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31+ Absolute Best Sims 4 Couple Poses For Incredible Pictures

Do you love storytelling in the sims? These sims 4 couple poses are perfect for capturing sweet (or not so sweet) relationship moments in your game.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

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To take great screenshots in the sims 4, you need pose packs!

You can then edit those photos in a free editing program, like Canva, and use them for sharing your sims 4 stories on Tumblr, for creating Youtube Thumbnails, or just to have adorable photos of your favorite sims.

For the in-game couple poses to work correctly, you’ll need to download a few mods: Teleport Any Sim Mod & Pose Player Mod.

Some of the poses even require extra cc, but typically the creator of the pose mods links everything you need on the download page!

And finally, if you don’t know how to use sims 4 poses, here’s a simple tutorial on how to use in-game poses.

This post is all about the best sims 4 couple poses so you can get the cutest screenshots!

Best Sims 4 Couple Poses

1. Sims 4 Couple Dance Pose Pack by StarrySimsie

There’s never a wrong time to break out in dance.

Whether your sims are sharing a sweet moment or just goofing around the poses in this pack are perfect for capturing the moment.

There are 10 different poses to choose from plus a bonus animation!

2. Sims 4 Couple Selfie Poses by ratboysims

Let your Sims get intimate by taking some “just for us” selfies.

This pack includes 4 great, loving, couples poses.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the cc phone accessory for the poses to work properly! The link to that can be found on the download page.

3. Sims 4 Couple Forgiveness Poses by boredsimscc

I LOVE this pose pack!

It’s a series of 5 different couples poses that tell a captivating story of the journey from anger to forgiveness.

In the fourth pose, you get a sense of relief knowing things will all be okay.

These poses are absolutely perfect for realistic storytelling photos!

4. Valentine’s Day Couple Pose Pack by Simsulani

Showcase your sims love this Valentine’s Day by posing them with a Mylar heart balloon!

You will need to be a Patron to get access to these 6 romantic couple poses.

But it is well worth it because when you sign up for these, you’ll get access to many more exclusive poses and custom content!

5. Trendy Sims 4 Couple Poses by AquariusTrait

The Attracted Pose Pack for couples in the Sims 4 is perfect for young trendy couples.

The download includes 5 couples poses that are a great mix of looking at the camera and not being able to keep their eyes off of each other.

6. Smitten Sims 4 Couple Poses by ratboysims

They don’t call it a loveseat for nothin’!

All 3 of these poses show how much love and admiration is between the couple.

These poses would be great for capturing candid shots of a date night in.

I think these are just absolutely adorable! 😍

7. I Love You So Couple Pose Pack by sprinkleste

Love is an incredibly strong connection that will draw your sims together. Capture the intimate moments between your sims with this pack.

These poses will be given Public Access on March 31, 2022, but are available for early access on sprinkleste’s Patreon.

8. Couple Selfie Pose Pack for Sims 4 by David_Mtv

I LOVE these poses! Aren’t they so cute??

“Hey Babe, let’s take a picture!” is what I imagine when I see these photos.

These poses are iconic when it comes to a couple selfie.

There are 3 to choose from and they are all delightful.

9. Sims 4 Couple Bed Poses by Eclypto

The moments captured in this couples pose pack are definitely intimate, but they’re also incredibly sweet.

The great thing about these poses is they can be used with or without the blankets.

Disclaimer: These poses contain scenes of woohoo. 🌶️

10. Dreamy Couple Pose Pack by Katverse

You’re not dreaming, this couples pose pack is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

These are exactly the kind of photos you would get if you hired a professional photographer to do a shoot.

The poses are sweet and would be a great follow-up to a wedding.

11. Casual Couple Pose Pack by scorpio.whims

These poses give me sweet and sensual vibes. They involve a lot of eye contact and are emotionally charged.

This pack contains 4 couple poses for your sims, including one standing and three sitting poses.

12. Sims 4 Couple Gallery Poses by sakuraleon

These poses for your sim couples give me happy feelings. They’re simple, but very sweet, and perfect for showing off the sims you’ve made in CAS.

Spring Crush is a collection of 3 couples poses for the gallery.

If you’re not sure how to use sims 4 gallery poses, here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial.

13. Sims 4 Cottagecore Couple Poses by miikocc

Like with some of the others mentioned in this list, the Meadow Kiss poses pack tells a great story.

The 6 different poses allow you to create a beautiful adventure ending in a sweet and serene kiss between your sims.

I’m especially loving the representation of different couple types!

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14. Confession TS4 Posepack by Nami Fly Sims

Not everything is rainbows and sunshine when it comes to a relationship. Things can get hard, and there can be moments of betrayal and disappointment.

This pose pack shows a scene of one sim’s confession and the other sim’s reaction.

Reaction poses are the absolute best for creating your own stories in the sims that you can then share online with other simmers.

To make these poses work as intended you’ll need to grab the pier and place it. There’s a simple explanation of how to do this on the downloads page.

15. Sims 4 Couple Poses for Elder Sims by gladlypants

The longer they’re together, the older they get, the more in love they fall.

These elder couple poses are the perfect embodiment of that.

Even though these poses are PERFECT for elders, they can be used on younger sim couples as well!

16. Sims 4 High Fashion Couple Poses by Pasos Grandes

To me, this set as a whole gives off a very fast-paced pose, pose, pose, pose vibe.

The screenshots will be perfect for creating a mock magazine cover, album cover, etc.

Or maybe your couple is ultra-rich and these photos will hang over their fireplace to show off their beauty and wealth to guests.

All of these 8 poses feel very high-end.

17. We’re Expecting Sims 4 Pregnancy Poses by Katverse

One of the most exciting things a couple can go through together is having a baby.

