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27+ Most Magical Pieces of Sims 4 Witch CC

Looking to create a gorgeous witch or beautify their cottage with witchy clutter? This is all of the absolute best sims 4 witch cc to make your sims game more magical.

sims 4 witch cc

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I have to be honest with you…I’m not a huge fan of occult sims. I know. I know. Some players only play with occult sims. I, on the other hand, don’t find myself playing with them very often. I’m very into realistic gameplay.

However, when I do play with them, I make sure that their entire look and homes are on point. This is a list of the sims 4 witch cc that I keep in my cc folder. It’s some of the absolute best witchy cc you can find!

You’ll have to check each listing just to be sure, but most of the cc on this list doesn’t actually require the sims 4 realm of magic to use. So, if you’re just looking to create some witch-themed sims or builds, this would list would work well for you.

Here’s the best sims 4 witch cc including clothes, decor, hats, accessories, and makeup.

Best Sims 4 Witch CC Clothes

1. Sims 4 Witchy CC Bodysuit by Trillyke

sims 4 witch cc clothes

A modern & sexy bodysuit for your witchy sims. I love how versatile this bodysuit is. It looks great on witches but is totally usable for your other sims!


2. Sims 4 Jadis Dress by Sentate

This is the Jadis dress from Sentate. A wonderful sims 4 cc creator. The dress comes in 22 colors including a couple of patterns.

The darker colors and the patterns look great on a witch sim. This dress overall gives me powerful and regal witch vibes. What do you think?


3. Sims 4 Witchy Mini Dress by Trillyke

sims 4 witchy cc

This is the medusa dress. It’s a witchy dress that comes in an assortment of dark, rich colors and patterns.

The dress initially comes without the sleeves, but you can add them on finding them in the glove category.


4. Sims 4 Witch CC Pack by Saurus

sims 4 witch cc

This is a huge cc pack for your witches with 11 new items. You’ll receive hats, dresses, and hair. It’s all maxis match and very witchy.

The coolest part about the pack is that there are clothes for all ages! Love when we get new stuff for our kiddo and toddler sims.

The moonstone hair that comes with this pack is absolutely gorgeous! It’s probably one of my favorite hairs on this list.


5. Sims 4 Evil Witch Dress by Renorasims

sims 4 witch cc clothes

I can’t lie. This is my FAVORITE dress on this list. The detailing and the color swatches are so beautiful. I especially love the purple swatch, as seen in the photo above.

This dress was made with wicked witches in mind, but I think it also feels very royal to me. I could see a princess wearing this gown.


6. Sims 4 Elodie Dress by storylegacysims

sims 4 witch clothes cc

This is the cutest little dress for your witch sims. It has very studious vibes to me. It may be perfect for your witch sim attending University? 😅


7. Sims 4 Witch Outfit by Renorasims

sims 4 realm of magic cc

I imagine this outfit for the all-grown-up professional witches. It might be perfect for an adult mom sim. It comes in SO many great color swatches and the attention to detail with this cc is incredible.

You’ll find incredible sims 4 cc on Renorasim’s website so be sure to also give that a look and show her some support.


8. Sims 4 Witchy Dress by simetery

If you’re creating a witch sim, then you absolutely NEED this adorable witchy dress. It comes in 9 spooky & fun patterns!

Although the image suggests that it requires a mesh from Get Together, it was recently updated to say that it needs a mesh from Romantic Garden.


Best Sims 4 Witch Hat CC

9. Sims 4 Cornelia Witch Hat by Joliebean

sims 4 witch cc

This witch hat has a lot of decoration all over it. I’m not sure if this is what the creator was going for, but I sense a lot of day of the dead inspiration and a tiny bit of fall foliage sprinkled in there as well.

This hat will definitely let your magical sim show off their unique personality and style.


10. Sims 4 The Witch’s Hat by okruee

sims 4 witch hat cc

Ahhh! I love the mushrooms on this hat. It’s too cute! This witch hat cc is perfect for your earthy witches. It comes in 10 color swatches and works for all ages, male or female.


11. Sims 4 DIY Witch Hats by divadoom

sims 4 witch hats

This is a pack of 7 new sims 4 witch hats to choose from. Each of them is super unique allowing your witchy sims to show off their personalities through their hat.

One of the hats even comes in sizes for children, toddlers, and a decorative version. So cool!


12. Sims 4 Witch Hat for Toddlers by zurkdesign

sims 4 witch hat for toddlers

We always need new cc for our toddlers! This is a witch hat for your precious toddler spellcasters. It comes in 7 color options to give your sims variety.


13. Sims 4 Witch CC Pack with Bewitching Hat by Nolan-Sims

sims 4 realm of magic cc

This is actually a witch cc pack for the sims 4 and the bewitching hat comes as part of it. It works with just the base game and comes in 15 color swatches for males and females.

I recommend downloading this entire witchy cc pack because you’ll get new shoes, new decor, a new dress, and of course, the hat.


14. Sims 4 Modern Witch Hat by lazerly

sims 4 witch hat cc

This sims 4 witch hat would fit well with spellcasters who have a more feminine or cottagecore style. It comes in 5 unique color swatches, including this gorgeous pastel pink.


