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75+ Best Sims 4 Custom Content Packs of 2023 (Clothes, Hair, & Furniture)

Here are the newest and BEST sims 4 custom content packs of 2023, so you can quickly fill up your cc folder!

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One of my first, and most popular posts, on Must Have Mods was a list of essential sims 4 cc packs.

But it’s been nearly A YEAR since I wrote that list and incredible, new cc packs are being released every day.

I released a few other custom content pack lists in the past year (which you can find HERE and HERE)

However, I wanted to create a MEGA post that I could keep updating with all of the best sims 4 cc packs of 2023 to keep up with all the new releases.

Everything is maxis match cc (or blends well with the game) and almost all of it is free to download.

This post is separated into two different categories: clothes and hair cc packs (CAS stuff basically) and furniture cc packs.

If you want to quickly navigate to the section with furniture, click HERE.

Here’s a list of the absolute best sims 4 custom content packs of 2023!

Best Sims 4 Custom Content Packs Clothes and Hair

My biggest tip when downloading cc packs to your cc folder is to be sure and read through the downloads to find either a ‘merged’ or ‘collection’ file that will give you everything in ONE download.

Now, not every creator will post one of these, so you may end up having to download everything individually, but it sure is nice when they do.

This way you save some time on cc shopping and actually get to play!

1. Teenage Dreams Sims 4 CC Pack by Caio

I love the two opposite ends of the spectrum you get with this sims 4 cc pack for teens.

On one hand, you’ve got preppy, bright cc clothes and on the other, you’ve got darker, more alternative cc outfits.

There are 17 custom content items in total that come in 25 default swatches and 10 prints.

2. Luna Sims 4 Custom Content Set by Serenity

If you’re looking for trendy aesthetic cc items, this collection has you covered from head to toe, literally.

This download includes everything from dresses to tops to boots to hair and even more!

It’s all maxis match with a lot of color and pattern options to choose from.

3. Y2K Sims 4 CC Pack by Aretha x Ikari

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love when creators work together when creating a cc pack!

Whether you’re living out your y2k dreams or just happen to have made it pretty far in the decades challenge, this two-part collection will have something for you.

This pack even includes cc belly button rings and chokers! How can it get any more 2000s than that??

There are a total of 19 items split between two download pages, so make sure you check them both out to get everything pictured.

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4. Love Affair Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by AdrienPastel

These low-button shirts have always been a favorite of mine.

That, and the 16 cc hairs this pack comes with, made this a must for me.

If you enjoy the stuff in this custom content pack, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

AdrienPastel creates a ton of really great male cc as well.

There are an astonishing 52 clothes and hair cc items included in the Love Affair kit.

Going into detail about how many colors each thing comes in could be a post in itself.

Give it a download and explore all of the possibilities!

5. Denumm Sims 4 Jeans Pack by Mossylane

I’m always looking for new cc jeans for my sims to wear and coming across something like this is all I could ask for!

There may only be 3 pairs to choose from, but once you factor in all of the different swatches you’re given so many different cute options to choose from.

6. Vacation Sims 4 Shoes CC Pack by Jius-sims

Packing shoes for vacation is no small feet.

Luckily, we have creators out there who graciously bring us cc shoe packs to eliminate the stress.

These 4 shoes, including sandals, boots, and pumps, come in between 18 and 25 swatches to choose from.

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7. Affection Sims 4 CC Pack by clumsyalien

My favorite thing out of this cc stuff pack has got to be the cardigan top. Too cute!😍

Pair it with the high-waisted skirt and you’ve got an outfit that’s to die for.

You’ll get 6 items in this sims 4 custom content pack including 2 hairs, 2 tops, and 2 bottoms.

8. Edgy Sims 4 CC Pack by Aretha

If you’re hunting for alternative cc for your female sim, this is a cc pack you’ll definitely want to download.

It has a hair and top that are both available with an overlay, as well as a skirt and stockings that come in 3 lengths.

This collection also includes some cc jewelry and piercings which is great!

In total, you’ll get 12 pieces of maxis match custom content for your cc folder with this download.

