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21+ Absolute Best Sims 4 Eyebrows You Need in Your CC Folder

Here’s a list of all the custom content sims 4 eyebrows you’ll ever need to make your sims look incredible!

sims 4 eyebrows

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Good sims 4 eyebrows are hard to find, but I’ve done all the tedious work for you, spending hours on cc websites hunting for the VERY best.

I’ve included tons of options when it comes to style, gender, color, and shape. The list also has my personal go-to’s because let’s be honest…

Most of us find our favorite cc and use it over and over again!

This list is mostly maxis match eyebrows, but I have included a couple alpha eyebrows for you alpha cc lovers out there!

Oh and if you’re looking for a sims 4 eyebrow slider, click HERE and HERE. The second one is an absolute must-have and is even included in my best sims 4 sliders list!

This post is all about the best sims 4 cc eyebrows.

Best Sims 4 Eyebrows

1. Lush Brows by TwistedCat

Give your sims eyebrows a make-over with the lush brows!

They’re the PERFECT combination of bushy and shaped.

This sims 4 eyebrow comes in all 24 EA swatches!

2. Sims 4 Eyebrow Set by adiec

I really like this sims 4 eyebrow pack, because it has a good amount of variety in shape!

You’ll get 3 different brows to choose from and the creator deliberately made two of the sets asymmetrical to give them a more natural look!

They come in all of the standard EA swatches.

*You can find the updated swatches of these eyebrows HERE.

3. Aphrodite CC Eyebrow Set by peachyfaerie

This is a perfect example of sims 4 maxis match eyebrows.

All 3 of the brows will blend seamlessly into your game and create some unique looks.

You’ve got the option of a thicker brushed through brow, a thinner trimmed brow, and a brushed transition that ends in bushiness.

These come in all 24 EA swatches.

4. APRIL Sims 4 Eyebrow Pack by Pralinesims

All 5 of the sims 4 eyebrows from pralinesims in this pack are incredibly realistic!

They each have a varying thickness but are made up of a similar tapered style.

They come in an amazing 52 different colors so you’ll be able to find just the right shade for your sim!

5. The Brow Set for Sims 4 by greenllamas

Subtle differences in eyebrows can really change the look of a sim’s face.

In this sims 4 cc eyebrows pack, you’re getting 4 great options to choose from.

The creator playfully mentions that “They are each inspired by a different celebrity. Can you guess who’s who?”

And I honestly have no idea. Do you know?

As usual, they all come in the 24 standard EA swatches.

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6. Denise Sims 4 CC Eyebrows by Miiko

I think my favorite thing about these brows is that they look real, but at the same time don’t look out of place in the game whatsoever.

And that’s SO hard to achieve!

This set of eyebrows was “originally inspired by 90s Denise Richards.”

The brows come in the standard 24 EA swatches.

You can also download the sim modeling the eyebrows! You’ll find the link to that on the same downloads page.

7. Come to Mama Sims 4 Eyebrows by Cubersims

If you’re looking for a thick, blocky brow, this set is definitely for you!

The Come to Mama Eyebrows come in 18 EA default colors.

These are set up to work on both male and female sims, which is AMAZING because finding custom content male eyebrows for sims 4 is not easy!

Side note: Cubersims makes really great sims 4 cc tattoos as well.

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8. Sims 4 Soap Brows by grimheaven

Elevate your sims look with some fluffy, thick soap brows!

As you may or may not know, soap brows are SUPER trendy right now, so why not have some for your sims?

But if you don’t know anything about this trend, basically, soap brows allow you to see the individual hairs and create a thicker eyebrow with a simple bar of soap.

They come in 10 swatches and unfortunately, the original link no longer works so you’ll have to download them from the pinned post on the creator’s archive tumblr page.

9. Brushed & Natural Sims 4 Eyebrow Set by TwistedCat

I absolutely LOVE this eyebrow set! They’re one of my go-to’s right now.

With the download, you’re given a natural look as well as a brushed look so depending on how put-together your sim is feeling you can choose between the two.

They both come in all 24 EA swatches, so you’ll be able to find a perfect fit.

10. Andre Sims 4 Male Eyebrows by Katverse

These male eyebrows are described by the creator as “thick and luscious” and that’s the truth!

The edge of the brows tapers off naturally giving a look that the lucky sim wearing them doesn’t have to work too hard to keep them in order.

These brows come in 18 swatches and are usable on both male and female sims.

