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Ultimate Guide to Sims 4 Magic Beans: How to Get Them & What They Do

Is your sim looking to harness the plant power of magic beans? Here’s everything you need to know. But be warned: magic beans are surprisingly expensive.

Sims 4 Magic Beans

In this post, I’ll answer all of your questions about sims 4 magic beans from how to get them, how to grow them, and what magical power they hold. I’ll even take you through the entire process step-by-step (pictures included!) Let’s get started.

How do you get Magic Beans in Sims 4?

To obtain magic beans in sims 4, you’ll first need to reach gardening level 10. This way, you can purchase rare plant seeds from either the computer or by selecting ‘purchase seeds’ on a planter. (You can cheat your sim’s gardening skill level with a skill cheat if your sim is nowhere near level.)

Each seed packet costs 1,000 simoleons and buying one doesn’t guarantee that you will get a magic bean inside. Rare seed packets contain all kinds of things, other than magic beans, like cow berry, birds of paradise, death flower, etc.

There are six different types of magic beans:

  • angry magic bean
  • sad magic bean
  • confident magic bean
  • flirty magic bean
  • playful magic bean
  • uncomfortable magic bean

You’ll need to obtain one of each of these. Like I said before, this is quite an expensive undertaking!

While testing this entire process out, I spent 7,000 simoleons on rare plant seeds to end up with only one angry magic bean and three sad magic beans. Let’s put it this way: your sim will need to be rich to collect all six types of magic beans.

How do you Grow Magic Beans in Sims 4?

To grow magic beans, you’ll need a magic stump. Years ago, there was an event where a sim named Jasmine Holiday would give your sim a magic stump. That event is long over, so to get the magic stump, you’ll need to use the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects and find the magic stump in buy mode. It’s typically in the outdoor activities section.

Place the magic stump on your lot and when you have each of the six different magic beans, drag and drop them onto the stump. For the magic beans to grow, click on the stump and have your sim water the beans.

What do Magic Beans do in Sims 4?

Once the beans are put on the magic stump, magic beans grow a magical portal tree that will give your sim Forbidden Fruit.

After your sim is done watering the stump, a Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree will grow instantly. (And I truly mean instantly.) It popped up so fast that the tree-growing noise actually scared me.

Once the tree has grown, have your sim explore the mystical magic bean portal tree. On a side note, this tree is gorgeous at night. The twinkly lights all over it look SO good.

Once your sim has done their exploring, they should come back out of the tree with a Forbidden Fruit in their inventory. Have your sim eat the Forbidden Fruit.

And POW! Your sim will transform into a magical, green PlantSim.

Other than using them to turn your sim into a PlantSim, magic beans are completely useless to my knowledge.

Is being a PlantSim permanent?

Being a PlantSim is only temporary. Your sim will stay a PlantSim for five sim days then go back to their normal sim selves.

But if you’d like it to be permanent, there’s a mod for that. Because, of course, there is! Here’s the link to the Permanent PlantSims mod. And as always, thank you modders for constantly improving the sims 4!!

What is the Sims 4 Magic Beans Cheat? or PlantSim Cheat?

If you don’t want to go through that very expensive process, you can cheat your way into becoming a plantsim by holding SHIFT, clicking on your sim, then selecting the option to ‘Make Into Plantsim‘ If that option doesn’t come up for you, make sure that you have cheats enabled by holding CTRL + SHIFT + C and type ‘testingcheats on‘ into the cheats console.

Another way to cheat your way into becoming a plantsim is to use the cheat ‘bb.showhiddenobjects‘ and this time, instead of purchasing the magic stump, purchase the ‘Forbidden Fruit of The PlantSim.’ Have your sim eat this and they will become a plantsim, just like you saw in the previous tutorial. Again, if this isn’t working for you, make sure that cheats are enabled.

I hope that this post about the sims 4 magic beans was insightful and helpful. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or just want to share your experiences with magic beans!

This post was all about the Sims 4 Magic Beans.

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