9. Preppy Sims 4 CC Pack by greenllamas

This Gossip Girl-inspired sims 4 custom content pack is essential if you’re going for a preppy academic look.

Academia aesthetic, anyone? 📓

Everything included is absolutely great for university gameplay.

With the download, you get 15 ICONIC pieces of cc comprised of 7 masculine items and 8 feminine items.

10. Rainy Days Sims 4 Toddler CC Pack by PowLuna

Look at how CUTE these are!!

Let your little simmies go play in the rain with this 5 piece rain suit that is sure to make a splash on your heart.

All of this toddler cc is maxis match and comes in 10 swatches that can be mixed and matched.

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11. Winter Weather Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by Serenity

As of writing this, the weather here is getting warmer, so cold weather clothes are NOT on my mind. (I hate the cold!🥶)

But don’t forget, seasons move a lot faster in the Sims and winter will sneak up on you before you know it!

Make sure you’re prepared with this cold weather cc to keep your sims snuggly, warm, and stylish.

There are 13 items in total including cc clothes, hair, and jewelry.

12. Midnight Collection Sims 4 Lingerie Pack by Sentate

When it comes to underwear cc, sometimes you need something more than just your average skivvies.

For those special occasions, you’ll need something truly breathtaking.

This extensive collection comes with 29 items mostly for women but does include some very special male choices.

13. Platform Shoes CC Collection by Jius-sims

Some say a lack of shoes that make you taller is a real medical concern.

Not to worry, I’m here to heel you. ha. ha.

There is something in this cc shoe pack for every occasion, from a fancy night out to blazing down the streets in flame boots.

This download has 4 pairs of cc heels that come in anywhere from 3-25 swatches.

14. Coachella Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by Caio

If your sim plans on going to any music festivals this year, these Coachella festival outfits are a must.

All of these items make for great hot weather outfits and can be used independently or layered.

There are 7 items that come with the download including 5 cc clothing options and 2 cc accessories.

15. Sunny Day Sims 4 CC Pack by Aladdin-The-Simmer

If you’re anything like me you love the thrill of finding new custom content clothes and downloading file after file.

But sometimes it’s nice to grab one download and be set for both male and female sims.

That is exactly what you get with this Sims 4 custom content pack that includes both clothes and hair for all genders.

There are a total of 22 items that will give your sims a fresh style.

16. Sweater Weather CC Set for Sims 4 by Joliebean

This cold weather cc will have your sim looking hot.

The collection comes with 8 items, in numerous color options, with everything from cc sweaters to jeans to jewelry and even a knit skirt & cardigan!!

17. Child Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by AdrienPastel

Kids are like shrunken versions of adults.

You know, with a little more impulsivity and a little less responsibility.

That being said, there is a real need for some more good child clothes, and what better place to look than at making adult clothes that fit children?

This kids cc pack has 8 different clothing items that have been converted to fit a slightly smaller frame.

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18. Basics Collection Sims 4 CC Pack by Aretha

Basic doesn’t mean boring.

Some of my best outfits both in-game and in real life consist of nothing more than some really great basics.

This custom content pack comes with 9 items including hair, accessories, clothes, and shoes.

19. Sims 4 Beach Wear CC Pack by Sentate

It’s finally getting warm outside and that definitely had me searching for some great swim cc.

If your sim is planning a resort vacation soon, they will need ALL of this amazing custom content clothing for the beach.

This hot weather clothes pack comes with 7 items that have 25 color swatches and 5 print swatches.

20. Sims 4 Lingerie Collection by Joliebean

Well, I think the name of this collection says it all…

With this custom content lingerie and underwear, your sims won’t be able to control their whims.

In the download, you get great underwear cc for both male and female sims that is available in 35 swatches each.

21. Casual Classics Sims 4 CC Stuff Packs by Moontaart

I’m pretty sure I own most of the clothing items in this custom content stuff pack in real life.

What can I say…I love a simple, easy look!

These classics can easily be paired together or with other clothing items to make for the perfect outfit.

The download has 23 pieces of content with everything from cc tops and bottoms to jewelry to nail polish, and they have up to 28 swatches each.

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22. Workout Clothes Sims 4 CC Pack by simkoos

It’s never a bad time to start working out and getting in shape.

