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The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Clutter CC (Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, & More!)

Looking for realistic & high-quality sims 4 clutter cc and decor to fill up every room of your sim’s house? Here’s a list of everything you need for your cc folder!

best sims 4 clutter cc

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I hope your cc folder is prepared because this is a MEGA post full of clutter cc for the sims 4 (or sims 4 decor…whatever you wanna call it!)

There’s truly SO much out there, that it was hard to even pick what was the absolute best to put on this list.

You’ll find a mixture of maxis match clutter and alpha clutter to fit your gameplay style.

For all of this clutter, you’ll definitely need a clutter mod that allows you to have more decorative slots on your furniture, so go HERE and click ‘Fixes’ under ‘Other’ to find mods that give you more slots.

And if you want EVEN MORE clutter that’s already in the game, but hidden, check out the build/buy debug menu. If you don’t know how to do this, here’s a simple tutorial!

This post is all about sims 4 cc clutter.

Best Sims 4 Clutter CC

1. Heirloom Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC by leaf-motif

Everyone has seen this kind of classic dishware, and I for one absolutely love them!

Printed containers like these have been around for a while and won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

I love the little message from the creator, “embrace the kitsch.”

There are 10 different kitchen clutter items for the sims 4 that all come in LOTS of color options. Feel free to mix and match!

2. Study Aesthetic Clutter by Simbishy

Whether your sim works from home or is studying for a big test, it’s important to have just the right amount of sims 4 office clutter!

The subtle differences between the four different “themes” let you choose the right vibe for your sim.

3. Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter CC Set by Ravasheen

Without a bit of clutter, a bathroom isn’t going to feel lived in at all.

Fix that by grabbing this amazing selection of bathroom and makeup clutter.

There are 20 bathroom and beauty clutter items that come in this set; Most of which can be used individually or in a group.

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4. Sims 4 University Dorm Decor by hula-zombie

Did your sim just move from the dorm to their first apartment?

I know money can be tight while going to university, and you can make just about anything into furniture to save a buck!

Take that idea to the extreme with this wonderful sims 4 bedroom clutter collection.

You’ll get a traffic cone, milk crates, cinder blocks, records, and university wall banners with the download.

5. Animal Crossing Clutter for Sims 4 by okruee

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing, I gotta say, you’re missing out.

It’s another AMAZING life simulation game!

That being said, this set of clutter items for around the home is a beautiful tribute to the game.

There are 6 décor items included in the download as well as an end table!

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6. Sims 4 Christmas Clutter by soloriya

Christmas is such a special time of year.

Get your sims in the holiday spirit with this adorable sims 4 Christmas clutter pack!

There are 12 different objects in the set and all of them have 3 to 4 different color variations to help you stick with the look you’re going for.

7. Retro Days Sims 4 Clutter CC by radioactivedotcom

I definitely just stepped back in time!

These sims 4 80s cc clutter items are ideal for the decades challenge OR even just taking super cool in-game screenshots.

They can also be sprinkled into a more modern home for a vintage clutter feel.

The retro days set comes with a WHOPPING 40 different items!

8. Sims 4 Gardening Clutter by mlys_simblr

Spruce up your outdoor space with this stunning sims 4 garden clutter!

Between the antique seedboxes and potting clutter, your garden will definitely feel the love.

The bird feeder is functional IF you have Backyard Stuff, which is awesome!

There are 7 objects in the download that come in multiple swatches, as usual.

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9. Sims 4 CC Shoe Decor by Surely-Sims

SHOES! This shoe clutter cc would be great for a closet or for creating a store.

Let’s be honest, we know some celebrity closets look like stores, so go ahead and indulge your sims shoe addiction.

There are 20 combos to choose from.

And if you’re looking for actual custom content shoes for your sims, check out THIS list!

10. Sims 4 Crystals & Astrology Clutter by leaf-motif

Okay, this whole collection is magnificent and magical!🔮

Let your sim show off their zodiac sign with the awesome wall hangings.

They can also have a sizable collection of crystals if they’re into that type of thing.

There are just so many wonderful items in this sims 4 clutter pack. I don’t know about you but I need them all!

11. Sims 4 Clutter Food & Pantry Pack by brazenlotus

Whoa, this is a MEGA cc pack with TONS of food clutter for your sim’s kitchen and pantry!

If you’re looking for high-quality food clutter that looks like it fits right in with the game, this is definitely the cc set you need!

There are lots of different swatches on the items making the decor possibilities almost endless.

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12. Sims 4 Art Clutter CC by soloriya

Having seen my fair share of art studios, I’m going to say this clutter and décor hits the nail on the head.

