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101+ Sims 4 House Ideas to Inspire Your Next Build (Ultimate Sims 4 Build Ideas List)

This is the ULTIMATE sims 4 building inspiration list! With over 100 sims 4 house ideas, you’ll never run out of cool, cute, & just plain weird lots to build.

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Do you love building in the Sims 4, but you’re lacking ideas or inspiration? This mega list of 100+ sims 4 house ideas was created just for you.

I’ve compiled builds from incredible sims 4 builders to give you tons of inspiration. Not only will you be given building prompts, but you’ll also get to see a visual inspiration of each idea, through a picture or video, so your creativity can run wild.

You’ll get tons of exterior ideas, of course, but you’ll also get ideas for your sims 4 kitchens, bedrooms, backyards, living rooms, bathrooms, pools, etc.

Plus, at the end of the list, I’ve put together links to a few of my absolute favorite builders so you can get even more sims 4 build inspo!

This post is a list of sims 4 house ideas.

Sims 4 House Ideas

It can be difficult to come up with a bunch of different house ideas on your own. I hope that this list of sims 4 build ideas helps to inspire you to build something incredible!

Or maybe you’ll just end up downloading one of these sims builds from the gallery and that’s perfectly fine too.

1. New York Townhouses / Brownstone

Check out this Sims 4 New York Brownstone Build by Eva Rotky.

If you want the cities in the Sims 4 to have an authentic feel and look, you’ll want to find a way to strategically use the big lots you’re given.

An easy way to break up larger lots is to build townhouses.

This will use up the lot without giving your sim an apartment that’s the size of a castle and keeps with the city aesthetic.

2. Suburban Family Home

Check out this Sims 4 Suburban Family Home Build by MychQQQ.

When you’ve got a family and don’t want to live in either the country or the city, the suburbs just make sense.

Depending on how many sims will be living there, the size of these homes can vary immensely!

Make sure to throw a grill outside for family get-togethers!

3. Cape Cod House

Check out this Sims 4 Cape Cod Mansion Build by Kate Emerald.

Traditionally speaking, a Cape Cod house is a smaller-style home. However, just like in this mansion build, you can take its core elements and go crazy!

4. Colonial House

Check out this Sims 4 Classic Colonial House Build by lilsimsie.

These brick giants have been around since to very beginning of America.

They’re most easily identifiable by their rectangular shape, central door, and generous window coverage.

Be sure to keep them simple and mostly symmetrical!

5. Bungalow House

Check out this Sims 4 Single Dad Bungalow Build by Aveline.

Whether you’re tight on funds or just appreciate having a bigger yard, a bungalow is a great choice!

They’re often smaller homes with open interiors eliminating hallways.

One of the most important and distinctive features is a large, covered front porch.

6. Craftsman Style Home

Check out this Sims 4 Craftsman House Build by pollycranopolis.

Craftsman houses have been around for almost 100 years and are still being built today.

One key element to make sure to add to a Craftsman-style home is a low-pitched roof with overhanging eaves supported by exposed beams.

They are also often adorned by iconic thick tapered columns.

7. Modern Farmhouse

Check out this Sims 4 Modern Farmhouse Build by Doctor Ashley.

When you’re ready to build your family a new house, but aren’t ready to give up the elements of country charm, a Modern Farmhouse is the obvious choice!

Its clean lines both inside and out will put your mind at ease.

Make sure to add those farmhouse classics like a large farmhouse sink and rustic wood details!

8. Dark Academia Aesthetic House

Check out this Sims 4 Dark Academia House Build by plantsimgirl.

Dark Academia Aesthetic should give you that creepy boarding school vibes.

Furnishings are generally on the darker side often with a vintage feel.

Don’t forget to add plenty of books to really drive home the academic side of things.

9. Converted Barn House

Check out this Sims 4 Converted Barn House Build by Doctor Ashley.

Converting a barn to a home can be easily done by adding just a few walls.

Whether it’s your main home or a place for the relatives to stay when they’re in town, there’s no doubt it will a great addition to any farm.

10. English Cottage

Check out this Sims 4 Cottage Living Build by plantsimgirl.

When I picture the English countryside, I imagine it scattered with these adorable cottages!

A thatched roof is one of the most recognizable characteristics of these homes.

Be sure to make the inside feel just as cozy as the outside with plenty of plants and comfy furniture.

