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23+ Best WooHoo Mods Sims 4 (Ultimate Guide)

Who doesn’t like a little woohoo action in the Sims 4?

Woohoo Mods Sims 4

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I’ve done my research and compiled the Best WooHoo Mods Sims 4 into an ultimate guide. This guide of woohoo mods for the Sims 4 will be sure to spice up your sims 4 game. Pick your favorite woohoo mods sims 4 to download and see how exciting you can make your sims’ love lives!

Best WooHoo Mods Sims 4

1.) Babies for everyone

Babies for everyone is the perfect woohoo mod for expanding your Sims 4 family planning options. This woohoo mod is intended for a young adult and older audience and allows literally any Sim to get pregnant regardless of age or gender. Something to keep in mind is this mod conflicts with any mod that changes Try For Baby and the Ask Due Date mischief interaction.

I’d like to take a minute to also recommend the baby maker trait if you’re interested in having your Sims procreate and make lots of adorable babies. This trait will put your Sims in a perpetually flirtatious mood and will give them the drive to do one thing and one thing only – create more babies! The baby maker trait is available through CAS with the other lifestyle traits. It’s my favorite sims woohoo interaction in the woohoo mods sims 4 guide.

2.) Ghosts Can Have Babies Mod

Ever wonder what a ghost baby looks like? Is it cute or terrifyingly creepy? Sadly, you don’t get to find out with this mod, but you do get to have babies with any ghost in the Sims 4 game AND ghosts are able to get pregnant. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), this type of procreation doesn’t result in ghost babies, but just normal, human ones. And just a little tip from the creator of this mod, PolarBearSims: if you want your ghost to have a surprise pregnancy you can use the Risky Woohoo mod.

3.) The Ho* It Up Mod

Let’s just say that this mod enables your Sims to earn money with new NSFW professions. This mod is full of NSFW content so download at your own risk.

4.) Make Love, Not Woo Hoo

This mod provides more realistic terminology for simmers who prefer not to use the term “woohoo”. The Make Love, Not Woo Hoo mod just makes a simple change to your gameplay, because let’s be honest, who really calls it “woo hoo” in real life? As the creator, JogreMods put it, “This mod changes The Sims 4 UI so that all instances of “WooHoo” are replaced with “Make Love” in one version amongst other terms. If you don’t want to call it “woo hoo”, this mod is for you!

5.) Passionate Romance

Inspired by “Dua Lipa’s Physical Music Video,” this sims 4 mod created by Sacrificial Junior adds new moves to your Sims 4 gameplay, including kissing, snuggling, and taking romantic selfies with your Sims 4 lover. It also includes a new romantic interaction, “grind dance.” To install, extract the zip file to Your “The Sims 4” Mods folder. (Of note, if you create a folder within a folder in your mods folder, the mod will not work. You can only put the files 1 folder deep inside the mods folder.) Who doesn’t want a little passionate romance in their life? Let me know if this is a must have mod for you!

6.) Pillow Talk

Who doesn’t enjoy a little pillow talk after “woohoo”? The Pillow Talk sims 4 mod, created by ShimRod101, enables your Sims to Whisper Secret, Tickle, Kiss, and Snuggle Nuzzle. It’s worth noting that this mod replaces the “Big Finish” (the action of bedsheets moving and fireworks after “woohoo”) with these animations, so the Big Finish will never be seen while this mod is installed.

7.) No Sleep After Woohoo

Why is it that sims always can’t seem to stay awake immediately after “woohoo” in the base. This mod, brought to us by the ever-talented PolarBearSims, will prevent your sims from ever going to sleep after they woohoo, regardless of how tired they might be, because let’s face it, they want to live their best life! Or shouldn’t they at least take shower after “woohoo”? Oh you know you had the same reaction! Of note, this mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the same XML file.

8.) Plain Interactive (WooHoo) Bushes

This mod is pretty self-explanatory. It allows your sims to woohoo in a bush. Perhaps an option for simmers who are getting bored of the bedroom and are looking for a new place to get frisky?

