastering The Sims 4 Decades Challenge

Step into the past and rewrite history in The Sims 4 with the Decades Challenge! A journey of through history, family sagas, and evolving societal norms.

sims 4 decades challenge

There is no more thrilling adventure than the Decades Challenge, where every period comes with its own set of specific rules, shaping your Sims’ lives throughout the 1890s to the 1990s.

The Sims 4 Decades challenge is a test of strategy and creativity, as you guide only male heirs through significant events like the World War or the Vietnam War. While some of the outlines of this post of only male heirs and the like can be triggering, it is history and the challenge has a good ending – I promise!

Your task? Maintain historical accuracy in a world without cell phones, where wooden furniture and house wooden floors are your only decor options, and kitchen appliances are a luxury of the future.

Navigate through the decades, adhering to rules that evolve with time. From the Korean War era, where your Sims might serve as volunteer nurses or manual laborer, to the dynamic 60s where women’s rights take center stage, each decade offers unique gameplay challenges.

Ensure your Sims earn money without the aid of money cheats, marry a spouse within a similar ethnicity in the early decades, and adapt to the changing roles of women and men.

Check out the Sims 4 decade challenge rules below, and leave a comment below and let us know how the challenge went for you and your Sim.

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge Rules

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the Sims 4 Decades Challenge rules, and give you an overview of the rules by period.

Below you’ll see rules I was able to collect from a general level, era-specific, and then a complete list of rules by Decades Challenge area.

If I’ve missed anything, be sure to point that out to me in the comment section below, and I’ll update the post.

sims 4 decades challenge rules

General Rules:

Let’s start with a few basic rules for the Sims 4 Decades Challenge. Below is a list of general guidelines to follow:

  • Start Date: Begin in the 1890s with a single Sim or a young adult couple.

  • Progression: Advance to the next decade every game week or after achieving specific goals.

  • Technology & Items: Use only items and technology available in that particular decade.

  • Heir Selection: Male heirs inherit property and titles in the early decades; this rule relaxes in later decades.

  • Marriage and Family: Sims should marry within the same ethnicity, opposite gender, and social class until the 1960s, reflecting historical norms. After the 1960s, these rules relax.

  • Employment and Roles: Female Sims may work outside the home from the 1940s onwards, with expanded career options in later decades.

  • Lifestyle: Reflect the lifestyle, fashion, and cultural norms of each decade through your Sims’ actions, choices, and interactions.

Decade Rules:

  • 1890s-1930s: Focus on traditional family roles, limited technology, and surviving economic challenges.

  • 1940s-1950s: Incorporate wartime experiences, rationing, and post-war recovery.

  • 1960s-1970s: Embrace social revolutions, cultural changes, and technological advancements.

  • 1980s-Present: Adapt to the rapid growth of technology, changing societal norms, and global influences.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Era Accuracy: Research and maintain accuracy in terms of fashion, architecture, and societal attitudes for the particular period.

  • Documentation: Chronicle your Sims’ lives through photos and stories.

  • Custom Content: Use era-appropriate custom content to enhance the historical feel of each decade.

Detailed Era Rules

The following rules are detailed for each of the Sims 4 Decade Challenge Era’s. You can use this list next time you decide to start the challenge.

1890s – The Eve of the 20th Century:

sims 4 decades challenge 1890s
  • Fashion: Victorian styles, only wooden furniture.

  • Technology: Basic, no electricity.

  • Roles: Strict gender roles; male heirs inherit.

1900s – Edwardian Era:

  • Style: Edwardian fashion and decor.

  • Work: Women’s roles limited to home. Only men work, and women stay home – boo! How far we’ve come ladies right!?

  • Society: Class distinctions are prominent.

1910s – World War I and Women’s Suffrage:

sims 4 decades challenge war time
  • Events: Reflect World War I impacts.

  • Changes: Women take on more roles due to the war.

  • Rights: Begin introducing women’s suffrage movements.

1920s – Roaring Twenties and Prohibition:

  • Lifestyle: Embrace jazz, flappers, and prohibition.

  • Economy: Boom in economic prosperity.

  • Culture: Shift in social norms and entertainment.

1930s – The Great Depression:

sims 4 decades challenge great depression
  • Economy: Reflect the economic hardships and scarcity.

  • Survival: Focus on resource management and resilience.

  • Family: Strong family bonds and community support.

1940s – World War II:

  • War: Show the impact of WWII on daily life.

  • Women: More active roles in society and workforce.

  • Recovery: Post-war recovery and societal changes.

1950s – Red Scare and Korean War:

  • Culture: Reflect the era’s conservatism and Red Scare.

  • War: Include Korean War influences.

  • Prosperity: Economic growth and suburban expansion during the Korean War.

1960s – Civil Rights, Sexual Revolution, and Counterculture:

sims 4 decades challenge counterculture
  • Movements: Emphasize civil rights and counterculture.

  • Changes: Major societal shifts and new freedoms.

  • Technology: Early stages of modern technology.

1970s – Feminism and Environmentalism:

sims 4 decades challenge feminism
  • Activism: Highlight feminism and environmental movements.

  • Society: Changes in societal norms and values.

  • Economy: Economic challenges and oil crises.

1980s – The Yuppies:

  • Lifestyle: Embrace the era’s materialism and yuppies culture.

  • Technology: Rapid technological advancements.

  • Fashion: Bold fashion and pop culture.

