Do you want a cute and aesthetic gaming setup? Here’s the ultimate guide to creating a pink gaming setup with over 21 ideas and links to all the best pink gaming gear!

pink gaming setup ideas

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There is TRULY not enough gaming gear made for us gamer girls. Where is the representation? Luckily, in the past few years, gaming companies have started to come out with some really cute pink gaming stuff.

This list was made to give you tons of pink gaming setup ideas whether you just love playing video games or need a streaming setup. Everything from pink gaming chairs to pink gaming accessories to pink gaming décor is included. I’ve even added links to Amazon for almost everything to make it SUPER easy for you to create your very own pink gaming setup.

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Here are the best pink gaming setups with amazon links.

Pink Gaming Setup Ideas

1. Cute & Aesthetic Gaming Setup

Recreate this cute gaming setup:

If you want a pink gaming setup, but don’t want to take it overboard, this one is SO perfect. It has touches of pink, like the chair, keyboard, headphones, and mouse. But that’s about it. It’s simple, clean, and cute!

2. Girl Streamer Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this streamer gaming setup:

Female streamers, this one is for you! The whole setup is designed for streaming right down to the twitch pillow plush.

I’ve heard AMAZING things about the pink razer microphone and the AutoFull gaming chair. They’re very popular among girl gamers for a reason.

On a side note, the bunny ears in the pink gaming chair are actually removable, so that is the same chair that’s in the photo, just without the ears.

3. Uplifting Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this blue and pink gaming setup:

Two things really stood out to me in this game setup: that neon sign and the LED pink computer lights. They both make this desk perfect for a late-night gaming sesh.

The neon sign is on the pricier side, but I think it would be worth it to pull the entire aesthetic together.

4. Aesthetic Pink Gaming Desk

Recreate this aesthetic, pink gaming setup:

This is a totally decked out pink gaming setup built for work and play. Streaming, gaming, Youtube, editing. You can truly do anything, and it’s cute too!.

I’m convinced that the pink gaming laptop she has is no longer sold, but you may be able to find one secondhand on an app like Mercari (P.S. that link gives you $10 off your first order!)

5. Pink Cat Gaming Setup

Recreate this cat lover’s gaming setup:

Combine all of your passions with this pink, cat-inspired gaming setup. You can find kitty paws through this setup, as well as, beautiful purple, pink, & blue gradients. There are truly no limits when it comes to a cat owner’s love!

6. Neon Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this pink, anime gaming setup:

The huge anime neon sign is the star of the show at this battle station. The other thing that totally catches my attention is that adorable Animal Crossing plush.

All my Animal Crossing lovers NEED that Isabelle plushie. It looks so cute as gaming desk decor!

7. Pink Gaming Setup for Gamer Girl

Recreate this pink, gamer girl setup:

This pink gaming desk setup has TONS of cute little details and gaming accessories. The LED alarm clock is pretty inexpensive and looks adorable.

I also have to mention the Sailor Moon Nintendo Switch case. A total must-have for my Nintendo gamers!

8. Pink Gaming Setup with Neon Heart Sign

Recreate this cool gaming setup:

This gaming setup is definitely on the pricier side featuring a Secret Labs gaming chair. However, there are a few pieces from this desk that you can pick up if you’re on a budget.

The large pink gaming mouse pad is under $25 and that SUPER cool computer case with LED fans is a steal at under $100.

9. Aesthetic Pink & White Gaming Setup

Recreate this pink & white gaming setup:

I’m OBSESSED with this gaming setup. It’s sleek, clean, and minimal. The gaming accessories (mouse + keyboard) look incredible against a white desk. And the pink & purple keycaps are a beautiful little detail.

I personally think that pink and white is a GREAT choice for a girls gaming setup!

10. White Girls Gaming Setup

Recreate this girls white gaming setup:

Another option is to go almost all-white with just a small amount of pink. The white microphone especially makes this desk look super clean and crisp. And how adorable are those pink & white switch controllers with the kitty ears?!

