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50+ Best Sims 4 Deco Sims for Storytelling Screenshots

Deco sims are the perfect way to set up a realistic scene for taking in-game photos and telling your stories in the sims 4. Here’s a list of must-have sims 4 deco sims to do just that!

sims 4 deco sims

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Looking for some fake sims to populate your sims 4 photos? You’re in the right place!

I’ve put together a list of amazing deco sims you need to see if you want to create beautiful, realistic settings for gameplay photos.

There’s lots of variety so you can find whatever you’re looking for, from sitting to standing sims or beach sims to winter sims. This list has it all!

Honestly, even looking through all these deco sims will likely give you TONS of ideas for gameplay and storylines to play in the sims 4.

Here’s a quick FAQ about deco sims, but if you already know all about them then…

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What are Deco Sims in The Sims 4?

I like to think of deco sims in sims 4 as props.

To explain further, deco sims are custom content sculptures that look like real sims. You can place them on sims 4 lots to take photos for storytelling.

They’re usually very specific, like airport deco sims or student deco sims, to create the perfect setting for your screenshots.

How do you use Deco Sims in Sims 4?

First, you’ll need to download deco sims to your computer (here’s an entire list!) just like you would any other cc or mods, and put them in your mods folder.

Once they’re in your game, using deco sims in sims 4 is SUPER easy!

Go into build mode and in ‘Objects by Function‘ (the chair icon) click on decorations in the drop-down categories menu. You might see your deco sims right away with the blue wrench icon in the corner indicating CC.

Or you may need to narrow it down even further by clicking on the sculptures category. This is where you’ll likely find the deco sims you downloaded unless the creator lets you know that they placed them elsewhere in build mode.

Finally, pick the swatch you want and plop the deco sims onto your lot like regular objects!

It’s that simple.

And if you’re using deco sims for photos, I recommend installing ReShade to make your screenshots look even better.

(Click here to see a list of the best ReShade presets for sims 4!✨)

But keep in mind that if you do use ReShade, some deco sims require that you have your dynamic shadows disabled. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that from Peacemaker.

How do you make Deco Sims in Sims 4?

To make deco sims for sims 4, you’ll need to use a combination of programs including TS4 Ripper, Sims 4 Studio with Blender, & Image Editing Software (I use Canva for everything, but there are tons of options out there!)

Then follow a step-by-step tutorial like this one to learn as much as possible before diving into creating your own deco sims.

This post is all about the best sims 4 deco sims.

Best Sims 4 Deco Sims

Typically, deco sims are SUPER high poly (meaning lower-end computers may not be able to handle them and even high-end computers may lag) so to help out your computer consider only downloading a few at a time.

Usually, creators allow you to download each deco sim from a pack individually which helps with this.

Then pin this post to easily come back and download others when you’re ready!

1. Sitting Sims 4 Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

I love how something as simple as a seated sim can really be so versatile.

You could easily use these in a range of ways, from outside at a park to a table at a café.

They look great outside, but I could see them being used inside as well.

These 10 seated deco sims each have 4 swatches for you to choose from and can be used with any table of your choice.

2. Beach Deco Sims for Sims 4 by lazysimmies

As the Summer heat continues to set in, nothing sounds better than a trip to the beach.

Live vicariously through your sims by giving them the beach day we all long for!

You’ll want to grab these amazing beach deco sims on your way.

There are 16 sims to help saturate the shore with people.

The variety and diversity is remarkable and with 4 swatches each, you can really make the sand and water feel occupied.

There are even toddler deco sims with little floaties on. SO CUTE!😍

3. Movers Sims 4 Deco Sims by Reigningsims

The time has come for your sim to relocate. Maybe they got a job in another town or were just ready for a change of scenery.

Capture the in-between part of moving with these mover deco sims.

There are 8 different movers that come in 4 swatches each.

4. Elder Deco Sims by Nova Creates

The funny thing is elders may be some of the easiest sims to get screenshots of because they’re already a little slower and are often stagnant.

But just in case grandpa gets a little pep in his step, here’s him and his friends frozen in time.

The “Idle Elders” Deco Sim Pack comes with 8 elder deco sims that could easily be used in a park or around a nursing home.

5. Sims 4 Graduation Deco Sims by Starry x Lemon

I remember when I graduated high school and after the ceremony, it seemed like there were kids everywhere with their parents and friends.

Getting a picture without someone in the background was practically unheard of.