This collection is jam-packed with art supplies for your artist sims.

To give you variety, there is a light and dark version of all of the items.

13. Crystal Glass Decor Set by Dark Diamond Sims

Are you tired of your glassware getting smelly after a fairly short period of time? Well, stress no more!

This beautiful set of decanters and glasses can sit out forever and never utter as much as a hint of stink.

There are multiple matching colors for the glasses so you and your friends can drink in style.

14. Plant Mom Clutter CC Pack by simkoos

Plants can feel like they take as much work as a kid sometimes. Be the best plant mom you can be with these amazing downloads!

This clutter is just SO creative. I love the thought of using items around the house to put plants in.

Not only does it save money, but it gives you some unique decor.

You’ll get 11 different objects with the download, and an adorable outfit for taking care of those plant babies!

15. Sims 4 Clutter Candles by Simbishy

Can you ever have enough candles? Absolutely not, ever.

With this sims 4 candles pack, you’ll get 7 different candles in 11 different color swatches for a grand total of 77 different candle options!

(Careful not to light them all at once and burn the house down.🔥)

16. Sims 4 Dark Academia Study CC by dew of the sea

Fulfill your dark academia dreams with this magical sims 4 study cc clutter.

Is anyone else getting total witchy vibes from this set?

There are 16 different study paper combinations for you to choose from, and you’re going to want to use them all!

17. Garden, Kitchen, & Cleaning Clutter by Martine

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to make great content!

This garden, kitchen, and cleaning cc pack is a great combination of debug items and new, custom content items.

There are 23 different items in the download, a lot of which have multiple swatches to choose from!

18. Sulani Souvenirs Sims 4 Clutter by pandorasimbox

Do you remember that time your sim took a trip to Sulani? No?

Well, next time don’t let them forget either with this great vacation clutter pack.

The download comes with 25 different items that are base-game compatible, most of which are decorative only.

19. Feminine Decor Clutter by leaf-motif

Give your sim’s home a touch of feminine charm with this lovely floral clutter and décor for the sims 4.

Most of it would be perfect as bathroom clutter, but could really be used anywhere.

You’ll get 8 objects, including a beautiful shower curtain that comes in 10 different swatches!

20. Sims 4 Craft Clutter CC By Ravasheen

Does your sim love crafting? Let the world know with these adorable crafting supplies!

With all of this new clutter you’re getting, you’re going to need the included cart to place all of your clutter on.

There are 14 different items, along with the cart, included in the download.

21. Sims 4 Picnic Clutter by soloriya

I feel like I just stepped right into a cottagecore aesthetic wonderland!

While these objects look fantastic in a picnic setting, they can also be used in your kitchen or dining room!

It comes with 12 different clutter items that all have color variations.

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22. Sims 4 Skincare Clutter Decor by pixelette

Please don’t forget how important skincare is. I personally know that without having my skincare products sitting out, I’d probably forget to do it.

Make sure your sim doesn’t forget by putting this adorable set on their counter as a gentle reminder.

The set includes 3 different bottles and tubes with multiple swatches!

23. Sims 4 Bath Clutter CC by Simbishy

It’s been a long day. Your sim deserves to relax just as much as you do.

Let them unwind with a self-care kit, some nice soaps, and a milk bath.

All of these just so happen to be included in this download. What a coincidence!

You’ll get the choice of 4 different “themes” to make sure the mood is just right.

24. Sims 4 Storage Clutter CC by simkoos

And here’s another pack I would absolutely use in real life.

I’m a fanatic about storage and organization.

I want to make sure everything has a place.

This cc pack includes 4 items that have slots to place items with a combined 121 possible slots!

You’ll also get 4 more usable items and 8 items that are décor only.

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25. Tools & Garage Sims 4 Clutter by Martine

If your garage isn’t cluttered, you’re doing something wrong. Doesn’t everyone use their garage to store all of their random junk?

The incredible items in this tools and garage cc clutter pack are exactly what you need to give the essence of a well-used garage!

The download includes 15 objects your sim needs to get things done around the house.

26. Sims 4 Shelf Clutter by leaf-motif

If you’re building the perfect reading nook for your sim, this one is a MUST-HAVE!

I mean, the shelf comes with 150 different slots!!

There are 10 different items to help make sure you and your feline friend are quite comfortable in your newly decorated study, including some incredible furniture cc!

27. Bookcase Clutter for Sims 4 by charly pancakes

If the real version of this shelf wasn’t almost $800, I’d have one in my house right now!

Luckily I can live out my dreams in the sims with this amazing bookshelf clutter.

