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36+ Coolest Sims 4 Grunge CC Downloads (Perfect for Werewolves Gameplay)

Need some alternative sims 4 grunge cc to go along with your Moonwood Mill adventures? Here’s everything you need to dress your rebel sims!

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In honor of the release of Sims 4 Werewolves, I’m sharing my absolute best sims 4 grunge cc finds so that you can immerse your sims completely in the alternative and edgy aesthetic of Moonwood Mill.

And can we just take a second to acknowledge how much this pack gives off Twilight vibes?? It’s truly helping me live out my teen fantasies. (Team Jacob🐺❤️)

To put together a complete look, downloading some cc tattoos and piercings would be a great addition to this list of punk-inspired cc. Luckily, I have lists for each of those!

But, even if you’re not interested in playing with Werewolves, most of this custom content clothing would still be PERFECT for starting the rags to riches challenge.

Here’s the best sims 4 grunge cc.

Best Sims 4 Grunge CC

1. Grunge Jeans & T-Shirt CC Set by EmmiBouquet

If your sim is both cute and punk, then this set of pastel grunge clothes is a must-have for your cc folder.

With different pins, prints, and swatches, the t-shirt is super customizable.

So are the ripped jeans with various styles of tears and rips.

The creator recommends downloading these cc fishnets along with the jeans to get the full grungey look!

2. Asymmetric CC Skirt for Sims 4 by Trillyke

I absolutely love this cc skirt because what’s more punk than plaid?

You’ll get 18 swatches with the skirt download that will give you total variety, including pinks and purples to help you create a more feminine grunge aesthetic.

You won’t regret having this in your cc folder!

3. Sims 4 Grunge Hair CC with Bangs by simandy

Few things give off vibes of total confidence and show the world you don’t care what anyone thinks quite like bangs.

I mean, it’s a decision you’re making for YEARS and that’s what makes them so badass.

This e-girl inspired edgy hair cc is available in 2 versions with 58 swatches each.

4. Sims 4 Grunge CC Pack by Sentate

A few of these custom content pieces remind me of CAS items we got with the Werewolves pack (the t-shirt dress especially!), but they’re slightly fancier and not as ripped up.

The 11 mix and match cc items are almost “classy” punk if you will. Great for a fashion-forward sim!

5. Leather Boots Sims 4 CC Shoes by Madlen

What do punk girls love? Easy question. Tall boots, thick soles, and lots of buckles.

And that’s why these are the perfect addition to your next punk-inspired cc outfit.

While you’ll probably only use them in black, you do have 6 other swatches to choose from.

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6. Punk Hijab CC for Sims 4 by deathpoke1qa

For more cultural diversity in your game, download this custom content hijab with a spikey mohawk!

So now, no matter who you are, you can express your alternative style to the world.

7. Sims 4 Shaggy Hair with Bangs by okruee

For me, it’s a fine line between tousled and grunge. This cc hair walks that line like a pro.

I could easily see this dressed up on a fashionista sim or on the grungiest of all sims who ever existed.

You’ve got all of the classic EA colors to choose from, so pick one of the more vibrant ones and make a statement.

8. Sims 4 CC Punk Shorts by soroka

If you want your sim’s edgy vibes to be SUPER strong, add these crust punk shorts to their closet.

With all the patches and chains, there’s no denying that your sim isn’t one to mess with.

The cc shorts come in a total of 24 swatches and require Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat.

9. Sims 4 Male Grunge Hair CC by okruee

Okay, let’s be honest, the new Werewolves pack came with a pretty sick mullet, but there’s always room in the world for more mullets.

Since the hairs are shorter on the back of this cc mullet, I’d almost consider it a baby mullet or a mullet in the early stages of growth.

One great thing about this custom content hair is that it will work on both male and female sims for the ultimate introduction to the alternative side of life.

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10. High-Waisted Ripped CC Jeans by Saurus

These are jeans that I would most definitely wear in real life!

They’re high-waisted, perfectly fitted, and have rips all over. I’m obsessed with them.

The black buckle belt adds even more to the overall grunge aesthetic.

11. Hipster Grunge CC Pack by clumsyalien

I feel like this is the perfect hipster version of grunge. It has the plaid and the layers, but without all the rips.

If you sim isn’t ready to fully commit to the grunge life, this is the perfect stepping stone along the way. The essence of grunge is there but without the implied filth.