What better thing to get your sim motivated than this athletic wear cc set?

This is a 20-piece collection that comes in two different palettes, plus some tie-dye options.

23. Luxury Clothes Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by Sentate

Allow your sims to own the night with these sophisticated styles.

From an incredibly cute dress to a full coverage pantsuit, your sim is sure to make a statement with these outfits.

There are 6 cc clothing items with the download including 5 outfits and a pair of shoes.

24. Hair Salon Sims 4 CC Set by Joliebean

This is a very well-rounded hair cc pack.

It has a little bit of everything including male hair cc, female hair cc, child hair cc, and some accessories.

Some of the hairs work on more than one age and gender.

In total, you’ll have 12 options to choose from including 5 different hairs and their corresponding accessories.

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25. Sorority Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by AxA

So your sim is headed to college and considering joining a sorority?

They’ll definitely want to look the part with this preppy cc clothing collection.

These 15 hair and clothes items are ideal for discover university gameplay.

The hairs come in 24 EA swatches and the clothes are available in 30 solids or 25+ patterns and graphics.

26. Sims 4 CC Shorts Collection by Mossylane

Who doesn’t love a good pair of high-waisted denim shorts?

For me personally, they are a staple for hot weather outfits.

The only thing better than 1 pair of shorts is having 3 pairs of shorts to choose from!

They come in “a bunch of swatches” including both patterns and solids.

27. Sims 4 Euphoria CC Pack by Serenity

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you’ll fall in love with the euphoria aesthetic.

The collection has a lot of really great items that are sure to give your sim a unique look.

This custom content pack includes everything from tops, skirts, dresses, shoes, and more, that come in 25 default colors, plus some designs and patterns.

28. Retro Sims 4 Shoes CC Pack by Jius-sims

Until time travel is a reality, I am perfectly content visiting the past virtually via the Sims 4.

Also, I am convinced that Jius-sims is the master of custom content shoes.

I mean really, look at these babies.

This collection comes with 5 retro shoes in anywhere from 5-25 swatches.

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29. Y2K Festival Sims 4 CC Outfits by Serenity

Now this is a blast from the past. This is exactly the y2k cc I am here for!

I’m pretty sure when I was younger everyone had a pair of those sunglasses and butterflies were EVERYTHING.

This outfit consists of 5 items that come in a variety of colors to help your early 2000s dreams become reality.

30. Street Fashion Sims 4 Clothes Pack by Trillyke

Every single one of these items is so unique and so fun.

They are all based on Tokyo street fashion and capture the aesthetic perfectly for your sim’s city life.

There are 12 custom content clothes and shoes that come in 15-30 swatch options.

31. Maxis Match Sims 4 CC Pack by nucrests

The Unify Collection is made for both genders, but I am most excited that it includes tons of male cc.

This is a 2 part collection: the original custom content pack and an add ons pack.

Between the two you’ve got 61 pieces of cc and nearly 1,300 swatch options to choose from.

32. Winter Clothes Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by Caio

When you’re given good cc, you don’t need a million options to choose from in order to create a great outfit!

This collection was kept extremely simple; one top and bottom for him, one top and bottom for her, and one hat. Easy enough.

All 5 of these cold-weather clothing items come in different swatches to allow you to get exactly the look you’re going for.

33. Spring Sims 4 CAS Collection by RenoraSims

You know that time of year where one day it’s warm enough to be outside in a short dress and the next you need a jacket?

Well in midwestern America, we call that Spring, and this sims 4 custom content pack is giving total Spring vibes.

It’s a collection of 9 items that come in a variety of fun colors.

34. Kelani Sims 4 Braids Set by Aretha

Long braided hair cc is something we could definitely use more of in the Sims 4.

Diverse hair types in general is something we need more of.

This collection gives you tons of great options for braids, including bun and ponytail versions.

This pack also includes male hair cc of the same styles as the female.

All together you’ll get 10 items in the download including 2 overlays.

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35. Female Underwear CC Pack for Sims 4 by Solistair

You may not think they’re that important, but a good pair of underwear can really set the mood of the day.

