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33+ Coolest Sims 4 Piercings To Give Your Sims an Edgy Look

Tired of searching all over the internet for quality sims 4 piercings? I’ve compiled a list of the very best piercing cc including everything from lip piercings to belly piercings to nose piercings.

sims 4 piercings

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If you need more sims 4 piercings for your cc folder, I’ve got you covered. This list is a collection of all of the piercing cc you would ever need! All of the piercings are made by amazing and credible custom content creators.

As a quick disclosure, this post does not contain earrings because I’ve decided to keep those for an upcoming jewelry collection post. This post is purely focused on more unique sims 4 piercing cc like facial and body piercings.

Here are the best sims 4 piercings cc.

Best Sims 4 Piercings

1. Sims 4 Piercing Set by PralineSims

PralineSims is the god of sims 4 piercings. They make gorgeous and trendy piercings for your sims, including this chain piercing collection.

It has 7 different piercings for your sim’s nose, lips, and ears. They come in 15 different colors and work well on both male and female sims. All of PralineSim’s piercings are an absolute must-have!


2. Sims 4 Face Piercings by Magic Bot

If you’re looking for super edgy piercing sets for your sims, Magic Bot has you covered. They make tons of sims 4 face piercings packs including this circular cone set.

All of these piercings can be used individually or as an entire set (as featured in the photo.) For more unique piercing sets, check out Magic Bot’s Patreon.


I recently noticed that this set of piercings has been put behind a paywall. Here’s a similar one from the same creator that is free to download: Face Piercing Circular Ball Set 😄

3. Sims 4 Eyebrow Piercing Set by PralineSims

sims 4 piercings cc

If you’re cc shopping for sims 4 eyebrow piercings then this is the set for you. It comes with 29 piercings in a variety of styles: eyebrow, bridge, and anti eyebrow.

They come in 5 swatches and can be combined with each other!


4. Sims 4 Piercings Resized by Simkoos

sims 4 piercings

This sims 4 piercing set is an absolute must-have! When the sims team gave us a whole bunch of awesome piercings with Discover University, they made them WAY too big. They are super chunky.

This creator took all those piercings and resized them to be much more realistic and much cuter. And the best part is, they’re all maxis match cc.


5. Sims 4 Nose Ring by PlayersWonderland

nose ring sims 4

This adorable sims 4 nose piercing goes on the left nostril and is available in 7 swatches. I loved how it has the look of a septum ring but fits like a traditional nose piercing.


6. Sims 4 Cheek Piercings by PralineSims

These are the cutest dimple piercings for your sims. You have the option of using them on both, the left, or the right sides of your sim’s face. And they come in 15 different colors!

If you’re looking for maxis match dimple piercings, you can find those further down at #24 on this list!


7. Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing by PickyPikachu

sims 4 belly button ring piercing

This sims 4 belly button piercing is a true classic! It was posted in July of 2015 by PickyPikachu. Six whole years ago!

It still works perfectly in 2021 (as you can see by my sim modeling it in the photo here) and it’s one of the best belly button rings you can find for the sims to this day. It comes in four color options: black, gold, silver, and rainbow metal.


8. Sims 4 Piercing CC Pack by PralineSims

sims 4 piercings cc pack

I told you at the beginning of this post that you would only ever need this list if you’re looking for sims 4 piercings and this is exactly why. PralineSims has blessed us with a sims 4 piercing cc pack that includes 92 piercings!!

It includes septum piercings, lip piercings, nose studs, nose chains, eyebrow piercings, and more. And the craziest part is…they can almost all be combined with each other. If you enjoy or don’t mind sims 4 alpha cc, this is truly the only piercing set you would need.

*I believe this pack includes piercings from several other of PralineSims piercing packs, so just be aware that you may have duplicates if you download them all.


9. Sims 4 Septum Ring by LeahLilith

sims 4 septum ring

This is an edgy septum piercing for your sims with gorgeous bead detailing. The black swatches of this nose ring are incredible! They look SO good.

