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Sims 4 Grafting Combos List: How to Grow Cow Berry, Orchid, Dragonfruit, & More

Looking for a simple sims 4 grafting combos guide? Here’s how to graft all of the plants in the sims 4. (Plus a cute graphic you can save or pin to keep handy while you’re playing!)🌱

sims 4 grafting combos guide

How Do You Graft in The Sims 4?

Here’s a quick little tutorial on grafting, in case you don’t already know how to. To graft in the sims 4, your sim must first be a level 5 in the gardening skill. At level 5, they will gain the ability to take a cutting from one of their plants and graft it onto another plant.

Once you do this, a new plant will spawn in the place of the plant you grafted onto. One of the coolest parts is that the “new” plant will be the same quality as the plant you grafted onto!

To obtain a specific plant, like a death flower, cowberry, or pomegranate, you’ll need to use the grafting combos list. Luckily, grafting works both ways. So, it doesn’t matter which of the two plants you take the cutting from or graft onto.

However, some plants grow faster than others, so if you want your plants to grow faster, graft onto the second plant listed.

sims 4 grafting combos

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Sims 4 Grafting Combos for Plants

Here’s an easy-to-understand grafting combos chart. If you splice together the plants from the combo column, you will get the spliced plant in the result column. This list includes grafting death flower, grafting cowberry, grafting pomegranate, grafting orchid, and many more!

Tulip + ChrysanthemumBirds of Paradise
Daisy + StrawberryBonsai Buds
Grapes + RoseBonsai Buds
Dragonfruit + SnapdragonCow Berry
Orchid + PomegranateDeath Flower
Strawberry + SnapdragonDragonfruit
Blue Bells + PomegranateGrapes
Sage + BasilParsley
Pear + LemonPlantain
Apple + CherryPomegranate
Lily + SnapdragonOrchid

And here’s the cute graphic I promised you that you can either screenshot or pin to save for your reference:

Want to save this grafting graphic? Click here to pin it!

Sims 4 Grafting Money Tree

I’ve seen quite a few questions floating around the internet about grafting a money tree in the sims 4 and here’s what I’ve found out:

To obtain a money tree, you’ll first need to get the money tree seed from the rewards store for 5,000 reward points. There isn’t a way to use grafting to obtain your first money tree. You’ll need that seed.

After you’ve successfully planted and grown the money tree, take a cutting of the tree. Now supposedly, you can then graft the money tree onto another normal tree and you’ll be able to harvest the actual money fruit and keep replanting them to have TONS & TONS of money trees.

Another thing that was mentioned was that if you graft the money tree onto a perfect plant, then the money fruit harvest will be perfect, even if the original money tree wasn’t of perfect quality.

I’m in the process of trying this all out for myself, so stay tuned for my results. But, of course, I wanted to let you in on those tips as soon as I found them!!

Hopefully, this post helped you figure out how to graft plants in the sims 4! If not, feel free to leave me a comment with any of your questions. Happy Simming!

This post was all about the Sims 4 Grafting Combos.

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