All 6 of the maxis match clothing items and 3 cc hairs can be paired with other items to achieve your perfect look.

12. Sims 4 CC Band Tees by Mal

What’s more punk than a band tee?

These maxis match t-shirts come in 23 swatches with simlish logo versions of real-life bands.

There’s a download for both masculine and feminine brands with meshes required for each.

13. Punk Sims 4 CC Pack by bauhauzzz

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to put together an outfit that looks like you did just the opposite.

To the average person these outfits will look haphazardly put-together but will be totally respected by your punk friends.

All the punk cc pieces from this pack work well together and with the other items on this list to create truly unique grunge looks.

This is a recolor set, so you’ll need to grab all the meshes from the download page.

14. Sims 4 CC Beanie by buckgrunt

Are you really alternative if you don’t own a beanie?

For a total grunge look, complete your sim’s outfit with this cc beanie.

Unfortunately, the original creator is no longer active, but you can still find the download for your cc folder at the link below.

15. Accessory Hoodie CC by Margosims

And here we have yet another must-have grunge accessory.

Even if your sim has no intention of actually wearing this cc hoodie for warmth it makes the perfect accessory when tied around the waist.

And there are a lot of solids and plaid swatches to choose from!

But make sure you grab the mesh that’s listed on the downloads page.

16. Ripped Grunge CC Top by EvellSims

My pop-punk preteen heart is praying that the name of this top is in reference to Avril Lavinge, because this is SO Avril circa 2002. That tie was EVERYTHING.

With the striped patches and rips all over, you won’t have to prove your angst, it shows clear as day.

17. Sims 4 Goth Nails by NekoChan-Simmer

I know these are named goth nails, but they will also perfectly fit your grungy sims.

You’ve got 18 swatches to choose from with these cc nails, but one of the darker more muted colors will most likely be your go-to.

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18. Sims 4 Alternative CC Pack by Aladdin-The-Simmer

Leather? ✔️

Plaid? ✔️

Fishnet tights? ✔️

This sims 4 cc pack has everything you need to create an alternative look!

It comes with 16 new pieces of maxis-match custom content that is not only perfect for creating one outfit but many, especially when mixed with the other cc on this list.

19. Fleabag Sims 4 CC Pants by EvellSims

As the name suggests, a sim wearing these cc pants might not be totally up to date on their hygiene.

That being said, these would be just right for rags to riches gameplay.

They look rockin’ on both genders and all body types.

The frays at the bottom are a nice touch and really show the wear the pants have been through.

20. Sims 4 Edgy Makeup CC Pack by Pralinesims

Although this cc pack is geared towards e-girl sims, I still think the dark and bold makeup is perfect for creating grunge makeup looks!

With the download, you’ll get a 20-item collection of incredible makeup cc.

The eyeshadow and eyeliner cc especially is just TOO good. The Cruel eyeliner paired with the Underworld lipstick is fire. 🔥

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21. Mix & Match Sims 4 Grunge CC Pack by aharris00britney

This custom content collection seriously has too many good items for me to list them all.

If you’re looking for a bunch of grunge cc pieces to mix and match then you absolutely NEED to download this pack!

Oh, and if you need a choker, this pack has the PERFECT one.

22. Cute Grunge Hair CC By aharris00britney

For your grunge girls, that still want a bit of cute, these short pigtails will be their go-to hairstyle.

The choppiness and black hairbands give it the edge it needs to go with your sim’s dark makeup, choker, and ripped tights.

This cc hair comes in all 24 EA swatches PLUS an ombre overlay that you can find in facepaint within CAS.

23. Sims 4 CC Tights by Trillyke

One thing I love about The Sims is that each time a new pack comes out, you can still find a use for the old stuff to mix with the new.

Here we have the perfect example of this!

These cc tights are an edited mesh of tights from Realm of Magic that has had the second layer underneath removed.

All of the swatches will look perfect paired with your favorite cc skirt or even ripped jeans.

24. Grunge CC Tank Top for Sims 4 by EvellSims

This tank top is exactly what your grungy sims needs.

Frayed edges are the perfect way to add some grunge to your clothes and the addition of the clothes pins just make this even more edgy than it already is!

This cc download comes in 20 swatches and is made for female sims.

25. Custom Content Choker & Mesh Tops by cloudcat

If you’re on the lookout for grunge accessories, you need this set!

You can use this cc mesh top on either male or female sims, and since it’s in the necklaces category, you can use it with any shirt of your choice.