This sims 4 cc piercing comes in 5 swatches and works best on female sims.


10. Sims 4 Smiley Piercing by PickyPikachu

sims 4 smiley piercing

This unique piercing for your sims is called a smiley. It’s only noticeable when your sims smile.

This sims 4 piercing is SUPER subtle, so don’t be worried if you put it on your sim and can barely see it. It comes in four color swatches and is usable for both male and female sims.


11. Sims 4 Nose Ring Piercing Set by PralineSims

sims 4 piercing set

If you’re looking for a sims 4 nose ring piercing set, PralineSims has you covered with this one. You’ll get 3 piercing options for both the left & ride sides. Plus each of them come in 10 color swatches and work for both males & females.

(also can we talk about how gorgeous the female sim in that photo is though? I’m obsessed!)


12. Sims 4 Septum Piercing by Simkoos

nose ring sims 4

This sims 4 septum piercing is actually one of my favorite and most-used sims 4 piercings on this list!

It’s maxis match cc, the perfect size, and comes in eight gorgeous swatches. If you’re looking for more nose rings for your sims, I highly recommend downloading this one!


13. Sims 4 Lip Piercing by PlayersWonderland

sims 4 lip piercing

I love how delicate this lip piercing is. It’s perfect for your sims that are wanting a more delicate look instead of a big, chunky piercing. This sims 4 lip piercing comes in 6 unique swatches.


14. Sims 4 Monroe Piercing by LeahLilith

sims 4 monroe piercing

This is a super edgy sims 4 Monroe piercing that comes in four swatches. It will work on both your male and female sims. LeahLilith is an incredible cc creator who makes great sims 4 piercings, hairs, and other accessories. You can check out all of their work on The Sims Resource.


15. Sims 4 Belly Piercing by Suzue

sims 4 belly piercing

A classic sparkly belly button ring piercing for your sims. I’m pretty sure I had this exact belly button ring in both of these colors when I was in high school.

This sims 4 navel piercing is for your female sims, ages teen to elder. It actually comes in 16 different swatches and you’ll find it in the gloves category.


16. Sims 4 Vertical Labret Piercing by vegantrait

sims 4 piercings

This is a wonderfully-made, maxis match vertical labret sims 4 piercing. If you don’t know, a vertical labret piercing is essentially a lip piercing that goes vertically through the very bottom of your lip. The exit hole of the piercing actually sits below your bottom lip.

This sims 4 version comes in 6 swatches and fits both male and female sims.


17. Sims 4 Medusa Piercing by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 medusa piercing

WeepingSimmer creates wonderful sims 4 maxis match piercings! Unfortunately, they are no longer making cc 🙁 But lucky for us, they made quite a few piercings that are still usable in 2021.

This medusa piercing comes in 20 different colors and works with all of their other piercings, which you’ll find further down this list.


18. Sims 4 Star Septum Ring by sugar owl

sims 4 septum ring

I love putting this dainty and cute septum piercing on my sims! It has a tiny star on the end that gives it that little bit of detail and feminity. But it still works beautifully on male sims!

Once downloaded, you’ll get it in 25 different swatches and you can find it in the right eyebrow ring category.


19. Sims 4 Nose Chains by bloodmooncc

sims 4 nose piercing

This is a version of nose chain piercings that I had actually never seen before, but it’s super cool. It’s a chain that connects double high nostril piercings.

This sims 4 nose piercing comes in two versions: one with balls on the end or another with spikes on the end. Each of them come in 11 different swatches and they work perfectly on male or female sims.


20. Sims 4 Lip Piercing Set by PralineSims

sims 4 piercings cc pack

If you’re looking for sims 4 lip piercings, this is the collection you need from PralineSims. It comes with 16 lip piercings, each in 15 color swatches, AND they can all be combined. It’s an incredible piercing set for sims 4 that you must check out!


21. Sims 4 Spider Bites Piercing by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 face piercings

Here’s a maxis match spider bite piercing for your sims. This piercing only comes in a left-side option, but you’ll have 20 color swatches to choose from.