9.) Risky Woohoo and Try for Baby Chances

This mod by PolarBearSims allows your sims to participate in “risky woohoo” in a variety of places (e.g., in a rocket ship, hot tub, sauna, closet, tent, leaf pile, and so on). It also enables your sims to have different fertility levels based on age groups and possible infertility and woohoo pregnancy difficulties. The woohoo pregnancy mod allows your sims to also take a pregnancy test with woohoo or risky woohoo. You can download it here: Mod The Sims – Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances.

In the Sims 4 base game you have two intercourse options – “woohoo” and “try for baby.” The Risky Woohoo mod now gives your two sims a chance of getting pregnant from engaging in “risky woohoo.” Using the Risky Woohoo mod, your Sims’ traits will increase or decrease your chances of getting pregnant. For example, a lazy sim will most likely not use contraception and will have an increased chance of creating little sims offspring.

10.) Pregnancy Mega Mod

If you’re looking to make more adorable sims babies, this unique mod is for you! Brought to you by Scumbumbo and Java7Nerd, this mod is actually a combination of several mods and enables your sims to have twins, triplets, and even more babies, and to affect the gender of offspring by what the expectant mother listens to and eats. For installation it is recommended that you use The Sims 4 Mod Manager by Raxdiam for an automatic install. Check the instructions here for a manual installation:

Mod The Sims – Pregnancy Mega Mod v7

Woohoo Mods Sims 4 Tip – Script mods must be enabled in your game options for this mod to work properly.

11.) SimDa Dating App

Not having any luck in the Sims dating pool? The SimDa Dating App mod will give your Sims the option to go on specific dates, blind dates, or one night stands, providing a “no strings attached” option for your sims. The mod also provides Pregnancy Chance Add-ons you can choose from.

12.) Shower Woohoo Tweaks

A simple change but the Shower Woohoo Tweaks mod provides for a more realistic shower woohoo experience for your sims. In the base game Sims change into a towel before engaging in shower woohooing. With this mod, your sims will slip out of their clothes before they start shower woohooing.

13.) Woohoo Interaction Hider

Brought to you by Foamimi, this mod is a woohoo interaction hider if your sims are in specific moods. I really puts the pressure on to make sure that the mood is right otherwise the game will hide the woohoo interactions. Of note, anything that involves directly altering the Woohoo/TryforBaby XMLs will not be compatible with this mod.

14.) Woohoo Lover Trait

Brought to us by KiaraSims4Mods, the WooHoo Lover Trait is for Sims who love to woohoo. It’s one of my favorite love mod features in the Woohoo Mods Sims 4 guide of all the custom mods and will add some heat to your sim’s bedroom.

Also since we are on the subject of trait mods, if you want to learn more about some of the best traits, check out this post about The Sims 4 Trait Mods.

15.) Woohoo is Exercise

In the base game, woohoo has no effect on your sims’ weight or fitness, which is just not realistic. (Everyone knows woohoo is great exercise!) The WooHoo is Exercise mod by Candyd allows your sims to lose weight and gain muscle while they woohoo. Of note, only the basegame woohoo locations are modded, not all woohoo locations that are in some of the expansion packs and game packs. This mod also conflicts with the my Retuned metabolism – Natural metabolism part 3 mod because Retuned metabolism includes woohoo as exercise too.

16.) Any Caregiver Can Give the Woohoo Talk

This mod brought to us by lazarusinashes, is pretty straightforward. It allows any caregiver to have the WooHoo talk with a teenage dependent, regardless of whether they are the teen’s parent or not (it could be a cousin, older sibling, etc.). With this mod anyone who is raising another Sim can give the WooHoo talk to a teenager as long as they are an adult.