11. Contemporary Home

Check out this Sims 4 Desert Contemporary House by Livia.

Building with rectangles seems simple enough, and when put together the right way they can create amazing contemporary homes!

The clean, simple lines in these builds are timeless.

Depending on how you choose to decorate the outside, they can feel like a blast from the past or transport you to the future.

12. Cabin in the Woods

Check out this Sims 4 Off The Grid Cabin Build by Simlicy.

Cabins are typically quaint and cozy with a camp-like feel.

Design your own with outdoor activities in mind like roasting marshmallows, gardening, and playing horseshoes.

And don’t forget to include all that gorgeous wood paneling! 😏

13. Royal Palace

Check out this Sims 4 Royal Palace Build by Simpassion.

One of the larger options you have when building is a Royal Palace.

Looking at these builds is mesmerizing with the amount of detail that goes into them.

If you’re going to tackle one of these make sure you’ve got at least a couple of snacks ready to go!

14. A-Frame

Check out this Sims 4 Family Size A-Frame by xogerardine.

The A-Frame is such a simple, yet beautiful idea for a home.

They can be placed just about anywhere but are most comfortable in the woods surrounded by trees.

Make sure to all plenty of windows to let in all that natural light!

15. Family Farm

Check out this Sims 4 Family Farm Build by Simlicy.

One of the most fun things to do in the Sims 4 is to have a farm.

What better way to do that than have an entire family to help run things.

When putting these lots together make sure to add extra buildings, such as barns, and plenty of garden space!

16. Lake House

Check out this Sims 4 Lake House Rental Build by ghostlycc.

Talk about a great place to live or vacation!

A lake house gives you the opportunity to create a cozy environment both inside and out.

Make sure to add plenty of windows to take in the view!

17. Ski Chalet

Check out this Sims 4 Mountain Ski Chalet Build by AnyaRosims.

There’s nothing better after hitting the slopes than to have a beautiful, warm Ski Chalet to go relax in.

Using a lot of natural and light colors will make the build feel like it’s one with the landscape.

Just like with a lot of other builds, lots of windows will let your sims enjoy the view.

18. Mobile Home / Trailer

Check out this Sims 4 Mobile Home Build by tenworldsims.

One of the simpler-shaped houses to build is a mobile home.

While its base is just a rectangle, you can definitely add on to give your sims a little more living space.

Lattice around the bottom is a great way to close the underside and make this home a little more permanent.

19. Carriage House

Check out this Sims 4 Renovated Carriage House Build by Schnuck.

Traditional carriage houses were nothing more than what we would call a garage today.

Just like with a garage, a large door is a necessity.

When converting to a living space you may want to keep some of the original finishes to showcase its age.

20. Retro 70’s House

Check out this Sims 4 1970s Apartment Build by MsGryphi.

The inside of your home is just as important as the outside, oftentimes more important.

Give it a vintage feel by decorating it with all things 70’s!

21. Converted Church

Check out this Sims 4 Converted Church House Build by The Sims Gallery.

Converting a church to a home can be an absolutely gorgeous idea! A few things to note.

Churches generally have are high ceilings, beautiful stained glass and lots of natural light.

Combining these with the amenities needed for a home can create stunning interiors.

22. Barndominium

Check out this Sims 4 Industrial Barn Build by RusticSims.

Barndominiums are purpose-built structures that allow for a lot of space at a substantially cheaper cost.

The finishing is kept simple, usually consisting of metal siding and wooden support beams and accents.

The interiors are wide open allowing for an endless number of floorplans.

23. Tiny Home

Check out this Sims 4 Tiny House Build by allisas.

Building a Tiny Home in the Sims 4 can be a fun challenge to take on.

When you’re building small you have to take every piece of the build into consideration because there won’t be extra room to put things all willy nilly.

Remember to include good outdoor space as well so your sims can get out of the house every once in a while.

24. Midcentury Modern House

Check out this Sims 4 Midcentury Modern House Build by Peach Plays.

Midcentury Modern homes and décor are my absolute favorite.

The idea of living in “the future” but what is now the past is fascinating.

Some of these futuristic ideas included floor-to-ceiling windows, clean lines, and a minimal approach to decorating.

25. Celebrity Mansion

Check out this Sims 4 Celebrity Mansion Build by softservedsoftcore.

If you ever watched MTV Cribs there is no doubt you’ve seen these styles of homes.

They are absolutely MASSIVE and built to impress.