26. Male Grunge CC Clothes by Trillyke

When it comes to my sims 4 cc, I absolutely LOVE sets and packs I can download once and use all the time for different sims with completely different styles.

These CAS items are great for creating grunge & punk looks, as you can see from my featured image, but could also fit a sim with a more urban or modern style.

Both the cut-off tank and the pants are available in 30 swatches each for plenty of variety and you can find the accessory chains in the glove category.

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27. Sims 4 Werewolves Hair Recolors by chimaerae

I think we can all agree that the hairs that come with the new Werewolves pack are pretty great.

But as with a lot of things, there is always room for improvement.

This download is a collection of recolors, in the eezo shot palette, of all the hairs from Sims 4 Werewolves adding even more variety to CAS.

28. Edgy Sims 4 CC Heels by Regina Raven

Those buckles!! 😍

You can never have too many cc shoes in your sims game, so these are an amazing addition to your cc folder for fun yet cool outfits.

The black heels are, of course, my favorite for edgy looks but I can see myself using a lot of these depending on the sim.

29. Buzzcut Hair CC Collection by boonstow

One of the more unique ways to show your individuality and dedication to the alternative lifestyle is for your sim to shave off all their hair and make art out of it.

The buzzcut collection is one of the more daring ways your sim can express who they really are.

Once you grab this cc download, you’ll have access to 30 sick new styles.

30. Baggy Leather Custom Content Pants by bloodmoon

Something about two-toned clothes is so cool to me. Make those two-tone clothes leather and boy do you have a winner.

You know the sim wearing these pants is a total badass.🤘

There’s a version available for both genders, so put these on a punk couple and you’ve got a pair no one will mess with.

31. Wolf CC Lipstick by meatballteeth

I’m sure, if you’re like me, one of the first things you wanted to find was some really great makeup cc for the new werewolves pack since you know…it didn’t come with any…🙄

Well, luckily these lipsticks satisfy that need perfectly.

My personal favorite is the no-shine version that really emphasizes the darker side of grunge.

32. Jazmin Punk CC hair by cosmic cc

I think it’s clear at this point that mullets are cool and they’re here to stay.

This cc mullet is similar to the hair we got with the Sims 4 Werewolves, but it’s different enough that it’s still useful.

From the various braids (aka rat tails) and the completely shaved sides, this hair is as grungy as it gets.

33. No Mercy CC Boots by Trillyke

If I have learned anything from my time in the world of punk, it’s that you have to have a pair of these platform boots with buckles or you’re doing something wrong.

Not only will they give your sim a better view of their drummer boyfriend at his next show, but they’ll also allow them to literally squash anyone who could be seen as a hater.

The cc boots are available in both a short and tall version and can easily become the centerpiece of any alternative sims outfit.

34. Sims 4 Grunge CC Shirt by EvellSims

This cc top is the perfect thing to pair with the Werewolves game pack for obvious reasons.

Not only is the chest area ripped to shreds (you know, by a werewolf) but the sleeves are also long enough to cover your hands on the off chance your claws decide to come out to play!

35. CC Pleated Skirt & Garter Tights by Trillyke

Living the grunge life oftentimes has a lot to do with layering in a thoughtful way.

This pleated skirt with its adorable heart buckle and paired with the tights are essential for your alternative sim.

The skirt comes in numerous plaids, patterns, and solids ranging from hardcore punk to cutesy girl.

With this custom content download, you’ll get a variety of tights and garters to go along with the skirts.

36. Grunge Sims 4 CC Pack by clumsyalien

Some of these cc clothing items feel like they’re from a different time.

Think: 90’s-era grunge.

However, the Sienna jacket and the Ciel jeans make a perfect pair to cover your sim in grunge cc from shoulder to ankle.

If you want shoes or a hat, well you’ll have to grab those from a different link on this list.

37. Sims 4 Punk CC for Teens by SxL

We all need a little more punk cc for our male sims. Fortunately, we have these awesome items to fill that void.

This set is actually part of the larger Sims 4 Teen Stuff Style cc pack, but the punk stuff is too good to pass up.

And as the name implies, it’s great for teen sims, but works just as well on adult sims too.

This is the absolute best sims 4 grunge cc that I’ve found and what I’ll be using for my werewolves gameplay! If you have any suggestions for this list, feel free to leave me a comment or tag me on Tumblr.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Grunge CC.

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