Just like with their male counterpart (find at #13 on this male cc post!), I love that these both come in 5 different versions gradually covering more and more as you go, so you can find the right underwear to fit your sim’s style.

Both the bras and underwear bottoms come in 20 different swatches.

36. 2023 Sims 4 CC Collection by Dyoreos

I LOVE the tops that are included in this cc collection.

You just have to see the swatches the Koala shirt comes in!

In the download, there are 7 clothing items to choose from including things for both masculine and feminine frames.

And they come in between 10 and 38 swatches.

37. Trendy Shoes Custom Content Pack by Jius-sims

What footwear is your sim looking for today? Sandals, heels, converse?

Not to worry, we’ve got all of those covered in this Sims 4 cc shoes pack.

There are 4 shoes to choose from, and as usual they come in a good amount of swatches ranging between 20 and 28.

38. Girlboss Sims 4 Female CC Pack by AxA

With outfits like these, how can your sim not own the title of girlboss?

Make a statement while taking charge of every situation with these stylish, authoritative ensembles.

This 24-item collection comes in a range of colors and patterns.

P.s. if you’re looking for cute cc skirts for your sims, I HIGHLY recommend this pack!

39. Bloom Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by Serenity

These aesthetic cc items are such a vibe. They scream internet influencer to me.

They’re simple but eye-catching in the best way.

You’ll have 10 custom content clothes to choose from in 25 solid color swatches and 11 patterns.

Best Sims 4 Custom Content Packs Furniture

Here are all the absolute BEST furniture cc packs from 2023 for creating beautiful builds in the sims 4 (except for the packs that were in THIS post!)

40. Master Bedroom Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by Max 20

Some people would say the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to decorating.

After all, it is a sanctuary that is seen by few making it a safe, comforting place.

This master bedroom cc pack comes with 26 maxis match furniture items that are inviting without being too cluttered.

41. Arrie Sims 4 Office Furniture CC Pack by myshunosun

I just got a new desk irl and this office furniture cc pack is making me rethink everything…

This pack is a great combination of functional and décor items.

There are 10 items included in the download, and each come in 5-30 swatches depending on the item.

42. Living Room Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by Madlen

Alright, I’m obsessed with everything in this living room cc set!!

I love the little note that the rug is faux fur, so we know no animals were harmed in its creation. Perfect for those vegetarian and vegan sims.

There are 4 items included and each comes in a couple of neutral swatches.

43. Cozy Corner Sims 4 Dining Room Pack by Aphrodite Sims

I love how simple everything included in this pack is, especially the lamp.

And you can seat up to 8 sims at this decently sized dining table.

The 5 items you get with this download, will give you a really solid start on decorating the perfect cozy dining room.

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44. Sims 4 CC Sofa Set by Joliebean

The Padstow Sofa Set gives me total grandma vibes, but in a really good way.

Who doesn’t love grandma?

I could see these hanging around for a very long time because of how comfy they look.

The set comes with 3 different furniture cc items including an armchair, loveseat, and full-size sofa.

Each comes in 30 solid swatches and 5 patterns.

45. Arcade Room Sims 4 Fanmade Stuff Pack by Cepzid with Hakrabr

Whoa.. this arcade cc pack has EVERYTHING your sim could possibly need to start their own arcade or have the ULTIMATE gaming room in their house!

As an avid gamer myself, I’m pretty obsessed.

The custom content with the download is pretty extensive including “9 functional objects, 11 basic objects, 2 walls, and 8 new clothes (3 masculine, 3 feminine, 2 child)”

46. Cozy Dreams Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by Caio

I am OBSESSED with this bedroom custom content pack, especially the color palette!

This is my dream bedroom.

All of the furniture has such clean lines and GORGEOUS color options.

Each of the 4 furniture pieces included in the download works so well with the others.

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47. Restaurant Furniture CC for Sims 4 by Tuds

Some custom content packs are too big to release all at once.

That is exactly what happened with this restaurant cc collection.

It was first released in multiple parts, but now all parts are available in the merged file on the download page.

There are 74 items in total, with everything from commercial kitchen cc to bar cc to tables and chairs, and the majority of it is base game compatible.