All 12 of the graduating deco sims, available in 4 swatches, work well as a group but would work even better scattered around a lot to show lots of little celebrations happening at once.

The best part about these deco sims is that they could be used for showing off both high school and college graduation!

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6. Fitness Deco Sims for Sims 4 by StarrySimsie

Is your sim trying to get into the fitness and start a new workout routine?

What better way to go about that than to surround your sim with other like-minded sims?

These 13 fitness deco sims come in 4 swatches each.

All of these sims are outside in the promo images, but most of them work just as well inside the local gym.

7. Standing Funeral Deco Sims by the devilliers

A funeral is not a fun place to be. They’re a very somber experience.

These standing deco sims dressed in all black fit that mood perfectly.

These 8 sad deco sims come in 3 swatches each and no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get them to smile.

8. Protestors Sims 4 Deco Sims by Reigningsims

This gives me flashbacks to when I was in college.

Every couple of days a different group was on campus holding signs and using megaphones to express their views on a current event.

All 8 of the deco protestors come in many swatches and would look great on a university lot or outside of a corrupt corporation.

9. Cocktail Party Sims 4 Deco Sims by someone-elsa

Parties, in general, are pretty lively places, especially once you add some drinks to the mix…

Slow things down a notch with these stand-ins to make grabbing screenshots a breeze.

These well-dressed fake sims come in 3 swatches each.

The best part is you never have to worry if they’ll make it home safe because they’re not going anywhere.

10. Sims 4 School Deco Sims by lazysimmies

If you’re trying to fill up the hallways and classrooms of a high school, this set of teen deco sims is exactly what you need!

The sims included are diverse and maxis match, so they fit perfectly in the game.

There are two parts of deco students to download, each with 6 standing and 6 sitting sims for a total of 24 sims each with 4 swatches.

11. Hospital Deco Sims for Sims 4 by Reigningsims

Hospitals are always busy, and the number of sims you’d need to populate one properly is overwhelming.

These prop patients, doctors, and nurses will make filling beds and hallways much easier.

There is a nice mix of activities going on between the 16 sims included. Each one comes in 9 swatches.

And make sure to grab the cc wheelchair so you don’t end up with any floating sims!

12. Deco Sims at The Library by StarrySimsie

Libraries are meant to be quiet places, but I bet you didn’t know they could be this quiet.

Sprinkle these reading, book-carrying sims throughout your local library, bookstore, or university to create a scholarly aesthetic.

These library deco sims come in 10 variations, even including a toddler, and are available in 4 swatches each.

13. Sims 4 Wedding Deco Sims by lazysimmies

So, your sims are planning to tie the knot and you want to make sure everything is in order?

Well, it doesn’t get much more in order than these staged wedding deco sims.

And they go absolutely perfect with wedding cc!

You’ll get a total of 12 sims, including 6 seated and 6 standing deco sims available in 4 swatches.

14. Cafe Staff Sims 4 Deco Sims by someone-elsa

Maybe your sim is grabbing a coffee with a friend to catch up, meeting up with a hot new sim for the first time, or being forced to get coffee for their boss in hopes of getting that promotion.

Either way, these café deco sims will be happy to serve you.

The download not only includes 6 deco sims but also clutter cc for the café!

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15. Sims 4 City Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

It’s pretty rare to find a street in any city where you are the only person there at any given time.

These deco sims, perfect for San Myshuno, make for neatly populated cities!

There are 9 different fake sims to choose from each with 4 diverse swatches.

16. Deco Pets for Sims 4 by someone-elsa

The easiest pet to take care of is one you don’t have to clean up after.

That’s precisely what you get with these deco pet sculptures. All of the cute, none of the mess.

You can choose between cats, small dogs, and large dogs.

A total of 12 options in 3 swatches each will be found in the download.

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17. Sims 4 Hot Weather Deco Sims by Akuiyumi

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, more people are outside.

These standing deco sims are great for depicting walking through a neighborhood, park, community lot, or even a city.

Each of these 4 deco sims for summer comes in 5 color swatches and 5 poses.

18. Sims 4 Airport Deco Sims by lazysimmies

If you’re looking for a little more realism in your sims 4 gameplay, having your sims travel via an airport is a great option.

But an empty airport? Kinda creepy…

Cut down on the creep factor by filling seats and aisles with these deco travelers.

You’ll receive 12 traveling deco sims after downloading, plus it’s a collab, so make sure you grab the traveling poses and airport lot linked on the download page!

