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27 Sims 4 Holiday Ideas To Fill Up Your Calendar (+ Sims 4 Holiday Mods)

Want to fill up your sim’s calendar with fun and interesting holidays? Here’s a helpful list of sims 4 holiday ideas organized by season. Plus I’m sharing the best sims 4 holiday mods to give you endless ideas!

sims 4 holiday ideas

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This list contains both traditional and off-the-wall holiday ideas to spice up your sim’s seasons calendar. I’ve listed the holiday name first and then the traditions that go along with them. They’re divided up by season, but based on your culture or preference, feel free to move them around. And of course, change the holiday names as you see fit.

I didn’t include the pre-made holidays on this list but if yours happen to have been removed from your calendar, you can remake them using the details on the sims wiki.

And because I’m obsessed with sims 4 mods, I’ve included a little treat at the end of this post. I’ll be sharing the sims 4 holiday mods I use in my game, so you’ll be able to create even more variety in your calendar!

This post is a list of sims 4 holiday ideas.

Sims 4 Holiday Ideas

It can be difficult to try and think up a bunch of different holidays on your own. I hope that this list of sims 4 calendar ideas helps to keep your game interesting and gives your gameplay variety.

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites that I think add the most to my sims 4 storylines and are just plain fun!

Sims 4 Spring Holiday Ideas

  • superbowl – watch sports tv, air grievances, & drinking
  • earth day – gardening & thankful spirit
  • april fool’s day – mischief spirit
  • date night – romantic spirit & go on a date
  • spring cleaning – cleaning & appreciate an object
  • mother’s day – thankful spirit & give flowers
  • the spring fling – decorate, art & music spirit, & romantic spirit
  • flower festival – flower bunny, egg hunt,& give flowers

Sims 4 Summer Holiday Ideas

  • survival of the fittest – excerise & fasting
  • pride festival – drinking, party spirit, & watch romantic tv
  • father’s day – sports tv, thankful spirit, & give gifts
  • summer olympics – watch sports tv, exercise, & water fun
  • summer vacation – go on a vacation/travel
  • wet n’ wild – streaking, water fun, & drinking
  • end of summer celebration – bar-b-que, water fun, invite guests, & party spirit

Sims 4 Fall Holiday Ideas

  • oktoberfest – drinking & grand meal
  • neighborhood bonfire – fire, invite guests, & tell stories
  • arts festival – art & music spirit, wear costumes, & fireworks
  • day of the dead – spooky spirit, remembrance, & wear costumes
  • get it together day – cleaning, make resolutions & exercise
  • day of chaos – fighting, air grievances, mischief spirit, & streaking

Sims 4 Winter Holiday Ideas

  • winter olympics – watch sports tv & exercise
  • game night – invite guests & games
  • winterfest eve – festive lighting, festive spirit, & attend holiday ceremony
  • family appreciation day – thankful spirit & open gifts
  • baking therapy – baking & air grievances
  • polar bear plunge – polar bear plunge, streaking, & water fun
  • girl’s/guy’s night out – drinking, party spirit, air grievances

Sims 4 Holiday Tradition Mods

If you’re feeling bored with the holidays you can create in the sims 4, I highly suggest downloading some holiday mods. With these mods, you can come up with ENDLESS sims 4 holiday ideas. I’ll say it forever & ever: mods save the sims 4.

Custom Holiday Traditions by KiaraSims4Mods

sims 4 holiday list

This sims 4 holiday list could truly go on forever if I included all of the custom holiday traditions that come with this mod! I counted at least 60 new holiday traditions you can download for free.

The traditions include activities like go shopping, sunbathe, go hiking, carve pumpkins, adopt a pet, woohoo, volunteer, etc.

Using this sims 4 holiday traditions mod, I created a custom holiday: Summer Abroad. On this holiday, your sims will go on vacation, eat cultural dishes, go sailing, and of course, take lots of photos!

I really wish the sim’s team would continue updating things from older expansions like the holiday traditions to help make the game feel more cohesive. Luckily, we have amazing modders who give their time (for free!) to helping make the sims 4 the best game it can be.

(If you happen to have the extra dollar a month, it would be great If you could support Kiara on Patreon. I’m constantly linking to her stuff. It’s always great and there’s a TON of it.)


Random Holiday Traditions Mod by LittleMsSam

sims 4 seasons custom holidays

This sims 4 holiday mod is essentially the same as the one listed above, but the custom holiday traditions come all together in one singular mod, so you won’t have to download each one separately.

Some of the holiday traditions do overlap with the previous mod, but there are a few unique traditions such as do laundry, darts, dance, play instruments, & more!

If you only want to download specific holiday traditions from this mod, LittleMsSam does give you the separated files in the download file. Just be sure to read the instructions in the file if you’re not entirely sure what to do.

Using this mod, I created a fun little holiday for the kiddos: Slumber Party! The kids will invite guests, watch movies, eat ice cream, and (hopefully for the parents’ sake) sleep.

(Again, if you have anything to spare, please head over to LittleMsSam’s Patreon and consider subscribing to show support to the amazing modders who give us so much great sims 4 content for free.)


More Holiday Icons Mod by LittleMsSam

sims 4 holiday traditions mod

If you’re downloading new holiday traditions, you’ll want some more options for the holiday icons. This sims 4 mod adds over 300 new holiday icons to your sims calendar.


More Club & Holiday Icons Mod by Zerbu

sims 4 holiday ideas

This is another mod that gives you more options for holiday icons, but this one also allows you to use them for your club icons.

With this sims 4 mod, you’ll have access to OVER 1,000 icon choices. That’s insane! You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when coming up with new sims 4 holiday ideas. The new icons might even inspire some great holiday ideas!


Pet Themed Holiday Traditions by icemunmun

sims 4 pet holidays mod

If you’d love to have holidays centered around pets or add pet traditions to your already existing holidays then you definitely need this pet-themed holiday traditions add-on.

With this mod, you could create a custom adopt-a-pet holiday to help get all the needy pets out of the shelters!

Let me know in the comments if you have any unique sims 4 holiday ideas that I could add to this list! And as always, happy simming!

This post was all about Sims 4 Holiday Ideas.

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Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Thanks for the article and links. I’ve grown so bored with the run-of-the-mill holidays.


Saturday 13th of August 2022

Of course! 😊


Friday 27th of May 2022

Thank you for posting this. I was struggling so much trying to come up with holidays for my sims. Now I might actually need to use the longer seasons to fit them all in.


Saturday 28th of May 2022

So glad it was helpful!😊 And yeah, I sometimes switch to two-week seasons just so my sims have time for lots of seasonal activities.