Each room is large and filled with enough furniture to seat you and your 50 closest friends while entertaining.

26. Beach House

Check out this Sims 4 Beach House Build by WanderlustOnline.

Living in a beach house is all about enjoying outdoor activities and feeling the warmth of the sun year-round.

You’ll want to be sure to remember not to put too much carpet with all of the sand your sims will be dragging in!

27. Witchy Cottage

Check out this Sims 4 Witch Cottage Build by Sims 4 Creations.

Every Witchy Cottage I’ve ever seen has been snuggly nestled into the woods, overgrown with nature.

The walls are often adorned with leaded or stained glass adding to the feeling of how long these structures have been around.

Furniture is usually antique as well since witches can live for over 100 years.

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28. French Chateau

Check out this Sims 4 French Chateau Build by Wanderlust Online.

Let your sims live in their very own castle by building a French Chateau.

These sizable estates are often accompanied by grand courtyards and beautiful fountains.

29. Bachelor Pad

Check out this Sims 4 Modern Bachelor Pad Build by Jessicapie. (This is actually a house she built for Don Lothario!)

Imagine a house designed and decorated with only masculine ideas in mind, and you’ve got yourself a Bachelor Pad.

Without a feminine touch, the furnishings are usually sparse, simplistic, and consist of only neutral colors.

30. Mega Mansion

Check out this Sims 4 Modern Mega Mansion Build by Eva Rotky.

If your sim has more money than they know what to do with a great way to burn through some cash is to build a Mega-Mansion.

Start out by building enough living space for you and your entire family and then, keep going.

A great way to utilize every part of the build is to add great rooftop outdoor spaces.

31. Ranch Family Home

Check out this Sims 4 1960’s Family Ranch Build by myloranne.

Ranch Homes take all of the living space and spread it out over a single floor.

Their interiors consist of an open concept making them feel spacious even with lower ceilings.

If you’re looking for even more space you can add an attached garage or basement and convert that to a living space too!

32. Treehouse

Check out this Sims 4 Treehouse Build by gloomydahlia.

A Treehouse really only has two rules:

1. It can’t be built on the ground.

2. There needs to be a tree included or nearby.

Besides that, you can make these just about anything you want.

Add natural colored finishes to make them blend in with their surroundings.

33. Scandinavian Home

Check out this Sims 4 Scandanavian Home Build by Aveline.

Scandinavian Homes are simple, clean, and bright.

They take modern décor to the next level and incorporate warm touches of wood and color to give a very cozy feeling.

Picture just about everything from IKEA and you’ve probably got the right idea.

34. Split Level Home

Check out this Sims 4 80’s Split Level Home Build by angie does sims.

Split-level homes are unique in the way that they generally have shorter staircases than traditional multilevel homes.

They have a basement that can double as a garage on the bottom and bedrooms stacked on top of that.

Off to the side is generally where the living room and kitchen would go.

That section can be situated halfway between the basement and top floor creating the need for shorter staircases!

35. Yurt

Check out this Sims 4 Yurt Build by BellaKondo.

Yurts are one of the more unique house options in the Sims 4, but can be difficult to build without rounded walls.

They are small, circular structures that usually have one main room on the interior.

36. Post Apocalyptic House

Check out this Sims 4 Post-apocalyptic Settlement Build by plantsimgirl.

Any house you have can be made to feel like a Post Apocalyptic House in the Sims 4.

All you need to do is give plenty of signs of radiation ware and deterioration and let the foliage take over.

37. Tudor House

Check out this Sims 4 Christmas Tudor Home Build by jenba.

Tudor Revival Houses hold a special place in my heart because when I was growing up my grandma lived in one and it was magical.

The largest, most ornate section of the front of the house is usually stucco accompanied by exposed wood beams.

38. Container Home

Check out this Sims 4 Jungle Container Home Build by DH4S. (Their website link no longer works but you can still find this build by searching their Origin ID on the gallery.)

A Container Home is similar to a mobile home except instead of a prefabricated interior they begin entirely empty.

They also don’t have wheels so they can be placed right on the ground.

The exterior is made of corrugated metal giving them a very distinct look.

39. Victorian House

Check out this Sims 4 Victorian House Build by Miss Ruby Bird.

When you’re looking to build a Victorian house, you’ll want to be sure to add some sort of tower or turret.

These round rooms are iconic to the style.