48. Lottie Bedroom Sims 4 Custom Content Pack by myshunosun

There’s something so warm and inviting about natural wood in a bedroom.

Let your sims absolutely immerse themselves in an abundance of timber.

The download has 14 different items from a bedframe all the way down to a candle.

49. Modern Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by Charly Pancakes

Molded acrylic furniture items are definitely something I want to see more of.

There’s something eerie and extremely fun about being able to see through your furniture.

This stuff pack has 4 items in total, 3 of which are transparent furniture and 1 retro smart speaker.

50. MidCentury Sims 4 Office Set by Surely-Sims

I’ve got to say, the 50s and 60s truly had some of the best-looking furniture.

It’s such a wonderful combination of retro mixed with “future.”

This midcentury office cc comes with an incredible 41 different items from windows & doors to a desk & chairs to office decor.

Even a custom vintage computer is included!!

You will need Get to Work for some of the items to work, as they are recolors of existing items.

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51. Talvera Pop Sims 4 Build CC Pack by RusticSims

This has to be some of the best Spanish-inspired custom content I’ve ever come across.

It is beautiful and vibrant, embodying everything that’s good about Mexican culture.

This massive set includes 63 build cc items and furniture cc items available in 12 swatches.

52. Stone CC Dining Kit for Sims 4 by Aphrodite Sims

Poured concrete furniture has always been intriguing to me.

It’s incredible that something so industrial and utilitarian can be so beautiful.

This dining room cc kit comes with 5 pieces in total.

53. Sims 4 Kitchen Custom Content Pack by SIXAM CC

This custom content kitchen pack comes with functional appliances, clutter items, build items, lighting, and furniture.

I love how well the color palette fits with the overall vibe of the kitchen. It’s really giving off a retro feel!

All in all, you get everything you need to make your vintage dream kitchen come to life.

Who doesn’t love all the smeg-inspired cc? so aesthetic!

54. Adirondack Sims 4 Outdoor CC Pack by Peacemaker

Ah, the Adirondack chair. A true classic.

This collection of outdoor furniture cc is what I expect to see in just about every suburban backyard in America.

I really enjoy that this set comes in a 1-wide, 2-wide, 3-wide, and lounger version, so you can find the pieces that work perfectly for your lot.

You’ll also have access to a table that matches, as well as a full outdoor dining set and umbrella.

They all come in 30 wood and solid swatches.

55. Apartment Furniture CC Pack by Aphrodite Sims

Sleek couch and chair, check. ✔️

Seemingly floating coffee table, check. ✔️

Guy in tiny undergarments, check. ✔️

This fanmade stuff pack is the epitome of modern city style.

All of the items in this pack will let you make the most of brutalism in your design ventures.

There are a total of 31 objects including furniture and clutter cc items.

56. Colorful Sims 4 Bedroom CC Pack by leaf-motif

If a bedroom full of neutral swatches is your go-to, this is not the custom content pack for you.

Step out of your comfort zone with this bold, colorful, retro-inspired bedroom cc.

There are 11 pieces of furniture included with the download that all come in wild and bright colors.

57. Hall Decor Sims 4 CC Set by Madlen

One of the most underrated, under-decorated rooms in a house actually isn’t a room at all…it’s a hallway!

Let your corridor shine with this dedicated hallway custom content.

All 4 of the cc decor feels very classy and would be right at home in just about any interior.

58. Country Style Dining CC Pack by Peacemaker

This custom content pack is exactly what I picture when I imagine a nice formal meal somewhere in the south.

The entirety of this set is elegant but welcoming and homey.

You get 16 different pieces of furniture with the download in tons of color & style options.

59. Wedding Furniture Sims 4 Pack by Charly Pancakes

We couldn’t have a list of all the best custom content packs without including a wedding cc pack.

This is a BIG one with 59 new items that can be used in a variety of weddings, including “rustic weddings in the countryside as well as for a boho-inspired beach wedding.”

Each of the items is really well crafted and sure to make this day one you’ll remember forever.

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60. Modular Cubbies CC Add Ons by miips

I love modular furniture because it is so fun to watch things snap right into place exactly where they’re supposed to.