And best of all it even comes with a custom content salt rock lamp!

There are 8 different items, but the sheer number of swatches makes it feel like SO much more.

28. Sims 4 Laundry Room Clutter by SIXAM

Laundry is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of life.

Luckily, you can make it less of a drag for your sims with all of this wonderful laundry clutter cc!

There are a total of 26 items, including a functional washer and dryer IF you have the Laundry Day Stuff Pack.

There are even some exclusives specifically for your dogs!

29. Cute Sims 4 Clutter Pack by 9sims

Satisfy your sims sweet tooth with these delectable treats and other incredibly cute items!

Whether you need something to fill a void on the wall or clutter up your counters this pack has something that will fit nicely.

The download comes with 23 perfectly cute clutter items for you to use in your sims home or shop.

I think it could even look great as random bedroom clutter cc!

30. Grocery Bag Clutter by Around The Sims 4

Everyone has their own preference of what kind of bag or basket they prefer to use when shopping.

With this download, there’s no reason to choose just one!

One of the coolest things about these is they can be made functional with the mod linked on the downloads page!

And if you like this style of more realistic clutter, you can find tons more on Around the Sims 4.

31. First Aid Kit Clutter for Sims 4 by dew of the sea

Nobody wants to get hurt but it is bound to happen sometimes.

Make sure your sim is prepared with this great little first aid kit complete with band-aids!

There are 24 different swatches between the box and bandages.

32. Sims 4 CC Funko Pops byJenniSims

My little sister is absolutely obsessed with these in real life! (If you are too, check out all of these!)

There are some very recognizable characters in this 3 part collection including Hello Kitty, Skeletor, E.T., Poppy, Frankenstein, and the Care Bears.

You’ll get a total of 19 Funko Pops characters with all 3 downloads.

33. Maxis Match Stackable Magazine Clutter by Snowtato

Allow your sim to have some reading material for them and their guests with these gorgeous, stackable magazines.

I love the imagery used, and that they are in simlish, so they really fit the maxis match style.

You’ll get 27 different designs with the download, making it SO hard to decide which cover goes on top.

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34. Sims 4 Glassware Clutter by Jools

I for one am a huge fan of delicate-looking, beautiful décor.

Well, It doesn’t get much more delicate than large glass objects!

This download comes with 11 objects with a different amount of swatches depending on the object.

Make sure you keep your toddlers and cats away from these shelves though!

35. Sims 4 Work & Office Clutter by Martine

These debug items turned into decorative objects are some of my all-time favorites when it comes to sims 4 clutter cc.

I feel like it’s something EA should have done in the first place, but thank goodness we have these creators to make things easy for us.

This set comes with 24 different items to decorate your sim’s office or work space.

36. Sims 4 Wooden Toys by Vintage-simmer

Even your sims will appreciate the simplicity of non-toxic wooden toys.

Decorate your toddler’s room with these lovely wooden blocks and train set.

While you’re on the downloads page, there are lots of other great items you’ll probably want to get as well!

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37. Calendar Decor for Sims 4 by MadameRia

Don’t let your sim forget another birthday with these wonderful cc calendars!

There are versions to hang on the wall or to place on a desk.

This sims 4 calendar décor set includes 4 different versions with 49 different swatches.

38. Sims 4 Makeup Clutter CC by PQSIM4

Alright, let’s be honest, do you put your makeup away every time you finish using it? No?

For more realistic gameplay, let your sim leave out their makeup too!

Let them live their slightly messy life with this custom content makeup set.

There are multiple objects and 4 colors to choose from in the download.

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39. Sims 4 CC Squishmallow Collection by Bellassims

My son has a couple of these and he adores them!

The really awesome thing about the squishmallows in this pack is that they come in a collectible version or a decorative version.

PLUS, you are able to have both in your game at the same time.

With the download, there are a total of 175 squishmallows altogether.

40. Random Sims 4 Clutter CC by Martine

Finally, we’re at part 4 of Martine’s incredible sims 4 clutter sets.

This one is packed with all of the other random things you need to scatter around the house for a complete feeling of home.

This final set comes with 28 different objects to clutter responsibly.

41. Tea Time Sims 4 Garden Clutter Set by Nocturne

Create a truly serene outdoor space with this charming sims 4 garden clutter cc.

A lot of the items let you really feel like you’re connecting with the environment.

There are a total of 36 maxis match clutter items in the download and they come in “lots of swatches.”

