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The Best of Ravasheen: 15 Mods & CC You Need in The Sims 4

Here’s everything you need to download from the incredible sims 4 creator, Ravasheen, for improved sims 4 gameplay.

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I’ve never done a feature piece on a sims 4 creator before.

But since recently downloading almost ALL of Ravasheen’s cc and mods, I couldn’t help myself.

Ravasheen is hands down one of the best sims 4 cc creators!

Their creations truly add to my gameplay by making sims 4 more enjoyable and more interesting by creating items with better functionality and tons of creativity.

I’m going to share with you all of the best Ravasheen sims 4 cc & mods that I find absolutely ESSENTIAL to have in your game.

This post is all about the best sims 4 cc and mods by Ravasheen.

Best Ravasheen CC for Sims 4

1. Market Science Sims 4 Retail Stands

These custom market stands for sims 4 give your sims more options when it comes to selling their goods.

Your sims can sell anything on these market stands to make some extra money.

I think these would be PERFECT for setting up a community flea market lot!

2. A-Dough-Able Sims 4 Cupcake Maker

I truly do not understand EA’s decision-making sometimes.

Why, oh why, did they decide to turn useful, everyday items into big, CLUNKY objects?

Specifically, I’m talking about that gigantic cupcake factory. 🙄

I personally never even use it because it’s such an eyesore to place in your sim’s home.

Lucky for us, Ravasheen created a cupcake factory substitute in the form of a piping bag.

You just click on the piping bag to start baking the cupcakes you want, and your sim will make them in the oven… as a normal person would.

3. Filthy Fabulous for Rags to Riches

Ravasheen is truly a brilliant mind when it comes to creating sims 4 cc and mods!

Simmers LOVE the Rags to Riches challenge.

Now we have 12 new functional objects that are SO USEFUL for the beginning stages of rags to riches when your sim has almost nothing to their name.

All the items work off-the-grid and really give off the struggle vibe.

You can see everything that’s included and more details on the download page linked below. There’s even an overview video!

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4. Uplifting Sims 4 Elevators

The functional elevator created by Ravasheen is a popular download in the sims community for good reason.

This allows you to place an elevator on any lot no matter what packs you have.

Sims will, thankfully, use these autonomously, so you won’t need stairs on that lot or be forced to control your sims every time they need to go upstairs or downstairs.

If you are able, please consider joining Ravasheen’s Patreon. This is a great way to show your support for our lovely sims 4 cc creators and gets you exclusive & early access content. 😊

5. Voidcritter Gaming Tablet

I’m SERIOUSLY obsessed with this custom Voidcritter gaming tablet by Ravasheen!

This might be one of my favorites on the list.

You’re likely to see a pattern throughout this post, but this gaming tablet replaces the ridiculously large Voidcritter battle station that EA gave us.

There’s a lot to this mod/cc and I highly recommend visiting the download page and learning all about it.

Plus, this isn’t only usable for kids. Now teens, adults, and elders can enjoy the game too!

And quick shout out to LittleDica who joined forces with Ravasheen and helped to create the texturing for the tablet.

6. Saleabration Sims 4 Retail System

The Saleabration Retail System by Ravasheen is another essential mod for getting the most out of your Sims 4 gameplay.

We all know that the retail system in the sims 4 is severely lacking, but with the saleabration mod, you now have the ability to create extremely unique shops with even more control over your store.

This includes creating an at-home business, which was one of my favorite features of The Sims 2.

There are no limits in this mod as to what you can sell or where you can sell.

And all the little signs that come with the download are so cute.

Total Sims 2 Open for Business vibes! 🛍️

7. Do It Your Shelf Cubbies 2.0

This is the updated version of Ravasheen’s original custom cubby system with better functionality and better looks overall.

I love using these when decorating kid and teen rooms!

They totally remind me of Ikea furniture and are perfect for storing all those toys, trophies, and other knick-knacks you collect as a child.

8. Ken You Not Sims 4 Dollhouses

To go along with your new cubbies are these adorable 1-tile dollhouses for your child sims made by Ravasheen.

SO much better than those crazy big ones that take up all of your child’s bedroom space!

And the best part is, your toddler sims can also enjoy them!

The dollhouses come in various styles and swatches and look somewhat like legos or building blocks.

Toddler sims will gain the imagination skill when playing and child sims will gain the creativity skill.

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9. Functional Sims 4 Piggy Banks

This money mod is SUPER useful!

It creates a way for individual sims to have their own money, separate from the household.

This would be perfect for say a teen who wants to save money from their part-time job for college or a sim who’s living with roommates to keep their money separate.

Once you place the piggy bank and a sim puts money in it, then that sim owns that piggy bank and the money within it.

However, some sims are able to steal money IF they have bad traits. 😳

10. Shop Chef Ingredients

If you love realistic gameplay and retail, then you need this set of cc ingredients!

This mini-mod would be PERFECT for setting up a grocery store in Sims 4.

To explain the mod a little more in-depth, if you click on the fish then your sim will be able to purchase fish that will go directly into their inventory. It’s super realistic!

11. Trash Talk Sims 4 Recycler

This is another one of my must-have Ravasheen mods because of the fact that the original recycler that came with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack is SO ugly and, once again, CLUNKY!

This is not an override, but an additional recycler in buy mode.

It looks like a normal recycling can and also functions as a trashcan!

12. Ink for Yourself Sims 4 Memory Journal

If you are like me and LOVED the memory system from sims 2, you absolutely need this mod!

Although it’s a manual process, this is a way that your sims can capture memories and relieve them throughout their life.

It’s all done through a journal and you get to write & customize the entries yourself!

13. Sims 4 Hidden Lighting System

This is a super useful mod created by Ravasheen that allows you to place hidden lights throughout your lots.

Instead of having to use that one saucer light (you know what I’m talking about) all over your ceilings, you can place these in various, random spots and when you go into Live mode, they will be hidden!

It also comes with an adorable light switch that you can place on your walls to control the hidden lights. Perfect for realistic gameplay and house builds!

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14. ISO Love Photos Sims 4 Full Control Camera

The point of Ravasheen’s ISO Love Photos camera mod is to give you more control when taking pictures in the sims 4.

It takes away the need for a photographer sim, allowing your sims to stay in poses, and lets you place the camera wherever you want in the world to take the picture.

The custom camera also increases the number of photos in a session from 10 to 25, so you have more chances to get the perfect shot!

15. Photographic Memory 2.0

The Ravasheen photographic memory mod adds SO much to storytelling in the sims 4.

It really makes your sim’s homes feel super realistic by allowing you to transfer your sim’s photos into polaroids, prints, paintings, and more that you can then place into the world.

I especially love that the prints and everything are compatible with the corkboard already in the game, so you can have an entire corkboard filled with family photos. How cute!

Plus you can edit photos after they’ve already been taken to fix any of those low-quality photos with fingers in the way.

There’s even more to this mod and I recommend reading the download page for everything that’s included!

In the comments below, I’d love for you to share with me either your favorite Ravasheen creation OR your favorite sims 4 cc creator. I’d love to check them out!

This post was all about the Best Ravasheen Sims 4 CC.

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Friday 4th of March 2022

i downloaded almost every single item. The smaller versions of items are just *chefs kiss* thanks for sharing!!


Saturday 5th of March 2022