19. Teacher Deco Sims for Sims 4 by the devilliers

So you have your classroom full of students, but who is going to watch them and make sure they learn something today?

Well of course this set of standing and sitting deco sim teachers! Who else?

This fine selection of professors comes with 9 deco sims that have 3 swatches each.

20. Mourning Deco Sims Sitting by Reigningsims

You’ll remember, earlier in this post we showcased some standing funeral deco sims.

Now, we have sitting funeral deco sims just in case you need some.

I love that the different swatches change enough that you can have more than one of the same deco sim in 2 swatches and it doesn’t look like you’ve just done a copy and paste.

The download has 6 sad sitting deco sims dressed in black each with 4 swatches.

21. Gymnast Deco Sims by the devilliers

If your sim is an aspiring gymnast or is competing in a gymnastics meet, you’ll definitely want these sports deco sims for some nice background filler.

There are 12 fake sims for you to use that come in 3 swatches each.

You will also need to grab a couple of the objects on the downloads page to get the sims to look just right.

22. Sims 4 Casino Deco Sims by lazysimmies

Big money, big money, big money.. Whether they win big or lose big your sims will enjoy a little company while risking it all.

These gambling sims are a fantastic way to fill in the tables and slot machines at any casino.

There are 16 casino deco sims included with 4 swatches each.

Where should you use these courageous card sharks you might ask? Well, I’ll tell ya where, at the Golden Sands Casino lot by beansbuilds, linked on the downloads page.

23. Spellcaster Deco Sims by Reigningsims

Some of these fake sims are spooky, while others are downright kooky, great for Realm of Magic gameplay screenshots.

With this download, you’ll get 10 broom riding, spell casting, wand slinging, tarot reading, magical deco sims.

They come in 5 swatches each and are sure to enchant your environment.

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24. Sims 4 Winter Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

Everyone seems a bit more chipper when the Christmas holiday season rolls around.

So, create some heartwarming holiday stories with the Winter Folks deco sims packs.

Between this 2-part download, you’ll get 21 holiday deco sims that are okay with being outside forever and will never complain of frostbite.

25. Toddler Deco Sims for Sims 4 by Reigningsims

A few of these deco sims downloads have a youngster sprinkled in here or there.

That’s why I was so excited about this one that is absolutely jam-packed with toddler deco sims!

I could see these used in so many different ways including at a kindergarten or preschool or as extra children at a park.

(I think it would go perfectly with the active daycare career mod!)

This is a big one with 20 sims total! It’s made up of not only toddlers but teacher deco sims too.

26. Sitting Deco Sims for Sims 4 by someone-elsa

If you’re grabbing screenshots at a café or restaurant, these sitting deco sims are a necessity.

The pictures you get for your storytelling will be much more realistic and immersive with a few other sims interacting in the background.

There are a total of 8 fake sims that come in 3 swatches each with this download.

Please don’t forget to put a chair under them or they may look a little…odd.

27. Sims 4 Deco Crowd by MelonSloth

When you’re filling in large areas with inanimate sims, things can get a bit tiring placing them one at a time.

That’s the beauty of these preassembled statue sim clusters!

There are 2 separate groups with 13 sims between them available in 3 swatches for a total of 39 individual sims.

Once they’re scattered, you can repeat them a few times making this a MUST-HAVE if you need crowd deco sims.

28. Formal Party Deco Sims by lazysimmies

The list of reasons your sim is attending a fancy party could literally be endless.

Whatever their reason for getting all gussied up, let the atmosphere give off some rich aesthetic energy by filling it with other fancy sims.

With the download, you get 8 formal party deco sims that each come in 4 swatches.

29. Beach Deco Sims by Akuiyumi

These swimsuit-wearing hotties are perfect for populating the beaches of Sulani!

This download has a nice combination of standing, laying, floating, and sitting deco sims that work great poolside and on the shore.

You’ll get 4 beach deco sims in a variety of poses with this set each of which comes in 5 colors.

30. Cinema Deco Sims by lazysimmies

You’ll really be able to smell the popcorn with these deco sims in a movie theater!

There are many storylines that could cause you to end up in a movie theater: first date, family night out, date night without the kids, teens hanging out, you name it.

Not only do you get some movie-watching sims, but even some that are working the concessions.

Altogether, you get 12 cinema deco sims that come in 4 swatches each.