All of the modular cc pieces in this pack are addons to the Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator, so make sure you have that one for things to function properly!

You’ll receive 37 new items with this download in the 16 original swatches from Dream Home Decorator (which is honestly one of the best sims packs for build & buy!)

61. Sims 4 Kitchen Custom Content Pack by myshunosun

I’m not usually a fan of textured or colored countertops, but these are really working for me.

All of the colors are very thoughtfully done and look SUPER modern and sophisticated.

This kitchen cc set comes with 20 items including counters, islands, cabinets and a barstool.

62. Ultra Modern Sims 4 CC Decor by Aphrodite Sims

Do you want anything but the norm adorning your living space?

Is a normal lounger or chair just not in the cards for you?

Then this VERY unique furniture cc is a perfect fit for you.

I could definitely see these as art pieces or accent pieces in a very rich sim or celebrity sim house.

Along with the furniture, you get some decor to help keep with the funky theme.

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63. Bed & Bath Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by Tuds

Could this bed and bath cc set feel any more luxurious? I think not.

The textures that are used are so clean and truly show the attention to detail that went into creating this lovely pack.

It comes with 27 matching furniture items in a wide variety of swatches.

64. Contemporary Sims 4 Living Room CC by myshunosun

“There’s no TV, what do we aim all of the furniture at?”

The simplicity of filling a room with furniture faced at other furniture for social purposes is something we have lost in the world today.

Get a conversation started with this lovely contemporary living room cc.

There are 12 items total, some functional and some decorative, to fulfill your sitting and storage needs.

65. Closet Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by Charly Pancakes

Give your sim the designer closet they always dreamed of with this custom content closet stuff pack.

You’ll be thrilled with the amount of variation you have when it comes to the actual layout of the closet pieces.

There are 25 new items included with the download to help both design and clutter your closet to your heart’s content.

66. Sims 4 Bathroom CC Pack by Marvell

Lavatory, washroom, water closet, restroom, toilet, bathroom…

Whatever you call it we all know what it’s used for and function is often more important than design.
Lucky for you this bathroom cc has you covered on both ends of the spectrum.

There are 13 new items that come in 10 matching woods to bring a little comfort to the room of relief.

67. Blockhouse Sims 4 Study Furniture Pack by Kiwisim4

Another often overlooked room in the house is the office.

A simple desk and chair will leave you wanting more, so you can feel inspired as you study or work.

The items in this office cc pack will help you bring an element of cozy to a room that can sometimes be a bit drab.

This collection comes with 10 items but is only 1 of 6 parts.

For matching cc furniture to fill your sim’s ENTIRE house, check out the other parts of Blockhouse on the download page.

68. Sayulita Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by RusticSims

If you are looking to make a bold statement, this bedroom cc set has just what you need.

There are lots of marble items, rattan decorations, and interesting textures.

The download has 50 items, 3 custom wallpapers, and 3 headboard styles to choose from.

69. Toddler Furniture CC Pack for Sims 4 by Marvell

When I was bed shopping for my son, I just about bought this same bed, except in blue.

The items in this pack cover just about all the bases for toddler room cc.

A lot of the custom content, like the dresser, bedside table, chalkboard, etc., can also be used as stuff for kids.

There are 25 items included and come in a nice array of colors to let your little one express themselves.

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70. Realistic Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by Harrie

I’m sure by now you’ve probably picked up on my obsession with furniture.

The majority of the things in this list are things I would have in my actual house.

With this custom content furniture pack that could actually be a reality, because the items are based off of REAL LIFE furniture.

I don’t know about you but, my mind is blown. 🤯

The collection has 11 incredibly accurate maxis match furniture recreations for you to enjoy.

71. Outdoor Custom Content Pack by Peacemaker

If the Adirondack set from earlier in this list wasn’t quite doing it for you, maybe this interpretation dubbed the “Moderondack” will fill the void in your sim’s backyard a little better.

Like its predecessor, there are multiple seating variations, a full outdoor dining set, and an umbrella included in the download.

Not to mention the 36 color and style options you’ll have to choose from.