17.) Lumpinou’s Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection

Another great relationship mod, that allows you to take your romantic relationships to the next level. This mod allows you to specify your preference for whether or not you would like a baby, specify birth control options, and avoid and get rid of transmissible diseases all for the responsible person. Not all parents are going to love the paternity test feature which allows you to discover who the father is of your child. After a long woohoo day or night, you may also want to temporarily establish a relationship beak all which this mod allows you to do.

18.) Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility

Created by NeonOcean, this mod allows your sims to have menstrual cycles, making the game feel way more realistic. Simmers can now also adjust their sims menstrual cycle by using the cycle tracker phone app to keep track of fertility and menstruation. With this mod, pregnancy can only happen if your sim woohoos while fertile. It also adds different forms of contraception, like birth control and condoms, and allows your sims to buy and take pregnancy tests. Of note, this mod may not be the best option for simmers who play with many generations of sims (more on this here: Mod The Sims – Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility).

19.) MC Command Center

The MC Command Center mod is a Must Have Mod as part of Sims 4 Woohoo mods. If you want complete control over your game this mod gives you just that. You need to try MC Woohoo, and MC Pregnancy which can really improve your romantic interactions.

The types of things you can see is polygamy, autonomous try for baby, risky woohoo percentage changes, and so much more. Many players just want the game to feel more like real, and less like a cartoon. The no mosaic/censor mod includes the removal of the pixilation or censor feature that is placed on any sim when they are showering, going to the bathroom, breastfeeding, and more. This is a simple sims 4 mod that a lot of players really swear by for making it feel more like real life.

20.) Less Success for Try for Baby

In the Sims 4 base game there’s a default rate of 80% success when trying for baby, which is just not realistic. This mod, created by Neia, allows you to choose your sims success rate when trying for baby. The customized rates include: 60%, 40% and 20%.

21.) Wicked Whims

The Wicked Whims mod is one of the most risque NSFW mods available for The Sims 4 and probably in the entire Sims Series. This mod will really increase your baby chances with your sim!

This isn’t just adults messing around, but is a full on russian roulette of woohoo options for your sim. With this wicked woohoo mod you’ll have changes to how woohoo interaction works, nudity, pubic hair, strip clubs and so much more. I’ll be honest, you just have to try the wicked woohoo mod for yourself to see everything the mod covers.

Also you should check out the WooHoo Custom Holiday mod which works with the Wicked Whims Seasons expansion pack. Your sim can now WooHoo as a custom Holiday Tradition! As long as you have the Wicked Whims installed you can use select woohoo actions as part of the Romantic Spirit holiday Tradition. There is also a no-strings-attached woohoo option, trying for a baby, and other Wicked Woohoo actions that you must try with your other sim.

LittleMsSam also offers an amazing tutorial which can be found by clicking here – Custom Holiday Tutorial.

I also use her mod that gives more icons for your Holidays, which can be found by clicking here – Custom Holiday Icons.

22.) Wonderful Whims

The creator of the Sims 4 wicked whims realized that a lot of simmers really want access to some parts of that mod, without all of the NSFW content so they decided to create wonderful whims. This mod includes the attraction system, impressions, and a ton of other safe for work items that people loved from their first mod.

23.) Woohoo Acceptance Animations Replaced

This is a simple Sims 4 mod brought to us by Shimrod101 that enables 4 flirty/romantic interactions when a sim accepts another sim’s proposal to have a woohoo interaction. The four animation options include Cock Head And Sway, Cat Clawing, Swoon Weak Knees, and Hand On Chest. These are in place of the base game animations we typically see when sims decide to do woohoo stuff together, which look more like a handshake or the Pump Fist and Fired Up, for example.

This post was all about the Best WooHoo Mods Sims 4.

So what do you think of the Best Woohoo Mods Sims 4 Guide? What is your favorite sims 4 woohoo interactions? Are there any other sims 4 woohoo mods that you’d like to see in this list? Leave a comment and let me know. I hope these mods give you lots of ideas to spice up your sims’ love lives!

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