The exteriors are also garnished with intricate finishes.

40. Houseboat

Check out this Sims 4 Tiny Houseboat Build by neecxle.

If building on land just isn’t your thing, why not give a Houseboat a shot?

Bright colors and weathered exteriors are great additions to keep things feeling authentic.

41. Abandoned House

Check out this Sims 4 Abandoned House Build by MychQQQ.

Similar to the Post Apocalyptic House from earlier, an Abandoned House look can be given to just about any home.

Be sure to add cracks, rot, and board up the windows to solidify the extreme state of disrepair.

42. All One Color Build

Check out this Sims 4 One Color Build by Lilsimsie.

This one almost feels like a challenge to me.

Create a home and make every single element have the same color.

It may sound odd but you could be surprised by how beautiful and unique the rooms end up.

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43. Industrial Apartment

Check out this Sims 4 Industrial Loft Apartment by Kate Emerald.

Industrial Apartments thrive on exposed piping and brick walls.

The colors and finishes should usually consist of darker woods, metals, and leathers.

44. English Manor

Check out this Sims 4 English Estate Build by MissSimReno.

Picture an English countryside and then imagine the most picturesque estate.

You’re probably thinking of an English Manor.

These large, old structures gorgeously melt into the landscape making them feel cozy even when they’re massive.

45. Sorority House

Check out this Sims 4 Britchester Sorority House Build by Jessicapie.

Sororities are historically Greek so it’s no surprise there are Greek elements pulled into their design.

Tall columns in the front and adornment of Greek letters are just a couple of them.

46. Underwater House

Check out this Sims 4 Underwater Family Home Build by Simlicy.

If you haven’t found anything that seems interesting enough for your sim yet, here it is.

With an almost entirely glass construction, building an Underwater House in the Sims 4 will definitely allow for some truly unique views.

47. Grandma’s House

Check out this Sims 4 Suburban Grandparent’s House Build by milgemilge.

Grandma’s House is where you go to feel comfortable.

You should feel familiar with the furnishings because they probably haven’t changed in 30 years.

Plenty of plants and landscaping outside will add to the cozy feel.

48. Underground House

Check out this Sims 4 Luxury Underground Secret House Build by SimSimeni.

Whether you’re doomsday prepping or just hate natural sunlight, building an Underground House is a great option.

The great thing about building underground is that there are no expectations and you can make it exactly what you want.

49. Parisian Apartments

Check out this Sims 4 Parisian Apartments Build by milgemilge.

As you probably guessed from the name, Parisian Apartments are indeed French.

These can be a great place to showcase different styles working in unison.

The space you create needs to be usable but doesn’t necessarily need to match.

50. Campsite

Check out this Sims 4 Camping Site Build by RGRGaming.

Making a Campsite in the Sims 4 is a great option for a sim to vacation to or for them to live in long term.

The creativity that goes into some builds is astonishing to me.

Look how RGRGaming builds parts to make you believe their caravans are real.

51. Southwestern Adobe

Check out this Sims 4 Southwestern Adobe by emmastillsims.

If you’re building in Oasis Springs a Southwestern Abode will be a perfect fit.

Flat roofs, natural colored walls, and exposed wood are all classic things to include when going with this style.

52. Greek Mansion

Check out this Sims 4 Greek Mansion Build using the Courtyard Oasis Kit by Kate Emerald.

The architecture that goes into a Greek Mansion is so beautiful.

Common themes are white stone construction such as marble or limestone and tall pillars.

Adding little pops of accent colors really makes these builds stand out.

53. Shotgun House

Check out this Sims 4 New Orleans Shotgun Style House by GiggleSims.

Shotgun Houses are simple homes that allow for many homes to be put next to each other in a relatively small space.

They are narrow from the front, as wide as one room, and stack rooms away from the street.

There are no hallways and you pass through each room to get to the next.

54. University Dorm / Housing

Check out this Sims 4 University Housing Build by WanderlustOnline.

A University Dorm is usually the first place students live when they start college.

The buildings are generally older and filled with lots of rooms that are basically the same.

Hopefully, your sim gets a good roommate!

55. Friends Apartment

Check out this Sims 4 Friends Apartment Build by nat-sims.

If you love Friends as much as I do then this will be right up your alley.

Recreating any space in the Sims 4 can be fun, but even more so when it’s this iconic.

56. Saltbox

Check out this Sims 4 Saltbox Friend by BeccaTownSims.