1990s – Globalization:

sims 4 decades challenge 1990s
  • World: Reflect the effects of globalization.

  • Technology: Growth of the internet and digital

  • Age: The era of the digital revolution.

  • Music: Rise of alternative and grunge music.

2000s – The New Millennium:

  • Tech: Embrace new technology like social media.

  • World Events: Address global events and their societal impacts.

  • Diversity: More diverse family structures and lifestyles.

2010s – Where do we go from here?:

sims 4 decades challenge 2000's
  • Digital Era: Advanced technology and social media dominance.

  • Eco-Awareness: Focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.

  • Social Changes: Reflect rapid social and cultural changes.

2020s – BONUS ROUND:

  • Contemporary: Mirror current societal trends and challenges.

  • Innovation: Incorporate the latest in Sim technology and lifestyle.

  • Adaptation: Adapt to the ever-changing world scenario.

These rules offer a structured and immersive way to experience each era’s unique characteristics in The Sims 4 Decades Challenge, ensuring a fun and educational gameplay experience! 🌟🎮


sims 4 decades challenge FAQs
  1. What is the Sims 4 Decades Challenge?

    • The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is a Sims 4 challenge where players guide their Sims through different decades, starting from the early 1900s. Each era has rules and themes reflecting the historical and societal changes of the time.

  2. How do I start the Decades Challenge?

    • To start, create a new game in The Sims 4 and build a home that fits the early 1900s era. The challenge typically begins with a single Sims or couples, and you must follow the rules for each era.

  3. Are there rules for each decade in the challenge?

    • Yes, each history time period has its own set of rules that cover aspects like fashion, technology, home decor, and societal norms – like roles for women or who you can marry. These rules are designed to mimic the historical period accurately.

  4. Can I use mods or custom content in the Decades Challenge?

    • Some players use mods and custom content to enhance the accuracy of each decade, while others prefer a vanilla base game experience. As an example, hardcore simmers may try to play the challenge without the money cheat.

  5. How do I progress to the next time period in the challenge?

    • Progress is based on a set number of sims game days, achieving certain goals, or reaching milestones specific to each decade.

  6. What happens if my Sim dies or fails to meet a decade’s challenge?

    • If your Sim dies or fails a challenge, you can continue with their descendants or restart the decade. The specific consequence often depends on the set of rules you’re following.

  7. Can I play with multiple families in the Decades Challenge?

    • Yes, you can switch between different families to add variety to your gameplay. Each family must adhere to the rules of the current decade.

  8. Is the Decades Challenge available in all versions of The Sims 4?

    • The Decades Challenge can be played in any version of The Sims 4, but having certain expansion packs enhances the experience by providing period-appropriate content.

  9. How do I keep track of the changing rules for each time period?

    • It’s helpful to keep a written or digital note of the rules for each decade, or you could use our list.

  10. Can I create my own variations of the Decades Challenge?

    • Absolutely! Many players tweak the rules or add their own spin to the challenge to suit their playstyle or interests.

Sims 4 Decades Challenge Tips and Tricks

sims 4 decades challenge tips and tricks

In playing this challenge as many times as I have over the years, I wanted to provide some ways I’ve found to spice things up – some tips and tricks if you will.

Tip 1 – Master the Market

In the Decades Challenge, economic flux is a constant. Sharpen your business acumen by navigating through the booms of the Roaring Twenties or the busts of the Great Depression. I like to experiment with different careers options and businesses to stay afloat in this era.

Tip 2 – Cultural Enrichment

Each decade carries its own cultural essence. Engage your Sims in period-specific activities. Host a 60s protest, a 20s jazz party, or an 80s arcade gaming night to add depth and fun to your challenge. These are just a few of things I do to make my Decades Challenge more fun.

Tip 3 – Historical Homework:

Research is key! You’ll really want to get to know each era’s major events and lifestyle trends. This knowledge will not only enrich your experience and storytelling but also inspire your challenge choices, from decor to dialogues.

Tip 4 – Tech Timeline:

I always had to be mindful technological advancements. I really had to focus on when to introduce things like a radio, a television, or a computer only when they historically appear. Focusing on the authenticity really made the challenge alot more fun.

Tip 5 – Dynamic Diversity:

While I’m not a huge fan of the way things were, it was interesting to reflect the changing societal norms. Experiencing the evolving dynamics was a blast, leaving the more conservative early 1900s to the more diverse turn of the millennium. It’s just simply fun to be a part of!

Wrapping it All Up

Reflect the changing societal norms in your Sims’ interactions and relationships. Embrace the evolving dynamics, from the conservative early 1900s to the more liberal and diverse turn of the millennium.

As we conclude our journey through the Sims 4 Decades Challenge, it’s clear that each era presents its unique set of rules and societal shifts for everyone to enjoy.

I have alot of fun playing this challenge watching sims born in the early decades grow up following traits of their parents beginning from school age, becoming a teen, and then one day getting married. It’s just such a journey to watch, and be part of.

The key to excelling in this Sims challenge lies in your ability to adapt to each decade’s evolving norms and technologies while creatively maintaining the essence of the challenge.

Really take the time to enjoy each era with enthusiasm and let your Sims’ stories unfold, reflecting the dynamic tapestry of time. After tall that’s what this game is all about. Happy time traveling, Simmers!

This post was all about The Sims 4 Decades Challenge

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