42. Vintage Kitchen Clutter CC by leaf-motif

This isn’t your grandma’s kitchen clutter. Oh wait, maybe it is…

Whether it’s still in grandma’s house or was found on a thrifting adventure, it’s sure to make your sims place feel very homey.

There is a great selection of plates, dishes, and cups to clutter up your cabinets and counters.

The download has 10 objects total and some really lovely patterns to choose from.

43. Sims 4 Japanese Decor by queenofvraquin

This Japanese clutter set is perfect to use when decorating a home in Mt. Komorebi or in any sim home as souvenirs!

I don’t know about you, but I want all of these on my shelves at home. They’re SO cool!

There are 5 objects including a Dragon Statue, a Lucky Neco Statue, and 3 different Kokeshi Dolls.

44. Sims 4 Craft Room Decor by soloriya

Did your adult child sim finally move out and now it’s time to convert their old bedroom into a sewing room?

Not to worry. You’ll find everything you need to do that here!

The download includes 13 different objects in 3 color palettes with more variations on top of that.

45. Jewelry Displays for Sims 4 by Reigningsims

Does your sim dream of owning a jewelry store?

Or are they just very well off and enjoy having nice jewelry on display in their closet?

Either one is a great reason to add this décor item to your cc folder.

There are 8 different versions of the necklace display and 5 ring displays.

46. Apothecary Bottles Decor by tartiish

I love these old apothecary bottles!

Any time I see them at an antique or thrift store it takes everything I have not to buy them all.

Let your sim live my dream and don’t limit how many they’re allowed to bring home.

There are 2 versions included in the download, and they come in 8 swatches.

47. Tiny Living Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter by brazenlotus

What brazenlotus does when it comes to sims 4 clutter is pretty interesting!

They actually separate clutter meshes, including some stuff from debug, from each new sims pack to provide us with even more clutter!

And of course, it’s all maxis match clutter because it’s from the game itself.

For this download, you’ll find the stuff from Tiny Living, but for TONS more clutter from each pack, go HERE!

48. MCM Vintage Coffee Set by wirefiish

I’m OBSESSED with these!😍

These midcentury modern 60’s & 70’s inspired coffee set items are ideal for bringing a retro feel into modern-day living.

Or they could be great for use in a decades challenge.

You can easily use them as kitchen clutter or as dining room clutter.

The download comes with 4 items in 8 swatches

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49. Aesthetic Sims 4 Clutter Set by Mecthasims

This is a HUGE aesthetic desk and office clutter set.

It gives you nearly everything to furnish your workspace in the cutest way possible.

There are 22 items that come in a wide variety of swatches.

50. Light Switches & Outlets for Sims 4 by simkoos

If you like sims 4 realistic gameplay, these are a necessity!

They are the perfect addition to gameplay pictures and make excellent wall clutter.

The download comes with 9 different versions. You can use the bb.moveobjects cheat to move them closer together.

51. Sims 4 Winter Village Decor by leaf-motif

Every Christmas when I go to visit my grandma, an adorable Christmas village seems to have appeared from nowhere.

Now you can bring a little touch of grandma to your sims home for the holidays.

It is the perfect addition to your holiday décor cc for your cc folder with 8 different items that come in 4 swatches each.

52. Toy Clutter for Sims 4 by soloriya

Looking at these makes me happy because I have a few of them in my own real-life home for my toddler to play with.

These would all look fantastic in a child’s bedroom or scattered around the house to give it that real family feel.

The set includes 10 objects that come in a range of color variations.

For functional toddler cc toys, check out THIS list!

53. Sims 4 CC Tarot Deck by dew of the sea

Hold on a second, there are TWO versions of these tarot cards for the sims 4? How cool!

Whether you’re into realistic gameplay or like sticking true to the sims world, dew of the sea has you covered.

Each set comes in multiple colors and multiple spreads so you can get the exact feel you’re going for.

Here is the download for the realistic version of the tarot cards.

And here is the download for the maxis match tarot cards in traditional Sims 4 style!

54. Sims 4 Maxis Match Desk Clutter by Caio

This pack not only includes some great office furniture, but incredible maxis match clutter to match!

All of the items are really well done but I especially love the magazine stack.

The Cozy Setup Collection comes with 19 different items that come in a multitude of swatches.

55. Sims 4 Birthday Party Clutter by soloriya

Take your sim’s next birthday out of this world with this space birthday party décor!

All of this sims 4 clutter food will look great in photos to hang on the wall or add to a scrapbook for memories.

The download includes 10 objects with 4 different color options to make the most of your intergalactic celebration!

56. Sims 4 Beauty Clutter by simkoos

Is your sim aspiring to be the next big beauty guru?