A Saltbox is a classic rendition of a colonial home.

The fronts are very similar but from the side, instead of being symmetrical, the roof slants down to the first story at the back of the house.

This allows for two floors in the front and one floor in the rear.

57. Starter Home

Check out this Sims 4 Cute Starter Home Build by RachelPedd.

This sims 4 house idea has SO many possibilities.

Start with a smaller home that isn’t necessarily finished perfectly and find a way to make it uniquely your own!

58. Traditional Florida House

Check out this Sims 4 Florida House Build by MsGryphi.

A Traditional Florida House has elements that came about out of necessity.

The exterior walls are generally stucco, the roofs are tile and so are most of the interior floors.

With the extreme heat and humidity, these materials will withstand nature better than traditional wood finishing.

59. Micro Home

Check out this Sims 4 Micro Home Build by MsGryphi.

If you built your tiny home and you felt like you just had too much space it may be time to downsize to a Micro Home!

While limiting your home to only 32 tiles can be a challenge, it will definitely push you to be creative with your layout.

60. Waterfront Condo

Check out this Sims 4 Luxury Waterfront Condo Build by XFreezerBunnyX.

If your sim is ready to live on the waterfront but doesn’t want to worry about lawn care then a Waterfront Condo is the obvious choice.

Glass walls facing the water and stylistic elements on the exterior will make the condo exude luxury.

61. Huge Family Home

Check out this Sims 4 Large Family Home for 8 Sims by stephanyeD.

When you’ve got a large family that all lives together you’re going to need lots of room!

Creating a huge family home is a great solution.

You can add multiple houses together to look as though they were built on as the need for space grew.

62. Fraternity House

Check out this Sims 4 Frat House Build by Jessicapie.

If you’ve ever driven through a college town you’ve probably seen a Fraternity House.

They’re adorned with huge Greek letters on the front and always seem to have something going on.

Make sure to use sturdy furniture because things might get wild.

63. Hobbit House

Check out this Sims 4 Hobbit House Build by Missy Motion Games.

Even if you haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit House is instantly recognizable.

A partially underground, overgrown build like this gives me enchanted feelings

64. Family Christmas Home

Check out this Sims 4 Big Family Christmas Home speed build by SimLicy.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.

Even though it’s cold, once the decorations go up everything feels better.

Make the most of winter by sipping hot chocolate and trimming the tree.

65. 1890’s House

Check out this 1890’s House Build (for the Decades Challenge) by angie does sims.

You weren’t alive in the 1890’s. That’s okay because neither was I!

However, this is an important house in the Decades Challenge as it’s the first house your sims will live in.

66. Penthouse

I loved both of these Penthouse builds SO much that I couldn’t pick just one to share. So, here’s twice the inspiration for a Sims 4 Penthouse.

Check out this Sims 4 Penthouse Build by Bidomaudo.

Check out this Sims 4 Luxe Penthouse Build by Mr. Olkan.

When I think about a Penthouse, I imagine ultimate luxury.

Building on the top floor opens up a lot of options including adding a pool and a massive bar!

67. Gilmore Girls House

Check out this Sims 4 Gilmore Girls House Build by Larisaandei.

Like with the other recreations, if you ever watched Gilmore Girls this house will hit you right in the feels.

Making your own is a fun challenge, just make sure you’ve got a reference image!

68. Desert Villa

Check out this Sims 4 Modern Desert Villa by mrdesims.

In the middle of the desert, few things look more refreshing than a nice, cool pool.

Make sure you add one to your Modern Desert Villa for the ultimate oasis.

69. Converted Warehouse

Check out this Sims 4 Converted Warehouse Build by Simlicy.

Converting an old Warehouse is an awesome idea in the Sims 4.

The outside will be very unassuming and the inside can be anything you can imagine.

70. Modern Townhomes

Check out this Sims 4 Modern Townhouse Build by nat-sims.

Creating Modern Townhomes is the perfect choice if you’re looking to save space but don’t want to give up the beautiful simple lines of modern homes.

Once they’re created they can each be made unique by rearranging floor plans and using diverse décor.

71. Jungle Villa

Check out this Sims 4 Jungle Villa Build by Moniamay72.

Everything I know about the Jungle says it’s a lush, overgrown wonderland.

Plopping an opulent villa right in the middle seems like the best way to take it all in.

Compliment nature with lots of warm and natural colors.