11. All Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this ultimate pink gaming setup:

This entirely pink gaming setup features ALL of what Razer has to offer in pink gaming gear. They have everything from a pink mouse to pink earbuds to a pink phone case to a pink controller.

Razer isn’t always the cheapest option, but they’re a very popular and reputable brand. So, you know that you’re getting quality gaming stuff when you purchase from them!

12. Pink Kawaii Gaming Setup

Recreate this kawaii gaming setup:

This is another gaming setup that incorporates a lot of pink and white, and does it flawlessly! I thought that the cat thumb caps for the Nintendo switch were super cute and had to be shared.

Oh, and that keyboard is SO cool with the round keycaps. It comes in a ton of different colors and isn’t very expensive.

13. Kawaii Girl Gamestation

Recreate this kawaii gamestation:

If you’re a girl gamer who likes a more subtle vibe, this gaming chair is for you! It has the cutest colors on a white base, but doesn’t overwhelm us with pink. It’s on my personal list of favorite gaming chairs!

14. Retro Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this retro girls gaming setup:

This gaming setup gave me such retro kawaii vibes. SO cute! The large desk pad was a standout for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact one in the photo, but I did find something super similar.

If you want a vertical monitor setup, you’ll need one of these vertical monitor mounts that allow you to flip your monitor. I love the look of a vertical monitor. What are your thoughts?

15. Sailor Moon Anime Gaming Setup

Recreate this pink, anime gaming setup:

I was SO bummed that I couldn’t find this incredible Sailor Moon neon sign for you guys. From the research I’ve done, it appears that it was custom-made and incredibly expensive.

I thought that a cute alternative would be a Sailor Moon tapestry to put up behind your desk, or if you’re a streamer, behind you.

Another cool feature of this gaming setup is the double monitors with one stand. You can replicate this by using the dual monitor stand that I’ve linked above. It even comes in pink!

16. Cheap Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this pink gaming setup on a budget:

To create a cheap pink gaming setup, stick to mouse and keyboard combos. You can find them all over amazon.

Lighting is also a total game-changer. They really give it that “gamer” look. You can easily find high-quality RGB LED lights for under $40.

17. Pink & White Gaming Setup

Recreate this pink & white gaming setup for girls:

This is a more simple and minimal gaming setup for girls which I love. The pink fanlights and the pink & purple gaming chair really make all the difference here. They definitely elevate the setup and look super cool!

18. Pink Kawaii Gaming Setup

Recreate this bright & clean pink gaming setup:

Wow! How adorable is this one? I love all the pink touches. From the pink frames, pink monitor stands, and pink wrist cushions, this gaming setup is decked out.

19. First Gaming Setup for Girl Gamer

Recreate this pink, first pc gaming setup:

If you want a pink gaming setup for cheap, this one is for you! Mouse and keyboard combos are typically less expensive. And those pink headphones are under $30 with GREAT reviews. It’s a nice little reminder that you don’t need to spend a ton to have a cool gaming setup.

20. Cherry Blossom Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this cherry blossom inspired gaming setup:

This gaming setup incorporates cherry blossoms in such a cute and unique way!

Now, can we talk about that purple cable? I absolutely LOVE it! I just had to share a link with you guys. I’m buying one ASAP.

21. Neon Pink Gaming Setup

Recreate this gaming setup with neon lights:

If you want a gaming setup perfect for staying up late, neon signs are a must-have. The lightning bolt is VERY trendy right now and the rainbow adds that touch of cuteness.

Oh, and don’t forget about the light-up gaming keyboard! It’s a staple.

22. Cute Pink Gaming Setup with White Desk

Recreate this cute, pink gaming setup:

I love how clean and minimal this gaming setup is! It’s filled with lots of baby pinks contrasted by the gorgeous white gaming desk and a few touches of purple thrown in.

I hope that these pink gaming setup ideas inspired you and that you found some new girly gaming gear. As always, leave any questions or comments below!

This post was all about the Best Pink Gaming Setups.

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