They’ll find everything they need inside this makeup clutter cc collection!

There are 7 different items including the classic ring lights, a robe, and a stack of storage cases that functions as an end table.

57. Corkboard Sims 4 Clutter Set by Ravasheen

Going back to the fact that I am a lover of organization, these corkboards are a must for me personally.

They can be filled with cute prints and little notes to make them feel SUPER personal to your sim.

All of the boards, notes, and pictures can be used together. You’ll just find that they’re separated into different sets when downloading.

58. Back to Basics Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC by MadameRia

This entire kitchen set is BEAUTIFUL!

But If you’re not looking to do a major renovation, you can download just the 21 kitchen clutter décor items separate from the rest of the kitchen.

All of the items in the pack are gorgeous and really well done.

59. Stackable Coffee & Tea Bin Decor by dew of the sea

In need of a little caffeine boost? Me too.

Stock up on tea and coffee with these adorable, stackable tins.

They come in a large selection of colors and are adorned with simlish text.

60. Sims 4 Movie Lover Decor by soloriya

No matter if you’re creating a movie theater or have an actor/director sim, these props are the perfect addition.

I can see some of these items sitting on the counter at a concession stand while others are on the mantle at your famous sim’s house.

There are 13 different items to allow for customization depending on where you decide to decorate.

61. Sims 4 Gamer Girl Streamer Decor by neriney

This entire set is ESSENTIAL for streamer sims!

It really looks amazing in pink for my gamer girls, but is also available in 8-24 other swatches depending on the item.

And if you REALLY like this stuff, you can all of it in real life which you can see in my Pink Gaming Setup post!

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62. Sims 4 Beauty Shop Decor by soloriya

This is kind of the epitome of custom content clutter for a beauty salon or barbershop. It really has everything you’d need to set up shop!

There are 16 objects that come in a few different color choices.

I feel like his pack would be PERFECT in combination with the cosmetology active career mod from THIS post (#8!).

63. Dishes Clutter for Sims 4 by leaf-motif

Leaf-motif at it again with the gorgeous patterned tableware. I really can’t get enough of these décor objects!

They’re perfect for adding a bit of pretty to your dining room and kitchen.

This set comes with 12 different items in multiple colors and patterns.

64. Open & Closed Sims 4 Magazine Clutter by ccbybudgie

Seriously, how often are you in the middle of reading a magazine, get up, and leave it open on the table? It happens all the time.

Create some truly life-like scenarios without breaking the maxis match vibe with these lovely open magazines.

There are 20 different interiors to choose from and each looks just as good as the next.

65. Pegboard with Kitchen Clutter by Ravasheen

I love this pegboard! It is so versatile and the customizability is endless.

There’s also this toolset you can download as well, that works on the pegboard but wasn’t included in the original set.

I could easily see these spread around the house with different objects on them.

This particular set comes with 12 objects, most of which are kitchen-themed.

66. Sims 4 Detective Clutter by soloriya

*police radio chatter* Working as a police officer, or in the detective field, your desk is bound to be covered in case files for your latest assignment.

Bring that chaos to life with this very well-put-together desk clutter.

You’ll get 13 items in the download in 3 different color palettes.

It even comes with a clutter cup of coffee for those late nights and early mornings!

67. Dining Dishware Clutter by soloriya

All of these items would be great for cluttering a kitchen or dining room.

The collection has a nice mix of cutlery, dishware, and other miscellaneous items you’d find when cooking or eating.

The download has 9 decorative items that come in a few different colors.

68. Pregnancy Test & Birth Control Clutter by Martine

Sometimes the bathroom clutter you have is more out of necessity than out of a cute design choice.

Whether your sim is trying for a baby or trying as hard as possible not to get pregnant, this set is PERFECT for telling a story.

It would also be perfect in combination with some pregnancy poses!

You’ll find multiple forms of protection for safe woohoo included in this set , along with a pregnancy test, in case your sim is a little late.

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69. Cypher Sims 4 Gamer Clutter by simkoos

Create the ultimate video editing and recording room for your sim with this awesome high tech office set!

Not everything in this pack is strictly for decoration. It also includes some really great furniture cc, but the clutter included is a TOTAL MUST-HAVE.

There are 12 different items with multiple swatches each to really customize your sims set up.

Clutter cc is such a GREAT way to enhance your sims 4 builds. I have to hold myself back from downloading everything and overloading my cc folder!

But if you’ve got plenty of room to spare, be sure to check out all of my Sims 4 CC posts.

I hope that you found this list helpful and If you have any cc suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or tag me on Tumblr.

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Clutter CC.

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