72. Vineyard / Winery

I found two sims 4 vineyard builds that I absolutely LOVED (and they happen to both be built by the same creator), so I decided to share both of them with you.

One is a starter vineyard and the other is a mansion. I hope this shows you that there are SO many different ways to interpret each of these sims 4 house ideas!

Check out this Sims 4 Tuscany Vineyard Starter Home by RGR Gaming.

Check out this Sims 4 Tuscany Vineyard Mansion by RGR Gaming.

When it comes to a Vineyard the treatment of the landscape is just as important as the home itself.

Surrounding your gorgeous dwelling you’ll want rows and rows of grape plants.

More plants= MORE NECTAR!

73. Cat Lady’s House

Check out this Sims 4 Crazy Cat Lady Build by MsGryphi.

If your sim is a Crazy Cat Lady then their home is probably more for the cats than for them.

Make them feel more comfortable by adding plenty of toys and cozy spots for them to lay!

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74. Mountain Cabin

Check out this Sims 4 Mountain Cabin build by Kate Emerald.

When it comes to building a Mountain Cabin there are so many opportunities to vary the size.

You can create a room that your sim can barely turn around in or you can create a colossal resort-style building.

Whatever you do, make sure it compliments the gorgeous landscape!

75. Igloo

Check out this Sims 4 Igloo Village Build by RusticSims.

I think this is a really cool idea.. (I’ll see myself out)

Seriously though, creating an Igloo in the Sims 4 is fascinating.

What better place to stay when you’re on an ice fishing trip?

76. Vampire Mansion

Check out this Sims 4 Vampire Mansion Build by Eryn with a Y.

Vampires are like, really old.

So it makes sense that the mansions they live in would match!

You’ll want to be sure to keep it dark because vampires don’t do too well in the sunlight.

77. Plant Lover’s Home

Check out this Sims 4 Plant Lover’s Tiny Studio Build by Maria Sims.

Plants, plants, and more plants!

If your sim loves plants make a home tailored to their obsession.

Fill every possible surface with lush foliage. Just make sure you add plenty of windows!

78. Loft Apartment

Check out this Sims 4 Boho Loft Apartment Build by SimLicy.

Make the most of split levels by creating a Loft Apartment in the Sims 4.

By simply elevating one part of the room you’re able to create a feeling of separation without adding any walls.

79. Fall Family Home

Check out this Sims 4 Fall Inspired House Build by MovieSimmer.

As the leaves begin to change so do the moods.

Fall is such a comfy time of year.

Accent your home with warm, rich colors as the air turns brisk.

80. Alien House

Check out this Sims 4 Alien House Build by Simsbiosis.

This idea is literally out of this world!

When it comes to creating an Alien House all of the rules go out the window.

Think future and then go further and you’ll end up with the perfect build.

81. Japanese Home

Check out this Sims 4 Japanese Inspired Tiny House Build by milgemilge.

Japanese Homes are filled with natural elements.

A couple of things to be sure to remember are roof tiles and a shoji, a thin paper divider, or a door in a wooden frame.

82. Winter Cabin

Check out this Sims 4 Winter Cabin Build by MissSimReno.

Cabins are something I’ve mentioned a few times on this list, but every season gives a different feel and a new opportunity for design.

The warm wood will compliment the snow and your sim will love sitting by the fire.

83. Medieval Home

Check out this Sims 4 Medieval Village Build by milgemilge.

If you’re looking for something different in your gameplay you can give living in a completely different time period a shot.

A wonderful way to do that is to build a Medieval Home.

Their construction starts with a stone first floor as the foundation and then oversize rectangles stacked on top!

84. Old Greenhouse

Check out this Sims 4 Converted Greenhouse Build by tinymyths.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough natural light.

Converting an Old Greenhouse is an awesome way to capture those glorious rays.

Your plants will thank you.

85. Criminal Mastermind or Villian’s House

Check out this Sims 4 Criminal Mastermind’s Underground Tiny Home Build by Aveline.

When you’re a criminal mastermind, you don’t want your house to be easily findable.

That’s why they’re usually in remote locations or underground.

Dig deep and plot your next act of evilness.

86. Honeymoon Villa

Check out this Sims 4 Honeymoon Villa by ariafaeyt.

What better place to celebrate new love than a Honeymoon Villa?

Create the ultimate getaway for your sims to vacation and soak up the sun.