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Best Sims 4 Witch CC Decor & Furniture

15. Sims 4 Witch Clutter CC by kumikya

sims 4 witch clutter cc

These witch cc clutter items are freakin’ ADORABLE. I love the colors the creator chose. They’ve all been slotted to fit the smallest slots so they can be used all around your witch’s quaint cottage.


16. Sims 4 Witchy Kid Chemistry Table by mlys

sims 4 witch cc furniture

Unfortunately, young spellcasters did not get the attention they deserve in the sims 4 realm of magic. But with this sims 4 witch cc furniture, you can give your child sims a chemistry table that has a magical essence until they’re able to come into their full powers.

You’ll receive two versions, one of which matches the furniture from the realm of magic. It’s a must-have for any young witches.


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17. Sims 4 Witch Potions Clutter CC by simdertalia

sims 4 witch clutter cc

This witch potion clutter is perfect for the shelves in your witch’s cottage or tower. You’ll find ingredients like snake tongue, squid ink, lizard tail, and more. Plus a few humorously named potions. There are 13 swatches overall and you can find them in the clutter category.


18. Sims 4 Realm of Magic CC Pack by Lolnyny’s Mods

sims 4 witch cc pack

This is a witchy cc pack that includes a lot of new decorative items for your witch’s home. The artwork that comes with this pack is a must-have for me. I use the stunning new prints when decorating all types of sim homes. I feel like they fit really well in teenage bedrooms.

To see everything that’s included, with pictures, head on over to the download page on the creator’s tumblr to check it all out.


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19. Sims 4 Apocethary’s Chest by Magnolian Farewell

sims 4 witch clutter cc

How cute is this?! This cc apothecary chest is to die for. This is a decor item that you can use to decorate your witch sim’s home.

It comes in 6 color swatches. Plus the shelf is slotted! You’ll get one large slot and nine smaller slots.


20. Sims 4 Sabrina Witch Decor CC by Soloriya

sims 4 witch cc decor

If you’re looking for sims 4 witch clutter, then this is an amazing set to download. It includes 13 new decorative clutter items all with a very spooky vibe!


21. Sims 4 Botany Book Decor by Martine’s Simblr

sims 4 witch cc decor

These would look so perfect in a witches forest cottage! There are ten swatches to give you lots of different options for decorating. You can find them with the other clutter in buy mode.


22. Trendy Sims 4 Witch CC by MoonRiver

This Be Witchy set is four unique items that are perfect for your trendy witches. It includes a planter, two jewelry dishes (moon & star), and a jewelry box.

23. Realm of Magic Sims 4 Spooky CC Set by Nocturne

This is a HUGE sims 4 spooky cc pack! The 42 maxis match cc items would look great in a spooky witch’s home.

One of the coolest things about this pack is that all of the items have been converted from The Sims 3 and The Sims 2, so things may look a bit familiar.

Best Sims 4 Witch CC Makeup, Hair, & Accessories

24. Lilith Eyeshadow & Face Tattoos by Ladysimmer

sims 4 makeup cc

This is a little combo pack of makeup and tattoos for your witch sims. First, you’ll get these really beautiful purple eyeshadows. Then four tiny facial tattoos like the moon pictured above.

LadySimmer makes some stunning sims all around, so I highly recommend checking out some of her other stuff if you have the chance.


25. Morgana Witchy Hair (TS4 MM CC) by Feral Poodles

sims 4 witch cc hair

I love a good wavy bob and this one is made specifically for your witchy sims. It comes in TONS of colors (over 60) and works well with hats and accessories.


26. Sims 4 Fishnets by sondescent

sims 4 witch cc clothes

I’m OBSESSED with these fishnets. They come in 5 colors and will work on both male & female sims.

Like some other clothes on this list, these are super versatile. They don’t just have to be for your witch sims. I find myself using these all the time for all types of sims.


27. Sims 4 Elysian Necklace by blahberry-pancake

This sims 4 cc necklace is very cool and gives off those mystical vibes we’re going for. The heart right above the crystal is such a nice touch.

You do have to end up downloading them off of Simsdom, which is not my favorite (as you may know from this post), but I loved it so much that I had to.


28. Sims 4 Witch Tattoos by cowplant-pizza

With this sims 4 sleeve tattoo, your witchy sim’s arm will be covered in cute little flowers. The tattoo designs are delicate and detailed making them perfect for spellcasters.


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29. Sims 4 Cosmos Earrings & Necklace by blahberry-pancake

sims 4 magical cc

The Cosmos jewelry collection is perfect for your magical sims. The sun, moon, and stars have gorgeous detailing and they come in 20 different swatches.

Again, you do have to end up downloading them off of Simsdom, which is not my favorite (as you may know from this post), but they ended up being well worth it!


30. Sims 4 Star Tattoos by sugarowl

sims 4 witch tattoos

These mystical star tattoos will look great on your witchy sims. It comes in 15 swatches and works on males & females.

I’m especially in love with that gold swatch! It looks so beautiful on the darker skin tones.


This was all the best sims 4 witch cc that I like to keep in my cc folder. I would love to know about your favorite witchy cc or own personal creations. Feel free to leave me a comment below or tag me on tumblr at @musthavemods.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Witch CC.

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