31. Paparazzi Deco Sims by the devilliers

This collection of photographer deco sims can easily be used in multiple ways.

For instance, use just one and you’ve got a wedding photographer or someone taking family portraits.

Or you could use them all as a paparazzi which is great for Get Famous.

No matter what the story is, you’ll have access to 8 deco sims holding cameras that come in 3 swatches.

32. Sims 4 School Deco Sims Pack by starry x the devilliers

If you’re storytelling in a school, this set of student and teacher deco sims is a total must-have!

There is a great variety of student ages and multiple teachers to choose from, allowing for all sorts of stories.

With the 2 downloads, you’ll get a total of 20 sims including child deco sims, teen deco sims, and adult deco sims. Everything you need!!

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33. Sims 4 Bar Deco Sims by lazysimmies

Bars are notorious for having large numbers of patrons who may or may not be seeing double.

For those nights that are a bit quieter than you sims were anticipating give them the gift of fictitious companions for the evening.

Not only will these 10 pub deco sims be anything but the life of the party, they’ll also never get sick from drinking too much.

34. Couple & Family Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

When it comes to creating, we all have to start somewhere.

This was StarrySimsies’s first-ever set of deco sims and I have got to say, bravo!

Whether you’re looking for couple deco sims or a parent and toddler combo, this has you covered.

There are a total of 6 deco sims that work in 3 sets and each comes in 4 swatches for you to choose from.

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35. Beauty Staff Deco Sims by Reigningsims

Once your sim has gained a certain status, they wouldn’t dare be caught doing their own makeup, hair, and styling.

So, for all of those celebrity sims and actor sims out there, I have found a dedicated crew that will be more than happy to help assist in every aspect of getting ready.

There are 5 beauty staff deco sims included in the download, as well as a pose for your sim that matches up with the lipstick artist.

These stationary stylists are perfect for Get Famous gameplay screenshots.

36. Sims 4 Office Deco Sims by Akuiyumi

Something you can never have enough of is office work deco sims.

In a bustling office, things are always changing minute by minute. Lots of calls and lots of computer work.

All 4 of these deco sims have 5 poses and 5 swatches each that do a wonderful job of creating a busy work environment aesthetic.

One of the things I love about Akuiyumi’s deco sims is that each sim comes with its own set of poses. That allows for the same sims to remain in multiple screenshots without seeming completely frozen solid. They also come in different swatches so they can be used at the same time creating multiple stand-in characters out of the same sim!

37. Tea Party Deco Sims by Reigningsims

What time is it? in a British accent “Tea time.”

This selection of silent sippers is ideal for your sim’s fancy tea party events.

The download comes with 6 sitting deco sims, 4 standing deco sims, and 3 maid deco sims each with 5 swatches.

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38. Sims 4 Deco Kids by lazysimmies

If you are looking for some young fake sims to inhabit your parks and schools, I’m not kidding around when I say this deco cc pack is absolutely PERFECT for that!

There are 2 parts to download, and each set has 6 sitting deco sims and 6 standing deco sims for a total of 24 child deco sims.

Once you add in ALL the different swatches, you’re looking at 96 different little rascals.

39. Sims 4 Summer Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

An increase in temperature calls for some more hot weather deco sims.

All of these society stand-ins are great for around the neighborhood, on community lots, or practically any open outdoor area.

This download contains 10 summer deco sims available in 4 swatches.

40. Sims 4 Halloween Deco Sims by lazysimmies

How you celebrate Halloween depends on a lot of factors, but some of the big ones are age and if you have kids or not.

If you’re young and child-free, you’re likely getting your costume on to hit up a few Halloween parties and have a good time!

Or, if you’re like me, you’re buying over-priced Halloween costumes for your kids and taking them to trick or treat, only to deal with sugar-fueled meltdowns for the next couple of weeks…

Between the two downloads, you’ll receive 32 holiday deco sims: Halloween party deco sims or trick or treat deco sims (kids & toddlers included!)

41. Waiter & Waitress Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

Did someone order a fine-looking bunch of wait staff deco sims? Careful, they’re piping hot.🔥

In this pack, you’ll get 4 deco sims eager to share this evening’s specials with diners at any restaurant or café.

42. Grocery Shopping Deco Sims by lazysimmies

As much as I would love going to the grocery store without anyone else being around, it’s usually total chaos.

Until my dreams can become reality, I’ll be content with these subdued shoppers.

The 12 shopping deco sims you get in the download have a nice mix of adult and children shoppers available in 12 swatches.