87. Coastal Cottage

Check out this Sims 4 Tiny Coastal Cottage by Jenba.

Coastal living opens up so many opportunities for activities and foliage.

Simple touches or plants and nautical inspiration are all you need to make a Coastal Cottage feel like home.

88. Fairytale Castle

Check out this Sims 4 Fairytale Cottage Build by Missy Motion Games.

Growing up most of us were probably told fairytales of lands far away and princesses that lived in castles.

Building a Fairytale Castle is probably one of the most reminiscent things you can do to relive those stories and start to tell your own!

89. Charleston Style Home

Check out this Sims 4 Charleston Style Home Build by Jenba.

Charleston Style Homes, found in Charleston, South Carolina, are similar in shape to a shotgun house where the narrow side faces the street.

In contrast, they are generally two floors and their main entryway is located on the side of the building along the long side.

90. Fisherman’s Hut

Check out this Sims 4 Fisherman’s Hut Build by Larisandei.

The life of a fisherman is filled with hard, honest work.

What better place to retreat to at the end of the day than a cozy, quaint shack by the water?

91. Shack

Check out this Sims 4 Beach Shack Build by Jenba.

If classy living isn’t your sims thing, throw together a shack for them!

Often a little rundown and weathered, these small structures are perfect for coastal living.

92. Spring Cottage

Check out this Sims 4 Tiny Spring Cottage Build by Flubs79.

Once you’ve made a cozy cottage, give it the embodiment of Spring with a bright-colored exterior!

Be sure to add plenty of flowers to really bring the place to life.

93. Haunted Mansion

Check out this Sims 4 Haunted House Build by beautifulplumbobs. (original link is no longer available!)

Dark colors and tall narrow windows definitely add to the spooky vibe.

With all the rooms an old mansion like this one has, who can be surprised it’s haunted?

94. House with In-Home Business

Check out this Sims 4 Farmers Market Home Business Build by SimBrillie.

Adding a business into your sims home will definitely cut down on their commute to work.

An easy way to do this is to have a multilevel structure and make the first floor the business and the second floor the living space.

95. Moroccan House

Check out this Sims 4 Moroccan House Build by Mr. Olkan.

The clay color of Moroccan homes is so beautiful.

Another architecture style derived from the desert, these homes feel the best with a courtyard containing a water feature.

96. Trailer Park

Check out this Sims 4 Trailer Park Build by Jenba.

Share a lot with some of your closest friends without having to share a living space.

Putting multiple trailers on the same lot is an efficient way to cut costs and live simply.

97. Lighthouse Residential Lot

Check out this Sims 4 Lighthouse Build by Jenba.

Now, this definitely sounds like a bright idea.

At this point, a lot of lighthouses are historic landmarks so turning one into a home would be a little like living in a museum.

98. Off The Grid House

Check out this Sims 4 Off The Grid House by Doctor Ashley.

If you’re looking to become completely self-reliant, and want to be as close to nature as possible, then going Off the Grid is the right choice.

These structures are usually smaller and fairly overgrown.

99. Retirement Home

Check out this Sims 4 Retirement Home Build by Devon Bumpkin.

Has your sim lived a long life, but they’re ready to stop working, relax, and just play some good ol’ bingo?

Build a Retirement Home for them to go live out the rest of their days.

Remember to add some fun activities to keep them entertained.

100. Fixer Upper

Check out this Sims 4 Fixer Upper House Build by Jenba.

Making a Fixer Upper is a great way to get your sims into a larger home at a more affordable starting cost.

Most should be livable just in need of some TLC and renovations.

101. Bed & Breakfast

Check out this Sims 4 Haunted Bed & Breakfast Build by Roxxy Sims.

A Bed and Breakfast is a great way to utilize the extra space in a large home.

You’ll meet all kinds of unique sims with this business. Making it haunted is optional.

102. Gothic Revival

Check out this Sims 4 Gothic Revival Build by Miss Ruby Bird.

Gothic Revival is a style that takes inspiration from the Gothic period.

High-pointed arches and large stained glass are just a couple of the elements.

Implementing these into more “modern-day” architecture creates some truly stunning builds.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite sims 4 builders to get ideas from:

I hope that this list gave you TONS of sims 4 building inspiration and ideas. Let me know in the comments if you have any unique sims 4 house ideas that I could add to this list!

This post was all about Sims 4 House Ideas.

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