22. Sims 4 Twisted Hoop Nose Ring Set

nose ring for sims 4

This is one of the only places on this list where I’ve included earrings, but only because they come in this incredible pack.

In this sims 4 piercing set, you’ll get hoop earrings and two twisted hoop nose piercings. One that goes on the side of the nose, like a traditional nose ring, and another that is a septum ring.

They come in several variations of metal colors and the earrings & nose piercings can be used together.


23. Sims 4 Triple Nose Piercing by PlayersWonderland

sims 4 nose piercing

Interested in getting a nose ring? Why not get three? This triple stud nose ring for the sims 4 is cute and dainty making a triangle on your sim’s nose.

It comes in three swatches and works only on female sims.


24. Sims 4 Maxis Match Dimple Piercing by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 dimple piercing

Dimple piercings are so cute! They used to be super popular. They’re not so much anymore, but I still love them!

This sims 4 dimple piercing is maxis match cc and comes in 20 swatches.


25. Sims 4 Dangling Belly Button Piercing by Suzue

sims 4 belly button ring

For the life of me, I could not figure out the “proper” name for belly button rings like these so I went with dangling. (If you know the correct term, let me know in the comments!)

This sims 4 navel piercing will give your sims that Y2K look many of us are going for these days. It comes in 4 swatches and only works on female sims. Once downloaded, you’ll find it in the ring category.


26. Sims 4 Bridge Piercings by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 facial piercings

Bridge piercings have become super common over the past few years. This is a maxis match version made by weepingsimmer. It comes in two different versions as you can see in the picture and 20 color options.

If you’re looking for sims 4 facial piercings, this is definitely one you need to check out!


27. Sims 4 Septum Nose Ring by Magnolia-C

sims 4 piercings

I absolutely love the style of this sims 4 septum ring! It looks great on both male and female sims. It comes in 5 color swatches and works well with other piercings.


28. Sims 4 Triangle Septum Ring by Suzue

sims 4 triangle nose ring

This is a super unique septum piercing by Suzue posted on The Sims Resource. It comes to a point right above your sim’s cupid’s bow. Really cute!

It comes in 5 swatches, fits teens through elders, and works on both genders. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to find it in the ring category of your sim’s accessories.


29. Sims 4 Nose Chain by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 nose chain cc

I was so happy to come across this maxis match nose chain piercing because I had only previously been able to find alpha nose chains for the sims 4.

It comes in a whopping 32 swatches and fits both genders.


30. Sims 4 Stud Nose Ring Piercing Set by PralineSims

sims 4 piercings cc

This adorable stud nose ring for your sims is perfect if you’re going for a subtle look. It’s one of the best-looking nose rings for the sims 4 in my personal opinion.

It comes in 5 colors, it fits all genders, and it can go on the left or right nostril.


31. Sims 4 Nose Ring by Simtone

sims 4 maxis match nose ring

This is a cute, little maxis match nose ring. I absolutely love this nose ring because it looks very realistic. I actually have one just like it!

It comes in 5 swatches and can be used on both males & females.


32. Sims 4 Maxis Match Monroe Piercing by WeepingSimmer

sims 4 face piercings

This is another incredible sims 4 maxis match piercing by weepingsimmer. This time we have a Monroe piercing that comes in 20 swatches. It’s available for both genders and works well with other sims 4 cc piercings.


33. Sims 4 Lip & Eyebrow Piercing Set by PralineSims

sims 4 facial piercings

The Jekyll & Hyde piercing collection by Pralinesims features a whole set of sims 4 facial piercings. First, there are lip corner piercings then two versions of an anti-eyebrow piercing with a left & right version for each.

These piercings come in 15 different colors and work for all genders and ages teen through elder.


Those are the absolute best sims 4 piercings that I’ve found. I would love to know if you have any favorites that I haven’t listed here! Feel free to leave me a comment below or tag me on tumblr at @musthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Piercings.

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