72. Home Improvements Fanmade Sims 4 Stuff Pack by SIXAM CC

Whether you’re cluttering up a garage, filling out your workshop, or just enjoy having visible utilities, this fan made cc pack has you covered.

All of the cc you get in this pack is so well done and look great in-game.

Seriously…they look like they could be from EA themselves.

You get 36 items with the download, like utility boxes, a new woodworking table, pipes, a sprinkler, gas meters, and more (some of which require an expansion pack to function properly!)

73. Sims 4 CC Office Furniture Essentials by leaf-motif

What better place to scrawl your thoughts and sentiments than a room filled with this cozy and inspiring office cc?

This lovely set comes with 10 different items including a desk, chair, shelf, and some décor items to really allow you to immerse your sim in a writer’s wonderland.

74. Sims 4 Build Custom Content Pack by Charly Pancakes

Wind-o my goodness.

If you’re in the market for some clear glass to hang in the middle of your wall to keep the weather out, but let the light in, boy are you in luck.

The collection is made up of two parts and has tons of cc windows.

I mean really, you have 62 window options to choose from between the two downloads to create some incredible sims 4 builds!

75. Sims Youtuber CC Pack by Aphrodite Sims

So your sim found their way to the internet and they’ve made it as the next big content creator. Good for them!

Let them show off a bit with the items in this pack!

Everything in this kit is inspired by the Sims Youtuber, Deligracy.

You’ll receive 7 new items including lights, a table, and clothes.

The standouts from the pack are definitely the custom YouTube play button and a cc gaming monitor setup!

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76. Off The Grid Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by Lili’s Palace

When I think of off the grid, I often imagine a vintage farmhouse before electricity and running water were a standard staple in every modern home.

Every item of this cc pack captures that incredibly well.

It is filled with maxis match décor, functional cc, furniture, and more.

The download comes with 53 new pieces of content that give you all the things you’ll need to send your sims back in time.

Keep in mind that you will need a couple of expansion packs to get every item to work!

77. Sims 4 Bathroom CC Kit by Aphrodite Sims

Truly unique bathroom cc isn’t something you stumble upon every day so when you do, make sure you take full advantage of it!

The items in this custom content bathroom kit are a nice step up from the regular, everyday fixtures we have become accustomed to.

5 items come with the download including a sink, shower, bath, mirror, and soap dispenser.

78. Work From Home Sims 4 CC Pack by SIXAM CC

Working from home has never been more common than it has been in the past couple of years.

This fan made custom contest pack of office items has everything you could ask for to make a dedicated workspace in your sims home.

The download has 32 pieces of furniture that cover pretty much any office cc you could need and or want, including a desk and chair for your sim kids.

Once again, this is Patron-only access…but it’s too cool not to share.

79. Sims 4 CC Lounge set by Marvell

It isn’t often you find furniture that looks perfectly acceptable both indoor and outdoor.

This lounge-inspired Sims 4 custom content package furniture set does just that.

If you love it enough, I could even see some of the furniture used in multiple spaces within the same house.

The download comes with 16 new buy objects in 8 matching wood tones and 6 fabric colors.

80. Octave Build & Buy CC Pack by Harrie

This Sims 4 custom content package starts with one part of the house and then spread to other parts are some of my favorites.

They let you tie the entire thing together without having to work too hard at it.

So far, this collection is made up of 2 parts.

Part 1 is filled with kitchen cc and part 2 is made up of build items including lots of door cc.

Between the two there are over 60 items in numerous well-executed swatches to choose from.

81. Midcentury Modern CC Furniture Pack by Pierisim

Please, someone find me a house with windows like these and I’ll buy it.

Floor-to-ceiling windows like this have always been a dream of mine. 😩

That paired with the built-ins and other build cc in this kit, makes for a truly picturesque living environment.

The download has 62 maxis match items included to meet your mid-century cc needs.

What was your favorite sims 4 custom content package? Now that your cc folder is FILLED to the brim with amazing custom content packs, find more of the best sims 4 cc finds in my entire category of cc posts or on Tumblr!

And be sure to check this post for the latest cc packs all throughout 2023! To easily access it whenever you want, I suggest pinning this list.📌

This post was all about the Best Sims 4 Custom Content Packs.

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