43. Sims 4 Office Deco Sims by Starry x Lazy

This isn’t working… Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is.

Whether you’re looking for sitting or standing deco sims these collections have you covered.

This collab features a diverse array of 20 office worker deco sims.

Each of the downloads comes with 10 sims available in 4 swatches.

44. Roller Skating Deco Sims by lazysimmies

When it comes to alleviating the heat that comes with hot weather, nothing gets the job done quite like rolling around on skates.

Putting these fake sims in a rink or around a park makes for great spring and summer storytelling opportunities.

There are 12 roller skating deco sims in the download and each comes with 4 swatches.

45. Black Deco Sims for Sims 4 by StarrySimsie

Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re looking for one type of sim for your screenshots.

If that’s the case, then this is the perfect collection for you.

This entire pack was made in honor of black history month with 15 black deco sims available in 5 swatches doing a variety of different things.

46. Prisoner Deco Sims by Akuiyumi

Look, I don’t care why your sim is doing time on the inside.

Maybe they robbed a bank. Maybe they were wrongly accused. Maybe they’re on the next season of 60 Days In.

Whatever the reason they’re bound to be a whole lot safer if they’re sharing a cell with these jail deco sims.

The pack comes with 15 sculpture sims doing 3 poses for a total of 45 possible sims.

47. Sims 4 College Party Deco Sims by lazysimmies

To some, one of the biggest parts of college is the social aspect.

That includes hanging with friends and grabbing dinner, but also throwing the occasional rager.

The download has 10 university deco sims that come in 4 swatches each.

With these respectable fill-ins, this party is sure to be quieter than your average college house party.

48. Arcade Deco Sims by lazysimmies

Who doesn’t love going to the arcade and trying to hit a new high score? I know I do.

These 8 adorable kids and teens deco sims are PERFECT for creating a realistic arcade scene for storytelling.

And don’t forget to grab the deco arcade machines that are listed on the downloads page!

49. Holding Phones Deco Sims by the devilliers

You know those events where everyone simultaneously pulls their phone out and starts recording?

Maybe a celebrity is walking down the street or maybe there is some sort of emergency happening.

Well, this set of star-struck shutterbugs is sure to capture the moment so you don’t miss a thing.

The download comes with 5 fake sims that each have 3 swatches.

Oh, and there’s a guy with a professional camera included as well for those high-quality shots.

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50. Sims 4 Ice Skating Deco Sims by lazysimmies

One of the things that can make winter a little bit better is having fun activities to do like ice skating!

If your sim has never been they might be a little embarrassed to skate in front of other sims and potentially fall.

So, what better way to avoid the humiliation than to only skate with their closest friends and some fake winter deco sims?

There are 9 different sims on skates and each one comes in 4 swatches.

51. Prom Deco Sims for Sims 4 by lazysimmies

For some, prom is one of the most magical nights of their lives.

I’m going to have to say that is definitely the case for these teen deco sims.

Make this prom “a night to remember” with these 16 high school deco sims. Each comes in 4 swatches and is ready to dance the night away.

Oh, and this is a collaboration between 3 creators, so make sure you grab the other parts (a build & prom poses) from the downloads page to create an authentic prom experience.

52. Sims 4 Deco Sim Dogs by StarrySimsie

If you’re looking for a place to use all of these pet deco sims at once, you might try a dog park setting.

They would also look great on the sidewalk with their owners.

Who is their owner you ask? Well, that’s for you to decide.

All 4 of these obedient deco dogs can be used with any of the four deco sims.

53. Sims 4 Fall Deco Sims by lazysimmies

The leaves are changing and the breeze has turned brisk.

Get the most out of your Seasons gameplay by embracing the cold weather and enjoying a few more days outside before the inevitable snow sets in.

These fall deco sims will look great on the sidewalks of your city or neighborhood.

There are 12 sims in 4 swatches that come with the download.

54. Around the Neighborhood Deco Sims by lazysimmies

If you’ve made it through this list and are still looking for a few sims to stick around your community, these should do so nicely.

This series has a good variety of walking, standing, and sitting deco sims to plop into your stories.

You’ll get 17 useful deco sims that each come in 4 swatches and are a necessity for storytellers.

Deco sims are seriously SO cool! They’re perfect for creating realistic environments to take amazing screenshots.

If you have any other favorites I should add to this list, leave me a comment or tag me on Tumblr.

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Deco Sims.

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