11. Sims 4 Eyebrow CC Pack by adiec

This sims 4 eyebrow cc pack is the second from the creator adiec.

All 3 of these eyebrows have a little bit of a different shape and thickness giving completely different looks.

The thicker set of eyebrows looks great on a male sim!

*You can find the updated swatches of these eyebrows HERE.

12. Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyebrows Set by StretchSkeleton

Look at these OPTIONS! There are so many I don’t know where to start.

This is a 2-part pack containing 12 different sims 4 maxis match eyebrows for you to download.

This pack really has everything: thick, thin, arched, flat, tweezed, bushy, and there is even a unibrow!

They come with “18 EA-like swatches each, some are slightly darker than EA’s to match a wider variety of skin tones.”

*You can find the updated swatches of these eyebrows HERE.

13. Sims 4 Whispy Eyebrows by TwistedCat

It’s so wonderful when the name of the custom content accurately describes exactly what it is.

These whispy eyebrows have the perfect amount of stray hairs, while still looking groomed and put together.

They come in all 24 EA swatches and work on both male and female sims.

14. Alpha Sims 4 Eyebrows by Jul_Haos

Wow, look at the detail in these eyebrows! I mean, I can literally count the individual hairs.

These eyebrows are alpha but they’re truly STUNNING.

They come in 16 different colors.

If you’re looking for more amazing alpha eyebrows for sims 4, you can check out all of Jul_Haos’s eyebrows HERE.

15. Eros Sims 4 Eyebrows by peachyfaerie

The texture on these brows is fantastic, without going too far and venturing into alpha territory.

All 3 of these brows have little to no arch. They’re thick without being overly bushy.

They come in all 24 EA swatches and are can be downloaded separately or as a group.

16. Pastry Strudel Eyebrows by cakenoodles

If you’re going for a less harsh look, these sims 4 eyebrows are a great choice!

The Pastry Strudel eyebrows have a great shape without being super dark and filled in.

These eyebrows are part of a larger collection of sims 4 face details, which you can find all of on the download page.

The biggest downside to these eyebrows is that they only come in 5 different swatches.

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17. Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyebrow Set by Gvbe

Okay, I really love these eyebrows! They come in 4 variants with 2 distinct styles.

The differences are subtle but make a big impact.

These are available for all ages and genders (eyebrows for male sims yay!)

And on top of that they’re maxis match!

18. Sims 4 Billie & Jenna Eyebrows by Ikari Sims

With this sims 4 eyebrow pack, you’ll have the option of thick brows or finer more detailed brows.

The Jenna version comes with 4 additional variants that include eyebrow slits as well!

You’ll have 24 standard EA swatches to choose from for each cc eyebrow.

Both of these are also apart of a bigger makeup set that I featured in my best sims 4 makeup cc post!

19. Sims 4 90’s Eyebrows by StretchSkeleton

Some of these give me total late 90s to early 2000s eyebrow vibes! (If you want more sims 4 cc from that time period then go HERE)

The first 3 eyebrows that have more of an arch are specifically designed for female sims, but the rest are able to be used on either female or male sims!

The downloads page also has 2 eye presets and a lipstick pack linked if you’re interested in getting the complete look.

The eyebrows come in the original 18 EA color swatches.

*You can find the updated swatches of these eyebrows HERE.

20. Sims 4 Fluffy Eyebrows by chewybutterfly

The transition on these eyebrows is perfect.

They start out whispy and unkept then gradually go from shaped and defined to where they taper down.

These eyebrows are part of a larger custom content collection that includes makeup cc.

Chewybutterfly is an amazing sims 4 makeup cc creator, so I highly reccomend downloading all of it!

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21. Natural Sims 4 Eyebrows by sims3melancholic

This collection is a total must-have!!

The download comes with 2 eyebrows and it’s a part of a large genetics cc set for sims 4.

One of the eyebrows has a slit and both have a whopping 50 swatches.

You can also get the liner for the eyebrows which comes in 65 styles and all of the colors.

22. Venus Sims 4 Eyebrows by peachyfaerie

This is another great example of a cc creator giving you TONS of options all within the same pack.

There are 6 different brows to choose from varying in thickness and shape.

All of them come in the 24 standard EA colors.

Finding good custom content eyebrows for sims 4 has been such a STRUGGLE for me over the years, but these are all absolute winners in my book.

What did you think of this list? Are there any that you think I should add? Let me know in the comments down below or tag me on Tumblr!

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Eyebrows.

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