Capture some of the final moments together as a couple, before they become parents, with these adorable sims 4 pregnancy poses.

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18. Cute When You’re Mad Couple Posepack by Sarixousims

You know it’s true love when no matter how mad your partner is, you still think they’re the cutest thing.

That feeling really comes through in this set of 5 poses.

19. Hold Me Closer Couples Poses by ratboysims

Here’s another incredible set by ratboysims. This time with loving, standing poses for your sims.

The emotion you can feel between the sims is REAL!

There are 4 poses to choose from that would look wonderful as engagement announcement photos.

20. Sims 4 Couple Poses at a Bar by Simsulani

Here is another great opportunity to capture a love story, this time in a bar (maybe downtown San Myshuno?)

These romantic date poses take us through the evening with two sims. Perfect for adding realism to your sims 4 gameplay!

With 13 different poses to choose from, you can really hone in on the exact moment you want to capture and share.

21. Fun Couple Selfies Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

I really like this pack because it’s different than a lot of the other pose packs I’ve shared.

The photos are super light-hearted and fun. Perfect for vacation or honeymoon photos, or fun couples in general.

Along with some very unique poses, there are adorable selfie poses for couples included!

Keep in mind, you’ll need the iPhone accessory for the mirror selfies in this pack.

22. Romantic Sims 4 Couple Poses by scorpio.whims

If you can’t tell already, I am OBSESSED with scorpio.whims poses!

This pack contains 5 poses that get me right in the feels.

They’re so sweet and you can sense the attraction between the sims.

Oh, and of course, you’ll need one thing, the truck! There is a link for it on the download page.

23. Sims 4 Wedding Pose Pack by SnarkyWitch

This wedding pose pack is the perfect way to remember your sim’s wedding day forever!

You can frame them and put them on the wall to share with future generations.

Poses are included for the ceremony, as well as for a wedding photoshoot after.

With the download, you’ll get 13 total poses. 3 of which are specifically for the bride and groom.

As noted on the download page, for any bride or bridesmaid poses you’ll need to grab the custom wedding bouquet linked.

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24. Sims 4 Couples Cuddle Poses by JS-Sims

These cuddle poses are exactly what you need for capturing an intimate moment in your sim’s relationship!

The couple starts out distanced, then grows closer and closer with every pose.

25. Couples Couch Pose Pack for Sims 4 by scorpio.whims

Is it hot in here or is it just this couples pose pack by scorpio.whims?

This time we’ve moved to a couch to tell a seductive story between two sims.

The pack contains 8 poses, each bringing the sims closer together.

26. Sims 4 Young Lovers Pose Pack by starrysimsie

These would be perfect teen couple poses to capture a makeout sesh and let your sims do what young lovers do best.

This pack comes with 10 poses, but you’ll need a large couch for them to work properly. You can find one linked on the downloads page!

27. Kissing Pose Pack for Sims 4 by sarixousims

I really love how romantic these kissing poses feel!

These would be AMAZING for telling the story of new love, or even a first kiss.

The great thing about this pack is it can be used on the floor or on a bed!

There may only be 2 poses included, but sometimes that’s all you need when they’re this well-made.

28. Sims 4 Couples Pose Dump by simmerberlin

When things are hard sometimes, it’s nice to have a partner that’s there for you.

This collection includes both sad couple poses and comforting couple poses.

Each tells a story and ends in an embrace giving a sense of peace.

Between the two packs, there are 15 poses total giving you TONS of variety!

29. Couple Bed Poses for Sims 4 by scorpio.whims

One important piece of advice you’ll hear a lot when it comes to relationships is to never go to bed angry.

One way to achieve this is to make up by kissing your partner goodnight and cuddling.

This pack shows the two sims looking deep into each other’s eyes and expressing the care they have for each other.

When downloaded, you’ll get 4 bed poses for couples!

30. Sims 4 Break Up Poses by eslanes

The opposite of love is hate and you can’t have one without the other.

Capture the tense moments of a potential breakup with these emotion-filled sims 4 argument poses.

There are 10 different poses to choose from, all with great storytelling potential!

31. Spring Couple Poses for Sims 4 by starrysimsie & cassandra grusel

It’s finally getting warm out and what better way to celebrate than to lay in the grass and take cute boyfriend girlfriend photos! (or boyfriend-boyfriend or girlfriend-girlfriend…you get the point!)

These couples’ poses are extremely adorable and perfect for showcasing your sims’ relationship.

There are 10 poses to choose from with a good variety of standing and sitting options.

32. Autumn Couple Poses for Sims 4 by Starry x Katverse

The autumn leaves are only around for a short period of time!

This couple’s fall pose pack is a great chance to show off the beautiful fall colors.

Why not use them for your next simstagram post?

This pack includes 10 in-game poses, all of which showcase a beautiful maple leaf.

33. Sims 4 Proposal Poses by Simsulani

Love is in the air and your sims are about to get engaged!

With these engagement poses, you’ll get the perfect shot for every moment of the proposal.

I love the options you have when it comes to the reaction the sim can give after being asked, most of which seem overwhelmingly positive but still have variety.

You’ll need to grab the cc ring box that’s linked to make sure she says yes.

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34. Sims 4 Date Poses for Couples by simmerberlin

I absolutely love this date poses pack! You can really feel the love and banter between the sims.

And they feel super candid which is great for storytelling!

There are 6 couples poses and 6 individual emotions poses. The individual poses are perfect for reaction photos to show the date is going.

For the poses to work properly, you’ll need to download the wine glass linked on the downloads page.

How romantic and sweet were these couple poses? They’re absolutely perfect for in-game storytelling.

Feel free to leave me a comment, or tag me on Tumblr (@musthavemods), with your sims 4 pose favorites if you didn’t see it on this list!

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Couple Poses.

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