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How to Add a Sim to a Household in Sims 4 With & Without Cheats

If you want another sim to move in but you can’t quite figure out how to add a sim to a household in sims 4, here’s the quick tutorial you need! PLUS a cheat code to make it even easier.

How to Add a Sim to a Household in Sims 4

How To Add a Sim to An Active Household in Sims 4

This post goes over five ways that you can add a sim to your current household including a way that uses a SUPER EASY cheat code!

Oh and I’m giving you two bonus ways to move in another sim. One of them is kind of silly, but definitely an option.

Let’s get started!

1. Become Friends & Ask to Join Household

One of the most realistic ways to have another sim move in is by building a relationship with them and then asking them to join the family.

This is an option that will come up through social interactions with another sim.

Your sims will need to be friends FIRST before the option to ‘Ask to Join Household‘ will appear.

Even if your sims have the highest possible romance relationship, they will not get the option to move in together. They must be friends as well.

If you don’t want to waste time building up your sims’ relationship, you can use relationship cheats. You can find all of those in THIS post.

In my relationship cheats post, I even show you the easiest way EVER to quickly increases relationships using the UI Cheats mod instead of typing in long cheat codes!

Once your sim has asked another sim to join the household, a pop-up will appear about your two sims moving in together.

Hit ‘OK’ to bring up a menu that allows you to transfer the sim you want to move into the new household.

The best part about this ‘transfer households’ menu is that even though you’ve only built up a relationship between two sims, anyone in either of their households can move in or out!

2. Have Sims Get Married

This method is similar to having sims build a relationship but takes it a step further!

Maybe your sim is traditional and isn’t interested in moving in together before marriage. It’s no problem because once your sims get married, they will be prompted to move in together anyway.

First, have your sims build up their friendship and romance enough to get engaged.

Then make sure their relationship levels are still high enough when they proceed with a marriage ceremony.

They can either elope or have a wedding party. It doesn’t make a difference!

(My sim, Eva, decided to get married at her favorite place in the world: THE CLUB!🎉)

Once your sims are married, you’ll get a pop-up titled ‘Moving In Together‘ and once you hit OK, you’ll be taken to another menu where you can add your new spouse to your household or you can join their household.

3. Add Sim in Create-a-Sim

If you want to add a sim from the gallery to your current household or create a new sim and add it to your family, follow this process!

First, go into neighborhood view and click on ‘Manage Households‘ in the upper right menu.

Then, find the family you want to add a sim to under either the ‘My Households‘ or ‘Other Households‘ tab and click on them.

This will bring up another menu that will give you several options for managing the household.

To add another sim in Create-a-Sim, click on the button with the pencil icon.

This will take the entire household into Create-a-Sim where you can edit them and add or remove family members!

4. Transfer Sims Between Households in Neighborhood View

If you want to move another sim in or out of your household without worrying about their relationship, you can do that in the manage households menu!

The menu for moving sims between households was new to Sims 4, so it can be somewhat confusing if you haven’t used it a lot.

I remember when the game first came out being completely LOST when it came to moving sims in and out of my households.

Here’s my (hopefully) easy-to-understand guide on adding a sim to a household in Manage Households:

  1. In Neighborhood view, click on ‘Manage Households‘ in the upper-right menu.
  2. Find the family you want to add a sim to in either ‘My Households‘ or ‘Other Households‘ tab and click on them.
  3. Click on the button with the two arrows with the title ‘Transfer Sims Between Households
  4. Find the sim you want to move in from the list of households.
  5. Click on the sim or sims you want to add to the household and use the arrow button to transfer the sim into the household.
  6. Finally, click the checkmark to close the menu and confirm the changes.

There you have it! Now, any sims you wanted to move in should be added to your household.

5. Use Add a Sim to Household Cheat

If you’re looking for the EASIEST way to add a sim to your household, use the ‘add to family’ cheat.

Here’s the step-by-step process for using the add a sim to household cheat:

  1. Open up the cheat code box using CTRL + SHIFT + C 
  2. Type in testingcheats on and hit enter
  3. Use CTRL + SHIFT + C again to close the cheats box
  4. Hold SHIFT and click on the sim you want to add to the household
  5. Select ‘Add to Family

This will move the sim into the active household immediately!

BONUS: Ask To Be Roommate

Roommates is something that was added with The Sims 4 Discover University.

You can ask another sim to be your roommate after you’ve gotten to know them a little bit.

They may accept your offer or reject it depending on your relationship level, the number of beds in your home, and their current living situation.

I’ve noticed others in the community saying that two sims have to be friends first before asking to be roommates, but I’ve had the option to ask when my sims were only acquaintances AND they’ve accepted.

Keep in mind that being a roommate is not the same thing as asking a sim to join your household. When a sim is your roommate, they are an NPC and uncontrollable.

Basically, they will continue living their own, separate life but live at your active sim’s house.

BONUS: Try for Baby

Maybe an obvious way to add another sim in sims 4 is to have two sims try for a baby and wait for one of them to get pregnant.

Having a baby is a definite way to add to the family! 😂

I hope that this post on how to add a sim to your household in sims 4 was SUPER helpful! Leave me a comment if you have any other questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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This post was all about how to add a sim to a household in sims 4.

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